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Journal SPAM: Beware Dominionist Sleeper Cell in the U.S.A. 15

If another nation had specifically trained agents in ways to subvert our constitution, and then managed to get these agents embedded into positions throughout the government, would we be afraid? Very afraid!

And what if the agency that trained these agents wasn't another nation, but a group that has formed a shadow government, calling shots for the elected officials, demanding their agents be placed in positions...even calling on the U.S.A. to assassinate other foreign leaders?

Couldn't happen here? It has...and for those who don't consider Pat Robertson's gang a "sleeper cell" look a bit deeper.

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Beware Dominionist Sleeper Cell in the U.S.A.

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  • Today's population can be most meaningfully mapped by social connections. Our ruling class is not established by bloodline--humans have tried that and found that it's too easy to identify and, eventually, the plebium will revolt and target key members within the ruling families. Our ruling class here in the USA is determined by social circles. Insider trading, sharing priveleged information about which investments are rigged to produce the highest returns in the various time frames, is conducted through
    • These are - of course - the functional lackeys to the super-billionaires and trillionaires. Those figures, who DO exist. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are NOT the richest men in the world - that's a shadow-play.

      These ultra-rich are few, well-conected, and blong to a network that began near Kiev, about 1400 years ago. That one rests upon the prior tyranny of the Macabees and Pharisees.
      • What happened in Kiev 1400 years ago? I'm guessing split between the Catholics and the Orthodox.

        In some ways I still suspect that the Catholic Church may be a shadow-play for the Jews. There are some parts of the New Testament which strike a neural chord of,"Keep repeating this until you believe it." Sure, I'm Catholic, but the fact remains that there's only one God and the Hebrew religion is, afaik, the longest running monotheistic institution on the planet. Maybe the eastern spiritual meditations espo
        • You're right. Nevermind the tip. Our work is on the foundation. The foundation is built on our backs. Self interest is the mortar that holds it together. (yeah, I know. REAL pyramids don't use mortar) With that in mind, I feel the need to ask what would happen if we turn our backs. If what I think would happen does happen, the tip will rise no higher than a grain of sand. There will be no tip(duh). No matter who or where these people are, they need us, not the other way around. It is we who built the pyram
          • We can convince those a third of the way up and, in their hearts and minds, many of them have realized the system but aren't willing to sacrifice their worldly priveleges for the sake a few million underpriveleged and exploited people below them. In all reality I can't say that I really blame them. I don't particularly enjoy sleeping on a street bench either--especially not when it rains at night.
            • ...but aren't willing to sacrifice their worldly priveleges for the sake a few million underpriveleged and exploited people below them.

              On a most basic, genetic level that simply does not compute outside the family. In fact, that would be unnatural. The cortex can scream all it wants about the ills of the world. The DNA is sitting back, sayin', "Pffft! Yeah, can it, clown. Get back into bed and start makin' babies! You're MY beatch." Do you remember the old joke about the brain and the sphincter fighting ove
              • I can't even blame the guys at the very tippy-top
                I blame them when they deliberately neglect their social responsibilities in heedless pursuit of endless tippy-toppiness.
                • Then I'm afraid you would be blaming nature for its very essence. I will grant that as humans who claim they have a free will, they should know better. What I'm beginning to doubt is the notion of a free will. I also have to ask why so many of us willfully go along. And the only thing I can point to are the very same natural forces. After you strip away all the phony philosophy and rationalizations, that's all that's left. It's the only thing where any degree of logic can still be applied without any bias o
                  • The whole thing is very symbiotic

                    It was very symbiotic until we reached a point in history where taxes are collected automatically with no opportunity for the taxed to say "Enough!"

                    Animals do not typically enslave other animals. In our society we've been manipulated to think that, as long as we receive a paycheck, we're not slaves. This only works when every aspect of society depends upon a financial transaction. For example, in the dark ages, people probably spent 90% of their time, or better, in pursuits which had no direct relation

                    • Animals do not typically enslave other animals

                      Ok, not exactly [](dupe!). But I think you understand the relationship. There are other parasitic actions like capturing prey and laying their eggs inside the body of the prey while keeping it alive. That is a form of slavery. I'm not very good at it, but for every single human act, you can find a natural motivation and a similar action in the animal world. That even includes things like suicide. A plant might allow itself to die to prevent a mold or fungus from in
                    • they need us

                      I haven't felt very needed for the last ten years when managers have said,"You should be lucky to have a job" or women haven't given me a second look except to shoot the "Stop looking at me!" glare. I haven't felt very needed for the last year while walking around town, trying to maintain a clean and decent appearance in a suit, and nobody can stop to take the time to chat except to go through the worn out litany of "why don't you just get any job you can and start from the bottom (again)". I didn't feel

          • A third of the way up?

            That's Pelosi - who will keep her mansion in Pacific Heights, while the rest of us malcontents are shipped off to camps.

            That's the deal those folks made.
            • They'll never get me alive. Death(then a new life) before slavery. They'll have the body, but they won't have me.
      • That one rests upon the prior tyranny of the Macabees and Pharisees.

        You know, I not much on these kinds of things. but when I saw this [], the ol' brain scan lit up pretty good on nothing more than the first glance. May I assume there's something more than a small desire to restore those borders? :-) I don't know how to convince people that they are supporting a, what?, 5,000 year old war?(though that part only 2,100 and change) Amazing that's it's been virtually continuous, and still no end in sight. Makes th
  • As my keeper always said,
    never ignore the sleeper,
    in any MF jail or cell.

    As my keeper always said,
    never wake the sleeper,
    in any damn cell by bell,
    just jump in mythic hell.

    As my keeper always said,
    never, never, never, never,
    sleep, always peep and seek,
    a beast awakes at our feet.

    Crazy is as crazy does.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
    Hitler is as hitler was.
    BDF-Pat is a BDF-George,
    BDF-Jerry is BDF-Hitler,
    BDF-... are always ....

    If this make no sense to you,
    then you have just woken from a
    six year coma, and should be

Never say you know a man until you have divided an inheritance with him.