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Comment Re:Yay for sovereignty! (Score 1) 163

Yes, it certainly is "winning" to get nothing at all rather than a small percentage of some large number...

Now if it's costing you something, then sure that's a bad deal. But Apple is not costing governments anything the way film crews do who use loads more public services, shut down locations and streets, etc.

Comment How many ports is a lot to you? 300? (Score 1) 98

As long as you get to define "pro model" and "plenty of ports" then sure.

I guess it wasn't clear to you but the context is obviously laptops... and it seems pretty obvious a pro-model laptop IS the one with a lot of ports.

Or, duh, is called a "pro". In fact that alone would be definition enough for me, whatever laptop model Apple felt like attaching Pro to will have a lot of useful ports.

Of course, the topic was Macs, not just Mac notebooks,

The main topic was, not what I responded to. But then as we'll demonstrate in a moment you have no reading comprehension...

the current "Mac Pro" is the very definition of "not plenty of ports"

Well since you are obviously an idiot what's the point in saying anything further?

Mac pro ports:

"Designed with built-in Thunderbolt 2 (6!), USB 3 (4), Gigabit Ethernet(2), and HDMI 1.4 ports"

Who would not consider 6 thunderbolt2 ports alone "a lot of ports"?

Come back when you are substantially less retarded. I know I won't be waiting up.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 467

How about a drone operator inform a property owner that he or she would like to fly the drone over the property, and explain why in advance?

I have a friend who has a drone he uses for photography... guess what, he does exactly that!

How many people would not yet you fly for a few beers and some cool aerial photos of their land? And even if they didn't want to let you at least you'd still have a working drone.

Comment Re:Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 5, Insightful) 145

This really is a moronic article. Programming language choice is not about "popular" or "cool" - it's whatever tool gets the job done.

For a hobby? Sure. Otherwise it's about whatever tool gets the paycheck done. Java sucks today and isn't the best tool for any job, yet it dominates the job market. It was a bad tool 15 years ago, and it will be a bad tool 15 years from now, when it will still dominate the job market. And by then, sadly, $10 computers will run Java easily.

C will always be the kernel guy's tool, and those jobs pay nicely, but there will never be very many of them. C++ has faded (despite being a darn good language with the latest standard, too many burned bridges). C# will go down with the Microsoft ship. Will one of the new fad languages have staying power? Maybe. Likely 1 of them will, if not a current one. But fucking Java just refuses to die.

Comment Re: America in one sentence (Score 1) 467

Knighthood only overlapped with religion in a few times and places - it was really just cavalry. "Chivalry" meant "horsemanship" for most of the time the word was current, and only came to mean "and other things knights should do" towards the end.

Human nature doesn't change, nor does the need to protect civilization from assholes. However, combat robots will fundamentally redefine "arms" in the coming decades, and there's no telling what that looks like.

Comment Re:Drones might have weapons. (Score 1) 467

All who fly them low enough deserve the hate. You don't see many people upset about drones flying high enough that you can't see them, or they're just a dot. It's the assholes who buzz animals, peek into upper story windows, disturb your family in your back yard, that sort of thing.that draws the hate.

Comment Re:Case Backwards (Score 1) 467

In some states, it is perfectly legal to shoot someone on your property as long as you say the magic words "I was in fear for my life". Of course, it would be awkward if your target survived the shot and told a different story, but that problem has a straightforward solution.

True story from Texas: my mother bought a gun after a couple of break-ins. She asked the cops what the rules were. The explained that she should make sure he "falls inside the house *wink*" and that he doesn't survive.

Comment Read Again (Score 1) 153

I didn't say anything about voting machines. A really good way to rid elections is to know who all the voters are and lots of info about them, then to vote as a lot of them...

Or if you think about it, if you have access to voting system why not insert thousands of new voters so there's no possible conflict with real voters?

Comment Re:America in one sentence (Score 1) 467

In the early days of America, most of the colonies had a law requiring you to bring your gun to church, at least for men, in case something/someone needed shooting that week. Similar laws predate guns, going back, well, as far as we have written records of laws . Many cultures, perhaps most, have required citizens to keep arms in good condition. Heck, mostly what defined a "knight" from roman times to medieval was that your could brings better weapons to the fight.

Comment Re:FAA fines (Score 2) 467

I wouldn't be worried about his fines, I'd be more worried about the consequences of shooting at an aircraft in federal airspace.

That's a federal crime that could net you up to 20 years in jail.

It depends on the state, but somewhere around 50 feet it stops being "airspace" and starts being "your property". Much like you're still trespassing if you climb a tree.

Comment Next Phase (Score 5, Funny) 467

If it's not legal to shoot down drones flying over your property, then people will take the next logical step of simply shooting the drone operators so there is no-one to complain... which is what I expected to happen when a bunch of morons started yelling at an armed 83 year old woman who had already demonstrated herself to be a crack shot at long distance.

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