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Comment Re:Say this aloud: "It's so massive..." (Score 1) 220

Your guess of my age is off by a little more than 2 decades. It turns out that Charon was discovered much earlier than I had realized (in 1978, not circa 1998 when I became aware of it) during a time in my life when I was concerned with trying to make a 10 acre hobby farm profitable ---or at least a break-even activity--- to the exclusion of my astronomy hobby. With the information I gave you, your estimate of my age was a good one. My facts were wrong.

One of the things I really missed when I moved from the cold, clear winter nights of New England to cloudy skies of western Oregon was star gazing. The four inch reflector telescope that gave me many pleasurable nights in high school did not make the trip out west, but instead went to my brother. Now that I am spending a handful of nights each year under the starry skies of eastern Oregon, I miss it, and I'm thinking of replacing it, perhaps with one of the new-fangled computer driven 'scopes. That would accept a camera. Thoughts on this, anyone?

Comment Re:Because Enterprise Faired So Poorly (Score 1) 143

The original ideas for the Romulan war were just stupid anyways. NONE of it made any sense. They needed a new canon either way. This is a good example of some of the weaknesses in TOS that just needed to get pushed out an airlock.

You simply can't fight an interstellar war (in Trek terms) without Warp drive.

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 2) 143

Are all men equal by that definition of "equal"? Or all women exactly like all other women?

"Men" aren't stamped out of some kind of archetypal "man" mold, nor are all women exactly whatever you think a "woman" is or should be. Both men and women are going to be distributed along a normal curve (or maybe log-normal) when it comes to their fitness for some particular job.

So this raises the question: how much overlap do those populations have? The traditionalist view is that there are manly jobs for which no woman is suitable; the radically opposite viewpoint is that there are no differences at all between the populations for any job. But leaving aside jobs like NFL offensive lineman or surrogate mother, I'd say that unless you take one or the other of these extreme positions it's not necessary to have an opinion on precisely how much overlap there is. The only thing that really matters is the individual you are evaluating for the job. If a woman is the best candidate for an engineering position or CEO or whatever, it literally doesn't matter whether or not men are usually better at that sort of thing.

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 1) 143

Except the "diversity" in TOS represented bad 60s racial and ethnic sterotypes and largely one dimensional characters. This is one of the things that's blatantly obvious when comparing TOS to the reboot. You get crude stuff that doesn't age well when all you're really about is ticking off checkboxes.

Comment Re:"Ignored Again" (Score 1) 19

> Why do you even want this ad delivery platform on your computer?

You can strip the ads out you idiot. People on ALL platforms have been doing this since 2003 or so. There are even Mac apps that do this.

Before that, you could just skip through them.

A tablet app for the PVR/streamer?

Apple is like LAST to the party on this one.

Comment Don't just think "change"; think "rate of change". (Score 1) 227

I have known or at least met many environmental luminaries in the course of my career, and as one of them put it: I = P*S/T -- that is to say environmental impact is proportional to population and standard of living, but is inversely proportional to technology.

So the key to avoiding a dystopian future is to keep the rate of technological improvement greater than the rate of population growth. The way to do that is to invest in people. Societies who have lower infant mortality rates have lower birth rates; societies with better education are more innovative.

Will the future way we do things look radically different from today? Yes! Just as the way we do things today look radically different from the past. Change happens in both the environment and human society; it's inevitable. The question is whether it happens at a rate organisms and people can adapt to, and in particular whether we make a conscious decision to direct that change or have it forced upon us.

Comment Re:climate models (Score 2) 227

whatever causes that

Google "Hadley Cells", they are basically convection currents, tropical storms create huge updrafts which reach the stratosphere and are pushed polewards from the equator by the rotation of the planet. At that altitude the air becomes cold and dry, the cold, dry air falls back to earth and forms the bands of deserts that circle the earth on each side of the equator. As the planet heats up the convection currents become stronger, making monsoons wetter and the desert bands wider.

Comment Re:proper mail voting explained: (Score 1) 232

1) Embassy voting is not a real thing. Nor would it make any sense, as different states handle elections differently, but embassies are a unified federal system. Nor does the US have embassies in every country. Nor are embassies guaranteed to be anywhere remotely near where a person lives within a country.

2) "Advance voting" makes no sense for expats. Believe it or not, some citizens live overseas. Including the military, by the way, who you apparently want to disenfranchise.

3) Your #1 case does nothing to guarantee vote privacy. The person can very well watch the individual fill out their ballot and then seal it up. All it does is make it harder/more expensive for the disabled to vote.

Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 232

Because I still have citizenship and because I still have to fill out stupid freaking IRS returns every year (unlike every other country on earth concerning their expats)?

US citizenship is a big disadvantage to carry around and getting to vote is the one decent thing that one gets out of it as an expat.

Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 232

That 3% number is clearly nonsense. And you can contact the county offices to make sure your ballot was received and is in order (which I did).

My vote is overseas. They're counted at the same time as local votes. You're thinking of absentee ballots.

What state are you? Don't forget about the downballot races.

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