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Journal evought's Journal: April Fool's Submissions Overboard and Underfunny 2

I agree with some of the comments and submissions I have seen today that the yearly stupidity on Slashdot is just plain dumb. Unfortunately, these comments are drowned out. One or two good hoaxes would have made my day. ("Google Paper" was actually quite good). A score of idiotic and unbelievable posts just ruins the site and real news is buried. Having looked through the Firehose at several points today, there have been several serious submissions that have been voted up but have never made it to the main page. Another thing is that it is simply no fun if you don't have to figure out whether a story is a hoax because *every one of them* is. I just don't think people get that repeating mindless drivel is not a substitute for humor.

Oh well, at least things will get back to some semblance of normal tomorrow.

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April Fool's Submissions Overboard and Underfunny

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  • Yea count me in (Score:2, Informative)

    by ak3ldama ( 554026 )
    I am not a fan of this April Fools ritual that /. seems to go crazy with.
    • I'm kinda starting to dig it, for one simple reason: I usually take the day from /. on April 1st, which is the gateway to just avoiding the internet for the whole day. So I hope they keep it up.

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