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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 2) 330

> In the spirit of "Do one thing and do it well",

That's generally a good idea but it's wise to consider whether sometimes a better solution is arrived at via integration of multiple pieces of functionality. One of the things I've really enjoyed lately is neovim. It's essentially vim, but amongst the improvements is a built in terminal. Why not use vim (or neovim) and tmux? Because having the terminal built in is just better, that's why. No need to install and configure the apps separately, and when you're using neovim on multiple platforms, that saves me time.

It has to be said that most major distros are using systemd. If you want to use this one, better hope it's supported for the lifetime of whatever project you're using it for.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 2) 414

Your two sentences are at odds. He was an intelligent and popular author - in a time where intelligence wasn't just used to sell things - and he produced a warning about how technology and politics could be used to enslave mankind which we've chosen to ignore. I'm not sure you even know what identity politics is.

Comment Not on eBay (Score 2) 102

Their mobile app rocks and is highly responsive (I mean in the way it provides up-to-date / real-time pricing info on auctions you are watching, not regarding UI design), which is critical when an auction is ending. It keeps people from being chained to a desktop PC, which in and of itself makes it worthwhile.

Comment Re: Can never be promoted, great idea (Score 1) 47

I'm just saying that in the UK you practically never get any sort of reference except one which states your state and end date, position, and sometimes the number of sick days. That's it; it's totally normal and because of this no-one reads anything into it; you'd look naive even asking the company if this were normal.

Comment Re:So, Apple is charging to fix their design flaw? (Score 1) 176

This sort of bullshit is the reason i just can't justify buying more stuff, and more expensive stuff. I make do with an older laptop or phone, and don't buy top of the range ones because as far as i'm concerned there's no legal requirement the stuff will last more than 12 months, and i'm not paying £1000+ for a laptop to a year.

If I could be sure that I had 6 or 7 years where I could get any manufacturing/design faults fixed quickly for free I'd have no problem but I always get this feeling someone's laughing at me as soon as I click "buy".

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