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Submission + - Santa Fe Courthouse 'Ghost' Just a Spider

anthemaniac writes: A YouTube video looking out the window of the Santa Fe, New Mexico courthouse, shows what some think was a glowing, moving ghost. Benjamin Radford, a self-proclaimed 'scientific paranormal investigator,' went to see for himself. He suspected the blurry, moving object was either a bug or some floating cottonwood seed near the camera, rather than a glowing object far away. So he recreated the video circumstances and shot another video. The ghost, it turns out, was just a spider crawling and glowing in the light.

Submission + - Comet Killed Mammoths

anthemaniac writes: LiveScience is reporting that a huge comet impact — actually an air burst — wiped out the mammoths and many other creatures about 13,000 years ago. Evidence includes nanodiamonds and iridium (signs of an extraterrestrial object) at 50 spots across a wide area from California to Canada and Europe. Lack of a crater suggests the objects exploded above the surface, like the 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia.

Submission + - The Benefits of Herpes

anthemaniac writes: Rarely if ever seen in a good light, herpes does have its advantages, at least in mice. The virus can protect against the bubonic plague and other bacterial contagions. Says immunologist Skip Virgin at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: "There may be symbiotic advantages to chronic infections with these viruses." More research is needed to see if the effect holds in humans. Yes, you should wait for that research before changing your habits.

Submission + - U.S. Lags in Broadband Penetration

anthemaniac writes: The United States is behind and falling behinder in broadband penetration, slipping to 15th in the latest Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report of 30 industrialized nations. Some argue that the nations atop the list are small and easy to wire. Apparently it's not that simple. Competition is higher in those countries, keeping prices down. Denmark leads with 31.9 connections per 100 people. The U.S., where prices are higher, is at 19.6. On the bright side, the U.S. edged out both the Czech Republic and Poland, and far outpaced Mexico's 3.5.

Submission + - Why Diet Sodas Taste Lousy

anthemaniac writes: Okay, so that lack of sugar is part of it. But if you're one of those who tolerate the sub-par taste of diet sodas or still drink the sugary variety because you can't stand the diet drinks, some good news. Scientists have found a key to why sugary drinks taste better. From the article: 'Swillers of diet and regular soda are also influenced by a subtle factor called mouth-feel. Mouth-feel refers to a food or beverage's body, fullness and thickness, the scientists say, and the presence of high-fructose corn syrup in regular soda and its absence in diet might be a distinguishing factor for discerning drinkers.' The result might lead new ingredients that would make diet drinks more palatable.

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