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Comment one size does not fit all (Score 1) 122

Not trying to be rude.

Even with open source software, the modern desktop/laptop needs have long since surpassed those specs.
1366x768 is very much on it's way out. (THANK GOD) It's a horribly small resolution for the majority of current gui's and websites even though it's technically 720p hd. Still usable though if you force your users to run fluxbox or similar. 2gb of ram is pretty tiny, usable but tiny. 4gb SHOULD have been your MIN amount. Otherwise your system will be limited to running JUST a single modern application alone at a time. General users like having their email client AND their web browser AND their office program AND possibly a instant messaging application open at the same time.
Also 8gb storage space? Modern linux distributions take up 4 to 6gb alone. That is not a lot of space for user files. Even less if you put in a swap partition.

What you are doing here is trying to sell what a friend of mine calls 's.c.t.'s'* at a gaming laptop / macbook pro level price. I seriously doubt you are going to get enough people who care so much about possible freedom that they would torture themselves to use such a limiting system.
My advice? Ditch the laptop, focus on the wood case stand alone receptacle, bill yourself as a fully open and environmentally friendly alt to the raspberry pi and similar.

* Super Cheap/Crappy Tablet

Comment Re: Learning to program will get mr a job? (Score 2) 162

Personally i think a good number of the wealthy are hoarders.But instead of keeping every newspaper they ever touched, or plastic bag, or wanting to buy every single doll they see. They hoard money, and like other hoarders they are emotionally pained to see even one bit of it removed.

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