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Comment Re:This is rich (Score 1) 99

Yeah because the record use of the filibuster happened in Bush's terms, except that it didn't. Not saying they worked with him during the 2nd term, but someone needed to put the brakes on since he was driving the country over a cliff, and had already proved him self irresponsible with the way he lied his way into a war that was not in our country's best interest.

A Teenage Hacker Figured Out How To Get Free Data On His Phone ( 337

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Jacob Ajit is 17 and he just hacked his way to getting free phone data, presumably so that he can do whatever it is that teens do online these days without alerting his parents with overage fees. According to a Medium post Ajit posted on Wednesday, he made his discovery while playing around with a prepaid T-Mobile phone with no service. The phone was still able to connect to the network, although it would only take him to a T-Mobile portal asking him to renew the prepaid phone plan. For some reason, though, Ajit wrote that his internet speed test app still worked, albeit through a T-Mobile server. Ajit figured out that he was able to access media sent from any folder labelled "/speedtest," possibly because T-Mobile whitelists media files from speed tests regardless of the host. He tested his theory by setting up a "/speedtest" folder on his own site and filled it with media, including a Taylor Swift music video, which he was able to access. Ajit writes that he then created a proxy server that allows users to access any site with this method. All a T-Mobile user has to do is go to this page and input any URL they want to visit. "Just like that, I now had access to data throughout the T-Mobile network without maintaining any sort of formal payments or contract," Ajit wrote on Medium. "Just my phone's radios talking to the network's radios, free of any artificial shackles."

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 308

I wasn't aware of that right. Since I am white and relatively well off, when I get out of the hospital and before my bruises are healed my lawyer will, over lunch with the DA, inform them that it would be best for them to settle for the outrageously large number he has written on a small piece of paper otherwise he will have a very simple time pillorying them in the press and courts.

Comment Re:Apple is trying to make money? (Score 3, Insightful) 311

"Few ever buy MS for the software."

I disagree, people don't buy MS products for the OS, they certainly do for the software, as more of it runs on Windows then any other OS.

If you bought your computer for the fashionable OS the you bought the equivalent of a decorative hammer. Computers are tools, and I am a firm believer that the OS should get out of your way so your software (the whole reason you have a computer) can do it's work.

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