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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1187

I think you are feeding a troll. I used to wonder if they were sincerely stupid, proudly ignorant, or paid to fake it, in which case they should be congratulated for cashing in on their lack of social skills. These days I just wish Slashdot were making some progress towards making them less visible. ANY other use of my time and attention is better.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1187

Good comment and I'd give you the 5th insightful point if I ever got a mod.

You didn't mention the detail that he doesn't even have the guts to put his name on his dump. The abuse of anonymity has become part of the sickness of our Internet-centric society. Personal reputation matters, but not to ACs or #PresidentTweety.

There's an interesting philosophic debate about why bad things happen to good people, but no one has to ask why good things happen to bad people. They are using their badness to get the good things.

Comment Re:As a fellow European (Score 1) 1187

The moderation is hopelessly broken and I suspect that a lot of the points are coming from sock puppets. It could be fixed by linking earned reputation to the system, but there is no sign of progress.

Oh, and I think it should be logarithmic. If so, then +5 funny would mean e^5 mod points... (Yeah, I favor the natural log, too.)

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1187

Well reasoned and deserving its insightful moderation. Let me predict your comment will not be taken as an invitation to reasoned dialog. Actually, I'm cheating because I could see the first of the responses before clicking to add mine.

Just add my story of having a few drinks with a couple of Hillary haters. Short form is they each believed a fake news story. Different ones, but one of the advantages of fake news is that you get to believe whatever you want to believe. Another major advantage of fake news is that the production costs are much lower.

America has been had. I'm pretty sure the main result of #PresidentTweety will be to make China great again.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1187

Don't you mean Siber War? Like the Cyberian Candidate?

Just playing with the word games, but I think it be a Freudian slippage thing from #PresidentTweety's perspective. Oh, I sure hope they don't take away his Twitter account.

Actually, I think the most likely war will be China provoked into occupying North Korea and failing to stop until they have South Korea and Taiwan, too, for dessert. Time for China to be GREAT again. Back to normal after a couple of bad centuries, eh?

Comment Re:Get over it! (Score 1) 1187

You forgot to mention the partisan obstructionism of the so-called Republican Party. The same guys who are warning us we better NOT do the same sort of stuff to #PresidentTweety.

As if the Democrats could. No votes and no guts. No intestinal fortitude, if you prefer.

You were right to challenge the "insight" of the earlier comment, but the moderation system on Slashdot is terminally broken. No signs of progress or improvements. Ditto Fake News Nation under the leadership of the new president-for-life.

Comment Re:It's a way to hail a cab (Score 2) 15

Can someone explain to me why this takes billions of dollars and a building full of PhDs???

If you're using UberPool, the app needs to match riders going the same way. For that, it needs to take into account distance and traffic conditions. The same thing goes when an Uber driver is trying to get home and sets the destination filter, so the Uber driver doesn't ride back in the general direction of his home without passengers.

There is also supply and demand to consider. Uber needs to predict which areas are going to have higher demand and then it needs to provide enough incentives for Uber drivers to alter their daily routines to go to those areas with higher demand. And of course, that demand will fluctuate from year to year based on different events, different weather conditions, Uber marketing, public transportation outages, and other unknown factors...

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, all this work may show no result. But in cities like San Francisco or New York, where you absolutely can not hail a taxi downtown during rush hours (even if you happen to be white and well dressed), this makes a huge difference and usually means the difference between taking your car to work and paying $60 in parking for the day, or taking a combination of public transportation and Uber to work and paying a total of $20 a day.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 21

Not saying the poll is a bad idea, but about that timing... Didn't anything more interesting happen recently?

Maybe something about Fake News Nation and president-for-life #PresidentTwitty the apprentice in chief?

Anyway, it's the wireless data caps that annoy me. If the big ISPs and the government didn't insist on controlling the network, then we would have a completely distributed wireless network with the ISPs and backbone providers just refreshing the local caches. Especially for viral content, the data would primarily be served from locally cached copies.

Comment Re:Uber caught lying? (Score 1) 63

...not a single one of their drivers is picking up people who want to go the same direction as the driver.

Not to disagree with your main point. I actually agree with you for the most part.

But this is called a destination filter. As drivers, we're only allowed to use this feature twice a day. For a part-time driver who's only driving to work and back each day, this is ok. For a full-time driver, the idea is to use that destination filter once at the beginning of your shift and once at the end of your shift, so as to not waste gas when you're ready to go home. But in between, you don't want to move your car too much while waiting for the next fare, because as an Uber driver you're operating on razor thin margins and you'd be wasting gas if you did that.

By the way, this is one reason the taxi system is so antiquated. Some taxis from outside the suburbs of a city with hard-to-get medaillons are only allowed to drop off passengers in that city, but not pick them up. In other words, in those cities where the medallions are very expensive to get, the system forces outside taxis to do return trips without passengers in the back. This is actually super wasteful. This increases gridlock, doubles the price for those trips, and reduces the number of available taxis at a time when they're really needed. If you ask me, taxis should be only regulated at the state level, not at the city level. Taxis regularly cross city boundaries. That's a fact of our modern era.

Also, there is something called UberPool (or LyftLine if you use Lyft), which is only available in some areas. The idea is that we pick up person A at one location, pick up person B on the way, pick up person C on the way, drop off person A on the way, drop off person B on the way, and then drop off person C. This actually works extremely well. Several times, I've actually picked up three people that didn't know each other from the same exact night club, just because they were all going in the same general direction. Or I've done the reverse, and picked up three different people at different locations, only to bring them to the same exact location. Although, if person A agrees to do UberPool and we don't pick up anyone else on the way, their fare still gets a discount of 20%. And where fares are not fixed by government regulations, UberPool passengers save more money than 20% the more they can split their journey with other passengers that we've picked up on the way. This feature is especially popular with University students, young professionals, and newbies who got confused by the interface.

...despite all the money they're bilking from people, still can't turn a profit.

By the way, Uber is profitable in the US. It's just not profitable worldwide.

In any case, I do agree that the company is very deceptive with the way it compensates drivers, it basically lies to us all the freaking time, but I just wanted to set the record straight about a few things.

Comment Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1187

Another appearance of umbrage related to #PresidentTweety?

As in TUSAD (Trump-Umbrage Stress Anxiety Disorder)?

I will be SO disappointed if he actually starts acting presidential because they finally manage to take away his Twitter account.

Then again, his handlers may have to do it when he provokes China into invading Taiwan. The so-called Republicans will have to insist on SOMETHING in exchange for not impeaching him, right?

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1187

For that deservedly funny post, "Geek of all tirades" would be better for the sig.

You are in violation of Godwin's law, however. I claim an exception because I used to know Mike moderately well before he got all nasty and lawyerish. There really is a time [travel] for Nazi comparisons, but the law short-circuits such discussions. Yet another paradox?

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1187

Love the sig and the comment is good enough that I wish I had mod points to give you. (Apparently nevermore?)

However, it's an excuse for my predictions:

(1) In provoking China to take care of North Korea, #PresidentTweety will go to far and China will invade North AND South Korea, and Taiwan for dessert. #PresidentTweety will be embarrassed orange, but no one will notice.

(2) If he doesn't get Bill-Cosby-ed out of office RSN, then he'll dump Pence in favor of VP Ivanka. All in the Family and if she becomes prezzy, then America will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trump organization. Such as it was.

(3) Iran will continue to grow into the power vacuum in the Middle East. Israel will get unhappy. Iran will make YUGE deals with Russia and China. #PresidentTweety shall tweet his wrath to no avail.

(4) America will have a presidential library with an entire wing dedicated to the Twitter Wars.

Comment Educating #PresidentTweety (Score 1) 1187

Old and degraded! Starting too soon to a country near you!

It's the horror comedy mystery western movie "Forward into the Past" starring #PresidentTweety as Jason the 13th pushing America down the rabbit hole to meet Puppetmaker Pinocchio Putin on the quiet eastern front! You'll laugh yourself sick, as you watch the Fabulous Four Oranges of Wrath dancing in the monsoon while they sing their worst hit "The Winter, Fall, Summer, and Autumn of our Discontent." Winner of the Oscar, Emmy, and Tony bloody red badges of avarice for supremely hackneyed cultural references in 8 dimensions!

Don't you wish you could wait for it to never begin?

My allergic Trumpitis is highly acute and inflamed this morning!

Comment #PresidentTweety RULZ Fake News Nation! (Score 1) 1187

Welcome to the age of Fake News Nation, where #PresidentTweety McTrumpy is president-for-life for all the winners in the clash of civilizations.

You know? The one where civilization lost.

A couple of predictions:

(1) He will provoke China, hoping for them to invade North Korea. Won't he be surprised when they take South Korea and Taiwan, too? Make China GREAT again!

(2) If he isn't Bill-Cosby-ed out of office RSN, then he'll dump Pence for VP Ivanka! All in the Family, you know. Putin has already endorsed this one, though he's planning to marry Trump's other daughter.

(3) Iran will continue growing into the power vacuum in the Middle East. Look for YUGE deals with Russia and China!

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