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Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 2) 155

If you're talking about things that happen with p < 10^-5 you can can't test to any kind of reasonable confidence level. Engineers have to use the collective experience of the profession as a whole as a guide, in addition to actual testing.

Since phone design is interdisciplinary -- involving marketing, industrial design and engineering -- engineers will just have to push back when the designers and marketers try to take that half millimeter away. This case will be a touchstone for future generations of EEs, the way the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is for civil engineers and Therac-25 is for software engineers.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 309

"I'm asking as an SJW looking for another crusade!"
Social Justice Warrior = code words for Marxist.

You remind me of the Chinese Red Guards of the 1960's & early 1970s. When Mao was finished with them he cut them off at the knees. They became China's "Lost Generation" and represent a constant social problem in that country because of the attitudes they developed during their "crusade". It is explained in this video:

IF America survives as a Republic under Constitutional Rule of Law, SJW's will be pains in everyone's backside because their college classes in [fill in current Left Wing collegiate studies buzz words here] will be totally worthless as a basis for EARNING a living. IF they get their wish and American becomes another Socialist hellhole [see Venezuela] they'll be gainfully employed spying on everyone else, much like 1/6th of East Germans did by spying for the Stasi [East Germany's Communist thugs]on the other 5/6ths of the population, as Merkel well knows.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 309

"If anything government control over speech is what did immense damage in WW2. That and low educational standards at the time (actually standards in a sense were high but there was still a lot of discovery not widely spread, old beliefs lingering and so on). Common knowledge by the standards of the day was often corrupt simply because of the period in time."

You're dreaming. Most college graduates today could not pass the 1912 Eight grade graduation "Common Exam".
Nor could they pass a similar test today.

Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 117

Sports is a good example of where legacy broadcasting rules effectively sabotage streaming. Even if you subscribe to some streaming service, blackout rules dating back to the 70s can still prevent you from having access to a game.

Plus you can record in better quality yourself and you don't have to waste any bandwidth viewing a locally stored recording.

Plus some of this stuff is completely free OTA. So it's gratis too.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 331

I'm pretty sure I'd see features like independently powered exit row lighting, emergency exits, inflatable slides/rafts, life vests etc.

In design and engineering you can't make things failure-proof, but you can plan for certain failure-modes. Yeah, if you lose a wing at 10,000 feet or do a nose dive at Mach 2 into the ground nobody is going to survive. But there is plenty of design that goes into an airplane that is aimed at very rare situations like the loss of all engines.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 309

Yeah... sexist and misogynist. That's the new codeword for treating a woman as an equal. You're just playing the woman card and pretending that they are all just weak victims that need protected. This goes equally well for Trump's groupies, the professional entertainer, or Clinton herself.

When Germans need to put signs in bathrooms because the Syrians can't or won't use a toilet properly, you've got a real issue that can't be glossed over by liberal platitudes.

The issue of successful assimilation is not something to be glossed over or ignored just because it contradicts your politics.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 309

The "Hitler Problem" wasn't that the guy said mean things. The problem with Hitler is that he also had an army of uniformed thugs beating people up. He didn't just say "bad things". He did things that relatively libertine Americans would consider illegal.

The Hitler problem is that he suppressed dissent. He did that long before he came to power.

It's even in that silly little poem that people have had fun misusing lately.

This Cliff Notes version of history that liberals love to peddle ignores a lot of very relevant details.

Comment Re:Unfortunately no and I have a reason (Score 1) 355

The Abelson and Sussman textbook, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, uses LISP (actually Scheme). There are quite a few LISP fanatics who passionately feel it is still the best programming language made, citing such reasons as the simplicity of writing an interpreter for it. However, that textbook is pretty difficult. The authors didn't appreciate how hard recursion can be for many students to understand, and LISP and functional programming in general uses recursion so heavily it's the proverbial hammer for every nail of a programming problem.

Well, that's what you get when you beta test your textbook with MIT students. But that said, CLRS is no picnic for people who aren't very good at math, either.

Comment Re:Analyzing a car purchase over 1 year? (Score 1) 36

True. And the cost/arrest concept is broken too. Would the arrests have been made anyway? Could they have been made another way?

When people have a tool they use it, whether it is the use-case that was supposed to justify the purchase -- and that can be a good thing (because the widget is earning its keep) or a bad thing (using a tool that's overkill, to expensive to operate, or counterproductive). The real question is what did they specifically buy this for? If the cost justification was that it was going to allow them to make x arrests per year, it's probably a failure. If the cost justification is some other kind of scenario that doesn't necessarily happen every year (e.g. the Beltway Sniper), then the question is whether they're using this thing reasonably.

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