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Comment Re:well... (Score 5, Informative) 428

I think you make an important distinction. I attended two traditional brick-and-mortar undergraduate state universities in engineering and math/computer science. I wouldn't characterize the learning as "outstanding" at either, since I did learn a lot more on the job. However, the quality between these and the UofPhx where I got my masters was astounding.

I didn't learn anything. I learned a few things in an accounting class that helps me with budgeting for a non-profit I'm involved with. But most of the work was busy work - reading and posting messages to a Outlook-based message forum. We also had to do 4-5 page papers each week, but the grading was very lax. There was also a lot of group work. Now, I think that this is a good idea since it mimicks the real world where in IT there is a lot of team work required. However, it was very inconsistent with the people who were in my group, and there was no choice on our part of whom to be in groups with.

The biggest frustration was not any hands-on learning. It was all writing papers about databases, networks, operating systems, etc. There wasn't any actual logging into a database, a network switch, a server, or even writing a single line of code. Fortunately, I took it upon myself for my capstone project to do some actual coding and complete a project, rather than the usual writing again.

So now, I'm stuck with $56k of student loans I'm struggling to pay back.

I definitely would NOT recommend UofPhoenix.

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Dave Arneson RIP (

Phrogman writes: "The Co-inventor of Dungeons & Dragons (along with Gary Gygax) has passed away. As this note on his blog mentions "Dave Arneson invented "armor class." He invented "hit points." He invented the "cleric." He invented the "dungeon." He invented "so, last week you cleaned out the dungeon, and now you've heard about another, even scarier dungeon, over the ridge there." He invented "everyone plays one guy, and I play all the monsters." He invented Roleplaying Games. I think a lot of the /. readership will be sad at his passing."

Comment Re:Syllabus? (Score 1) 931

I had a professor who would take all quizzes and tests back after we had looked how they were graded. This procedure of his was documented in the syllabus, but didn't make it any less a pain in the butt. He didn't want his tests ending up in a test file but it made it hard to study the material you were weak on.

It made it that much more difficult when I felt he was singling me out by putting questions on tests that I had missed in on the quizzes.


Iron Chef Game Listed, Then Pulled 93

Joystiq notes that a game based on the excellent Iron Chef television show on the Food Network is apparently in the works. Apparently, because the game was listed and then pulled within the last few weeks. "The game appears to be on the brink of an announcement, with a listing appearing and disappearing on Gamestop's website for DS and Wii versions of the game, and Siliconera's Spencer Yip indicating that an IC game was being created at Destineer. (Yes, that Destineer). We're already sharpening our knives in anticipation, but we have to ask: [how do we get] Alton Brown in the game?" Their post includes a great animated spot for the show.
The Media

Submission + - Fox News smears rivals on Wikipedia ( writes: "Changes made to Wikipedia from an IP Address that resolves to Fox News, show a pattern of smearing Fox's rivals, including Al Franken, Keith Olbermann, and CNN, while removing damaging or embarrassing information to it's own reporters. pores through the changes to produce a comprehensive list of what Fox News allegedly changed.

An example of the changes:

From: "Many groups and commentators, including [[Media Matters for America]], and liberal broadcasters [[Al Franken]], and [[Keith Olbermann]], have claimed that Hume distorted Roosevelt's views."

To: "Many groups and commentators, including [[Media Matters for America]], and liberal broadcasters [[Al Franken]], and [[Keith Olbermann]], have claimed that Hume distorted Roosevelt's views in an attempt to ride Mr. Hume's coat tails in the ratings race as Mr. Hume hosts the highest rated political program on cable television.""


Submission + - How to handle Shared Account Password Management

muirhejs writes: Shared account passwords are necessary in most enterprise environments. Root is one example, main database accounts are others. For production support teams, this seems to be an increasingly challenging area to be accountable enough to pass auditing (Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.) yet provide the system administrators the access necessary to do their jobs. One way to attempt strike the balance is by putting the root account in a "breakglass" type system and providing partial sudo access to the administrators. Various related/interesting technologies seem to be available such as the Enterprise Password Safe, Password Auto Repository, BoKS, and others. What recommendations does the Slashdot community have to handle this sensitive issue?
The Internet

Submission + - Hunting via the Internet idea DOA

Radon360 writes: The fairly recent concept of hunting animals via the internet has been met with swift legislation to prevent the idea from becoming a reality in many states. According to this Wall Street Journal article 33 states have already enacted bans and a federal ban is in the works. One of the cited reasons for the expediency is that there is no real opposition to enacting such a prohibition. Most notably, the NRA also supports these bans, though for different reasons than animal rights groups. While sportsman groups have generally come out in favor of such legislation, they are keeping a watchful eye out for the potential of broadly written laws that might impact conventional hunting methods. Just in case you might have been thinking about starting up a site to allow others to go sport-fishing over the internet, California has already banned this practice as well.

Submission + - Mini-ITX Clusters?

HesAnIndieRocker writes: "I've recently become interested in experimenting with Linux cluster technologies (databases, distributed file systems, etc) but have been held back by the availability of cheap server hardware. Via's MiniITX C7-based motherboards look very promising, but all of the enclosures I have seen for the platform look like stereo components or traditional PCs. Are there any solutions out there for putting multiple boards in a single box with shared power and space for hard drives, or must the aspiring supercomputer owner build everything themselves? Is there a cluster hobbyist market or are they only built (and priced) for the enterprise?"

Submission + - Vista Work-Around Highlights Security Flaws (

eldavojohn writes: "A simple trick has netted some developers the ability to load unsigned drivers by simply registering a tool that loads its own unsigned driver and allows any unsigned code to be placed as a driver in the kernel. And the tool is freely available. Probably more damaging that releasing this tool into the wild is what one of the developers had to say. He anonymously commented about this particular security feature of Vista and that it "doesn't prevent malware, it just prohibits freedom to choose. A signed file uniquely identifies the company that developed that file, but when companies can be created and registered in jurisdictions known for protecting the privacy of company founders and directors you have to ask what does driver signing actually represent? While driver signing certificates can be revoked, new certificates, with enough money, can be created faster than it takes to change a file's signature. If this is indeed the case, then it is the hobbyists and home user that end up paying the cost.""

Submission + - Faith-Based Toys at Walmart - Ohmigod !!! (

gnomeuplate writes: Remember the old song, "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic Jesus" ? Paul Newman famously sang it in the classic movie 'Cool Hand Luke'. Well pretty soon Americas kids won't care if it rains or freezes if Walmart get their way with a tacky new line of 'faith-based' toys. Ohmigod.. are they serious ? Read more at...

Submission + - Too much F'ed up S*** In this World (

HairyNevus writes: "Okay, there is not enough arable farmland in this world to support the current population and right now there are plenty of evangelicals in America trying to form an admitted "Christian Nation" on the only part of this planet that I know. (Which is, as it so happens, a nation that believes that Church and State should be held most separate.)

So, the only people who have a plan to rectify the starvation situation (which, admittedly, only affects third-world countries like those in Africa which people like you seem to have nothing to be a part of) like to solve it with genetic engineering, which would bring about higher yields in seed and fruit in a said plant than organic or "natural" farming techniques would produce. Unfortunately, many "liberals" and especially conservatives seems to oppose such measures as they employ various techniques said parties have no familiarity with and have decided to c**kblock [for lack of a better word] because of their fear of change and the unknown.

Also, many fundamentalist christians have taken to blindly following their Television Gods that like to give them pix-elated communion to the point that this very America, and the Republic for which it stands, has become a breeding ground of sorts for a new fascism — the likes of which haven't been seen since the Nazis — with the same goals of world domination and conformity that Adolf Hitler had in his coked up mind. Worse yet, they use the power of their "religion" in combination with a patriotism so fake that it seems to have fooled the masses all over again . I seriously find it hard to believe that it's related to the same pride that I take in a nation that says freedom should be for ALL and that EQUALITY IN EVERYTHING (including marriage for people like homosexuals) should be protected by some sort of upstanding 'constitution'-type thing [like, where do we have one of those....OH RIGHT!]!!

Enraged at something yet?? I hope so, even if it's me.

Basically I think that starvation problem could be solved by using multi-storied hydroponic farms (like up to 20+ stories tall) that could grow enough food for this starving planet on the current available farm space — if not less than that. The problem with the water usage that would require I feel could be solved by a few desalinization plants funded by benevolent investors who felt desalinization technology deserved to be brought up to the 20TH (if not 21ST) century and saw all the good that could be done if it was.As for the problem with America becoming a fascist state...I can only hope I've pissed enough of you off with the very idea of it that YOU THE PEOPLE will rebel and resist such encroaching wrongdoings that my speculations will, quite simply, never come to fruition.I really hope this thread will go on for quite a while until each and every one of us feels that all absolute Evil in this world has been met with a Good which is twice as powerful."


Submission + - Obesity is socially contagious (

gubachwa writes: U.S. researchers have found that obesity can spread through a network of friends, just like the common cold or a penchant for a new style of jeans. So even if you are trying to diet, laying off that Twinkie might not be enough. If your best buddy is still reaching for a bag of chips, his weight gain may eventually be your weight gain as well.

Submission + - Cheney to be President (for a few hours)

ArcherB writes: From HERE:

US President George W. Bush will undergo a "routine colonoscopy" at the Camp David retreat on Saturday, temporarily ceding his powers to Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House said Friday. Cheney will serve as acting president until such time as Bush, who will be under anesthesia, says he is ready to resume his duties, presidential spokesman Tony Snow told reporters. "The president has had no symptoms" of cancer, said Snow, who noted that Bush had been scheduled for such an examination since undergoing a colonoscopy in June 2002.
Please, no colonoscopy jokes.

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