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Comment Re:Pirate STREAMS? (Score 1) 111

most people don't want to download everything they watch; they want to watch it once and that's it. same reason most people don't buy loads of dvds all the time. how many times are you going to watch walking dead season 3 episode 4? sure, you might want an offline copy of this or that movie, breaking bad etc. but most of the time a stream saves you the hassle of storing it, getting it via a torrent (which makes you an uploader) etc.

Comment Welcome to the rental economy (Score 3, Insightful) 43

You can't buy your software anymore, you just rent it. That means you can't just pay once and do whatever you want with that license -- you keep paying, forever (way more than you would have under the old "buy a copy of version x" model) and, being that this software is constantly phoning home to Microsoft, can be changed, cut off, etc. at their whim (as well as more easily hacked / hijacked). Adobe, Intuit, and others of the old desktop software brigade are all moving to this model. It's great for them because of the recurring cash flow, but exactly what is the benefit for the end user besides promised "upgrades"? Do we really need another version of Word (God no -- quit changing it and forcing us to re-learn your shitty interface!)? Did Generally Accepted Accounting Principles change that much that a new major version of QuickBooks is required every year? This should be a huge slam dunk opportunity for the open source desktop software community.

Comment Ursula Burns is a trainwreck (Score 1) 171

She is a black version of Carly Fiorina with a dash of "diversity" -- one who did irreparable damage to a once powerful Fortune 500 company, who has a reputation as a liar, who insisted a stupid acquisition with Affiliated Computer Services was the right thing to do, and who is hated by her employees. My God -- I have absolutely no problem with a black woman, but why *that* black woman?

Comment Re:Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 5, Insightful) 277

And yet, when conducting the same level of automated surveillance in an aerial fashion over an urban area with an insane, war zone-like crime rate, self-styled privacy advocates shit the bed (just read the comments on the Slashdot story a few down from this one). Sadly, what's an acceptable level of surveillance seems to depend on who is being surveilled and upon which side of the fence you sit politically.

Comment Is it any wonder? (Score 4, Interesting) 74

Short of deploying the MD National Guard, there is no policing that will have any effect some of these war-torn neighborhoods in Baltimore. Make no mistake -- this is just as bad as South Side Chicago. The gangs absolutely control not only the streets, but the jails too. Witnesses are ruthlessly threatened, and any cooperation with police results in violent reprisal. The stop snitching culture rules all. Most kids have no fathers present and the idea of education itself is ridiculed. The gang banger MO now is to walk up to someone in broad daylight and unload the high capacity magazine of your large-caliber handgun into your victim's head (yeah, despite some of the most rigorous gun laws in the nation including a ban on such magazines). After a hot weekend in the summer, you often end up with a body count inline with Falluja or Aleppo, Because no one cooperates, often camera footage is the only evidence available to help catch these thugs. Unless forces from outside the city decide to stop this cycle of violence by a) ending the "war on drugs" and b) truly deciding that "Black Lives Matter," therefore gangs destroying black neighborhoods are incompatible with civilization itself, then absolutely nothing will change, ever. Though the surveillance program should have been disclosed, I cannot fault the city for thinking outside of the box and trying to gain some sort of assistance in combating this horrific violence. Please take a look at this article from the Baltimore Sun published this AM to get some perspective on *why* stuff like this is even considered.

Comment Re:Newsreels (Score 5, Insightful) 348

There is nothing in copyright law that prevents the act of duplication or digitization for the creation of a backup copy. On the contrary, there is plenty of precedent on the books to affirm that this is OK and generally falls under "Fair Use." Copyright comes into play if the holding institution wishes to make items publicly available without the copyright owner's permission (hence your last sentence, which may be quote correct). Much more often, it is lack of funds to pay for the digitization or duplication effort and / or lack of required expertise that causes content to be lost in the situation you are describing.

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