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Comment Re: Not a dumb terminal - Linux with locked down U (Score 1) 131

The ChromeBook is not even close to being as locked down as a games console.

For now.

Once it actually starts to gain traction (marketshare) they'll lock it down tighter than a duck's ass.

Oh piss off. They *have* gained traction, and they've been about for years. And there hasn't been any locking down

Comment Re:Guilty (Score 1) 356

If women are not being promoted, for various reasons, how can they have the same experience and qualifications as the men? Either in the same job, or a higher position they are seeking?

You really believe that promotions come purely as a result of experience and capability? You haven't had my bosses. Part of the problem is that discrimination manifests itself in being passed over for promotion in favour of someone who looks and has the background as what the higher-ups expect.

Comment Re: The reality (Score 0) 356

You poor delicate ears can't possibly be assaulted by an opinion not your own. You sweet careful worldview must be maintained by silencing any worlds that might challenge your position in it.

I don't necessarily agree with the entirety of these findings, but seems likely there is *something* going on here. Atleast, it's faaaaar more convincing than the predictable Slashdot wailfest that happens whenever a new study comes out.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 505

Used to be you could pretty much trust Europeans not to come to America to blow things up or murder people. Now they've taken in so many terrists and their supporters, that's no longer the case... I'm quite amazed that Britain is still in the Visa Waiver Program, because it looks more like a third-world country every time I go there.

Bullshit have you been to Britain. Or if you have: do you want to be more specific with your bile? Rather than just slandering an entire country, and continent?

Seems highly unlikely you know anything about Europe.

Comment Re:Not really new (Score 1) 99

I think one of the problems is there kindof isn't a target customer. Who is supposed to want this? It's been tried so many times and the core problem is always there, that nobody has a screen and keyboard mouse hanging around not connected to a computer...
If it were a laptop dock then maybe we're talking, a light device I could take with me / have around the sofa that would take the phone as its core and provide a big screen and keyboard. But who uses a desktop now? It's already a niche setup.

Comment Sounds boring & expensive (Score 2) 104

Which is good really. That smartphones have matured to a state where there is not much new each year gives us a bit of stability, which I welcome after the past few years of constant upgrades.

But I have to wonder who now pays $800 or whatever for a phone. My current is a Moto Z Play, which is mid-range really, but I haven't found anything to complain about at all... or atleast nothing that I believe would be fixed by a faster (more power-hungry) CPU or a higher screen resolution (that I can't see). If you were in the market for an Android phone, why would anyone get a flagship these days?

Comment Re:The Lemming Society is pathetic. (Score 5, Insightful) 395

I find humans being utterly reliant upon reviews for every fucking thing in their life completely pathetic. Can't even drink a cup of coffee or eat a pizza without asking a panel of five-star rated liars. Ever heard of product satisfaction being subjective?

Use your own brain for once and make your own judgements. Live a little. Good or bad, it is satisfying knowing at the end of the day the decisions you made were yours, and not made based on sponsored bullshit.

Or, you have limited time and resources, try to spend it wisely. I see about 6 films a year, and I would prefer them not to be terrible if possible. Why would you *not* use the resources available to you to pick well?

Comment Re: Huh? (Score 4, Insightful) 476

Nobody is forcing you to buy a computer, and I probably can find a computer assembled by people who care about the product and their conditions. If you think there's a substantial unmet demand for that kind of thing, maybe you or a fellow-traveler should start selling artisanal computers made from sustainably sourced, fair-trade components.

You want to "fix" the parts of human nature that you've been brainwashed to find distasteful. Don't expect the rest of us to jump onto your Marxist bandwagon.

Repeat after me: "The market is not a magic fixall for every problem."
How bizarrely deluded must you be to think that this entirely arbitrary concept of market forces is a substitute for actually caring about actual people and their living conditions?

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 1) 200

I for one am glad to see the wheels starting fall off this libertarian corporate experiment. It's heartening to see signs of failure in an institution whose core principals are deeply entrenched in base human behaviours such as bullying, hypocrisy and total indifference to adverse impacts to others (including it's own people).

Own a company or be in a position of power and your opinion WILL radically change. Guarantee it

So? So what? Most people don't own companies, neither can they. If you're saying that exploiting workers is OK because... others do it in the same position... well that the exact reason that unions were invented. If you're in a position of power, you don't *have* to be a dick.

Comment Re:The best one... (Score 1) 141

Right...I mentioned that in my follow up reply. You and your friends are special snowflakes of course. My comment doesn't apply to people like you.

Right...I mentioned that in my follow up reply. You and your friends are special snowflakes of course. My comment doesn't apply to people like you.

Right, so, by definition anyone who can disagree with you cannot because they are in the only group of people you have excluded from your blanket claim. Fucking genius debate technique...

Comment Re:Just like Google Now... (Score 2) 124

I'm guessing those people have searched Beauty and the Beast while signed in to Chrome at some point. And just like Google Now cards, it's an update to a product that showed interest in, so it is brought up with the question of what's happening today. One part Ad yes, but I don't think they would do it specifically for Beauty and the Beast, it may very well be a new regular response with others like: "That console you've been researching is released today" "That TV you price checked is on sale today", "That show you like has a new episode today", etc.

That is some backflipping you're doing there to excuse this. I'm usually reticent to jump on the bash-Google bandwagon, but this is pretty clearly a blatant advert. Listen to the wording and the music, it's not a 'helpful' message like the examples you give. In a reddit post author says "I don't believe I've done any searching for the film either, so I think it's not due to perceived interest."

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