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Comment Re:Saddest = Nokia (Score 1) 144

To me Nokia was far sadder, it went from the top slot in the smartphone industry to virtually bankrupt in the space of one obviously malicious CEO. Whereas Yahoo was vapour valuation to less vapour in one obviously incompetent CEO.

And incompetent board. Don't forget the leadership before Elop was horrendously lacking. Sure Elop might well have been a Trojan Horse, but the only reason he could do what he did was because Nokia were in such a pisspoor state by the time he arrived. They'd squandered their lead and were so far behind the times, it's plausible that Windows Phone was their only option. A terrible one, but the chances of Meego having any chance in 2010 after iOS and Android had been running riot for 3 years was pretty slim. They were selling lots of phones but their trajectory was down.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

These always struck me as a fad waiting to die, but I'm not trying to be the usual Slashdot curmudgeon, so I'll ask: what are the killer features of a smart watch?

I mean, there aren't any. And that's OK. There aren't any killer features to tablets either, but we have them too. They are marginally useful, and I have one. If I lost it I would probably replace it eventually, but it's not like I have a backup like I do my smartphone...

For what it's worth, it is marginally useful to me:
1. When the phone rings, it buzzes on my wrist, which is far more reliable to notice than a vibrate / ring happening in my pocket while walking. I'm more likely to notice / catch the call while it's still ringing, and I can see if it's anyone I care about, or just another recruiter before reaching for my pocket.
2. When I get a message, often it doesn't need a response, so I can see it on my wrist without again faffing with the phone, unlocking it, etc.
3. Citymapper has very good turn-by-turn navigation on the watch, that is again much easier to glance at to see where your next change is and how far, etc.
4. The face is always on, and therefore much better for things like countdown timers when doing something active like cooking.

It's more about many many very little conveniences, which make it worth putting on in the morning for me, and buying if I have some spare cash for a toy. There aren't any killer features, but that's alright, there's still a place for them, not everything has to be 'disruptive'.

Comment Re:Dumb extrapolation (Score 1) 606

The Resolution Foundation found that under-35s earned 8,000 pound ($10,600) less in their twenties than Generation X workers. If wages for millennials follow the same path as Generation X...

It sucks to reach adulthood during a deep recession. Not sure it makes sense to use that as a predictor of the future though.

Come on, it wasn't a long article:

it also concluded that generational pay progress had ground to a halt even before the financial crisis struck in 2007/8.

The problem started before the recession, that's just made it worse.

Comment Re:And they're still OVERPAID! (Score 1) 606

What? You mean that degree in gender studies and female studies is worthless? How can you say that? That only means more companies sorely need a Chief Diversity Officer and a Diversity Department!!!1111

Just think: all those people with worthless degrees probably would have gone straight to work after high school or learned a trade, if it weren't for dumbass Boomer and Gen-X parents and guidance counselors blatantly lying to them about how "necessary" a college degree (any college degree) was!

Worse than that, they closed the trade schools and turned them into universities. And companies expect workers to be instantly qualified, there's no apprentices anymore. Even if they ignored the "get a degree" rhetoric, there wasn't any real alternative.

Comment Re:And they're still OVERPAID! (Score 1) 606

Most kids today have few if any marketable skills and are in piss poor physical shape and are unable to keep up with a demanding work environment.

Sad but true... the current generation is fucking worthless.

What a lazy interpretation. Believe anything so that you don't have to feel empathy, or responsibility, right? Unless you have some real evidence for a generational shift in skill and motivation, I call bullshit. Far more likely that the study is right, the 'current generation' has been royally shafted by previous generations, and it doesn't matter what they do, the system is biased against them.

Comment Re:Dumb F*cks (Score 2) 55

It has 1 use.
Lets you filter your idiot friends, if they ask you to use it, you know they aren't worth knowing!

And reading the techcrunch arse licking, tells me they are not worth reading.

The number 1 problem is it takes over your phone, the nosy facefuckers are grabbing everything....

Must be exhausting being so superior all the time. I'm sure your friends appreciate your constant judgement of them.

Comment Re:Freeciv is better for suited for school (Score 1) 198

While Civilization might have better graphics/sounds, that doesn't add much to the "educational" value.

Freeciv is multiplayer, and you can change the rules by changing an XML, which could make things quite interesting.

And of course, it is open source, which could take the educational value to a whole different level.

Maybe the base games, but they're talking about making a specific educational version. Presumably that will have more information / differently structured gameplay to expose particular facet of history / etc. Freeciv doesn't have that.

And anyway, graphics do matter. Firing the imagination is a great motivator for learning, and that's harder to do if your game looks like arse.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 2) 1592

Well - you might have noticed that the EU isn't in great shape at the moment, and getting 27 countries to accept another member, even if that's an existing member split up, is still going to be controversial and take a long time. We don't even know what the independent Scotland would look like, or how it would get there, before you can start talking about joining the EU.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 2) 1592

Fuck London, go build your multinational utopia somewhere that I don't end up paying for it - e.g. see

I don't disagree actually - but putting the blame on the EU is the wrong place. It's the government's job to even out the economic benefits, something the last Labour government did barely, and the current one has actively made worse.

If you want a strong UK software development industry then perhaps try training some British graduates instead of hiring fucking EU labour in London.

Would love to, but there aren't enough here to hire.

Comment Re:How ages voted (Score 2) 1592

It has been part of the EU for 43 years...

I think it will survive just fine on its own, it IS the world's 6th largest economy...

I thought 5th... Anyway. When it joined the EEC it was the "sick man of Europe". It grew into that position *while inside the EU*. Who knows what happens outside again.

Comment Re:How ages voted (Score 0) 1592

Ben Riley-Smith @benrileysmith
(YouGov poll)
18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain#EUref
6:24 PM - 23 Jun 2016

If they would have waited some years it would been a remain.

It's very little more than a fucking coup. Those that have made their money and can now sit on it and ride out any problems can have their day. The young, who have been shat on by the previous generations virtually constantly in the recent decades, get fucked over again. They will have to live with the consequences that have been imposed on them, and economic problems will fall far more heavily on them than anyone else.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

Not just multinationals, it's great for the small software industry, and I am now very worried about my career future. London has a very large number of smallish software houses that are populated with EU labour, UK doesn't produce enough software developers on its own. They are too small to do visa things to find someone from abroad and bring them over, so are likely to be very badly affected by losing these foreign developers.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1, Informative) 1592

Scotland (which recently voted to stay in Great Britain because they were told they would drop out of the EU if they left the UK) and Northern Ireland voted to stay in. England and Wales voted to get out.

So Small Britain, or the United Kingdom of England and Wales, will leave the EU.

Probably, we will see Northern Ireland join the Irish Republic and Scotland to become independent during the next 2 years.

You really don't know what you're talking about, I suspect you know very little about the regions and their preferences, there's far more at play than whether or not they want to be in the EU. The one thing you might be right about is Scotland having another independence vote, and winning - but this won't leave them inside the EU, it doesn't work like that. They'd have to join as a new country.

Comment I feel like a luddite sometimes (Score 4, Interesting) 771

Why in tech must we call everything old "legacy" and then assume it should go away? Maybe some thing work well enough that they should always be there. Some things are well designed and don't need to be changed. The 3.5mm port is resilient, rotatable, and universally supported, and only slightly bigger than the latest tech now would be able to replace it with.

Just because it is analogue does not make it irrelevant. Your ears are analogue. Why add another level of technology, another thing to charge, putting a digital-to-analogue converter on every pair of earphones rather than just one in the phone...

I remember having to have an adapter for headphones on the T-Mobile G1 and old Nokia phones, and it sucked then, and it will suck now. And so what if Apple release lightning headphones. Do we think they make the best headphones? They make crap headphones when compared to actual audio companies.

This Apple apologist doesn't even try to make is sound good, just that Apple are going to do it anyway so you might as well get used to it.

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