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Comment Re:Tell that to (Score 1) 77

New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii was big on multiplayer both co-op or in my case usually one good player and a bunch of others flailing about. If you watch some of the in-game videos you can see great examples of co-op working out with Yoshi's passing a player around and some pretty amazing feats pulled off.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 177

Lithium charge controllers are simple and cheap analog electronic devices. Leaving this functionality to a processor would make it needlessly complicated and invites problems when the thing inevitably crashes.

Even with a processor based system you'd still need current sensing hardware, which would be nearly as expensive as a dedicated charge controller.

Comment Re:Great that they can control your property (Score 4, Insightful) 177

I'm fairly certain it is impossible to have a self-updating OS on a device and also prevent the controller of the self-update process from installing malware. So, I'd say there is nothing wrong with the system at the moment and our rage is best withheld until such time that they actually abuse their power.

I think you're putting the cart before the horse here, the question is whether it's okay to have automatically self-updating systems where the company that manufactured it by default has full control over it, regardless of whether the owner actually wants the updates or want to apply them now or if critical security updates are baked into huge system upgrades. It's a big trend but I don't think it's a good trend, tomorrow Microsoft can shut down your computer, Samsung your smart-TV, Google your cell phone, Tesla your car, Kindle your eBook-reader and so on. If you go all IoT or "smart house" pretty much anything you own can shut down because somebody out there wants it to. Granted, we're also quite fucked if the bank freezes our bank accounts and all the utilities shut you off, but we're expanding it to everything. It's another way to hollow out what ownership is and means.

Comment So, if you turn the phone off, (Score 1) 177

Then plug it in - will it charge? On some of my older HTC phones I would turn them off when I charged them when I had some place to be because it was significantly faster.

Then, sometime during all of this, install a non-standard ROM. I've used Cyanogen Mod and Fresh Evo in the past, I'm sure there's a non-Samsung ROM you could put on the thing. That way you have plenty of opportunity to have the thing explode on your own terms.

Comment Does insight have to involve a deeper truth? (Score 1) 108

Most insightful of the comments that got the mod. More deserving if you considered the topic a bit more broadly, for example by appealing to the orange counterexample who is about to occupy the White House.

I think the answers to your question largely revolve around economic models. Or you might prefer to see the situation in terms of the "military-industrial complex" that Ike warned us about, but I still think that's just another version of the money thing. I don't want to call it a "money problem" because I think problems should be defined in terms of solutions, and there is no solution for infinite greed, just as there is no final digit of pi. People like Trump will never have enough money.

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