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Submission + - Google wants consumers to turn off https? ( 4

Vu1turEMaN writes: "Since the beginning of the GMail gadget for iGoogle, you were allowed to use the setting "always use https" when launching the full page, yet view GMail over an insecure connection through iGoogle. As of yesterday, Google has changed this to block iGoogle users from accessing mail through their GMail gadget with the message "The Gmail gadget does not support the "Always use https" setting that you chose in full Gmail. If you would like to use https, please open full Gmail. Learn more".

The convenience of the iGoogle page is high, and the GMail gadget was always apart of that. But without an option to make iGoogle use https, most users will probably turn off https in their gmail settings in order to make it accessible in iGoogle again."


Submission + - Quality of tech hires going down during recession?

Vu1turEMaN writes: "I'm an intern who has now become the head administrator of a small non-profit's network. The other businesses in our business park have also been hiring tech-related staff in the last year. However, the quality of ~90% of these new hires is questionable at best. They have seemingly talked their way in with lingo and a fancy resume, and then hold their business hostage with a stranglehold on their files or emails after only a few weeks. I'm being recommended by my boss to the other businesses in the area to clean up their servers and administration tools overnight if they ever choose to fire an IT person, so that nothing malicious happens. There seems to be a lack of morals and a lack of work being done with these fresh starts, and most of them are 30-40yrs old.

One business owner called me up yesterday and asked if their company could use google apps if they own a domain, because their IT manager said that they should keep their hosted Exchange server for the ~30 people in their organization (dropping it would save them $4000 a year apparently). I assured them that he could, of course, and told him the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. For a small non-profit, $4000 is ALOT of money.

I'm interested, has anyone else noticed a decline in quality in IT staffing within the last year or two, or has it been declining for a while, or do you think it isn't declining? Or maybe this problem is only with non-profits?"

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