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Comment Dumb boast (Score 1, Interesting) 68

Chrome is "now rendered fully programmatically including iconography, effectively removing the ~1200 png assets we were maintaining before,"

This is dumb. Utterly dumb. What they should have done is used vector assets, such as PDF, or if that's too "non-Google" for them, SVG or anything similar. Coding images doesn't make sense - you have to maintain that code and it's a complex effort for anyone to alter what's rendered. Compare that with simply swapping out a resource created in a vector art program.

Forcing the material design on Mac users is equally dumb, there's no point making the browser consistent with other platforms the users isn't likely using, but to make it fit in with the ones s/he *is* using. And having hard-coded the image assets, there's now no easy way to simply swap out one set of resources for another to allow that to be done easily.

Chrome will never be installed on my Mac.

Comment If the world is in danger... (Score 1) 202

If the world is in danger, we should be able to help out.

That's a big 'if'. Terrorism doesn't kill anybody, statistically speaking (and that's not to say I don't feel sad for all the statistical anomalies in Nice, etc, but let's keep it in perspective), so it should not be something to be afraid of. Governments around the world are using it as a control measure over the population. That's what they always do. Encryption thwarts that control in a minor way, that's why they're scared of it.

I think this was Blackberry's "Ratner Moment". Bye bye blackberry way.....

Comment Re:When will VideoCards peak? (Score 1) 89

Not for a while yet. Even when the video resolution has reached "good enough for everybody", there's the next push: hardware accelerated physics. At the moment physics models are necessarily crude, which is why things never quite behave the way you think they ought to. Physics is amenable to massively parallel scaling, just as graphics has been. When we can model physics at the macro-atomic level, video cards will be done.

Comment Re:Does it run macOS? (Score 1) 140

Just taking a picture of a window to the clipboard takes a lot of keys

True. But they are the same keys they've always been, right back to the very original Mac. Mac users just know what they are, it's part of their DNA.

Incidentally, taking a screenshot to a file (which is put on the desktop) is easier and a lot more typical.

Comment Re:Have to give it to Apple..... (Score 1) 771

We don't need to replace every piece of technology we own every 2 years you assholes

Indeed we don't, so who's forcing you? Tell them to stop!

Anyway, never heard of wireless headphones? Way better than having a trailing cable snagging on everything, and not really any more expensive these days, if you compare like-for-like sound quality.

Comment Dumbest hypothesis ever (Score 1) 262

As many have pointed out, if this were true, it would have to overwhelmingly affect the young, not the old. The opposite must be true: cancer exists because people died of everything else before cancer could begin to cause significant problems. Now we've mostly cured or mitigated all those other causes, cancer can happen because it's never previously been subjected to evolutionary pressure.

Comment Solve the problem in hardware, have done with it. (Score 4, Interesting) 208

The CPU just needs to set aside an area of memory exclusively for return addresses, and make that protected. No more security issues, buffer overruns, execution of arbitrary code. The real problem is that return addresses are mingled with other data. This should be solved at the hardware level, and AFAICS, it could be done totally transparently to code, even binaries.

Comment Re:If Swift is any guide... (Score 1) 295

Why does the choice of another person upset you so much? It's really rather bizarre, because I can't see any likelihood that that person's choice of hardware/software affects you in any way.

I use Macs and PCs, and I also have much more than 30 years experience of software development. Right now, the hardware may have converged, and specs-wise, a PC gives a lot more power/performance per dollar. But install Windows (10) on it, and all that advantage goes to shit in terms of usability and freedom from "issues" that just grind away at your daily will to live.

Macs every time for just getting stuff done.

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