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Comment I don't like the higan dev. (Score 1) 171

I know i am going to get flack for this, but i don't like him.
When he was the zsnes sound dev, and higan was bsnes he purposefully sabotaged the zsnes alsa sound system by ignoring the dev documents and grabbing the audio hardware directly. When this was put up as a bug he refused to fix it by saying 'switch to oss'.
By that time oss had LONG since been deprecated because the company backing it tried to sell foss's devs hard work on the system as their own as a commercial *nix sound system.
So i consider this karma, he fucked with people's enjoyment of snes games because he had a software political belief. Some overworked and underpaid united states postal service worker nicks his package of thousands of dollars worth of snes games and claims the machine ate it.

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