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Comment When all you have is a hammer. (Score 1) 2

Every problem looks like a nail.
Come back with better proof before claiming that 'not enough women' makes it biased.
Yes algorithms can be made to be biased as it is a simple math equation and you can tweak the variables to get the answer you want. But just because it 'can' be done is not proof that it IS being done.

Comment Re:I assumed this was already a default (Score 1) 924

Um.. Alsa is the low level driver. Pulseaudio is the semi userland audio server that runs on top of it.
If you can't get alsa to work pulseaudio won't either. To be fair, pulse was only crap when pottering was controlling it. When it was dropped into the lap of others to maintain after he decided to do this whole systemD crap It got better.

Comment to be fair (Score 1) 1

Their return rates are between 10% and 30%, which are very high numbers on average making them heavy burdens on their return department. We also don't know 'what' they were returning, what reason they gave, and what shape they arrived in.

Comment Re:And how exactly (Score 1) 99

Realize the ending of 1984 was prophetic. That the future will not be better than the past and that technology has given despots and ideologies the perfect tools to keep their people in control. That the future is a boot stomping on a human face forever. That you, as a peon, have three choices. Agree, be silent, or have your face stomped on.

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