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Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 378

The reality is clear. It sucks to have a mistaken belief about reality that interferes with your daily life, but that doesn't change the reality. Also, realty is rarely what we want it to be, but retreat from reality in the face of that is unhealthy - heck, it's the source of a wide array of mental illnesses.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 5, Insightful) 378

Does any of it matter? She wants to be referred to as "she", so unless you have some particular reason to be a asshat towards her why not just do it?

When talking to him directly? Sure, it's only polite to call him "her". Heck, I've been to enough cons - if someone wants to be a Klingon ship captain, sure, I'll play along if they're there and in costume. But they still aren't Klingon, and I'm not going to think of them as Klingon, or refer to them that way in normal conversation.

There's a quote sometimes attributed to Lincoln: "How many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg? Four - doesn't matter what you call it, it's not a leg".

My sympathy towards anyone with a mistake belief about reality that interferes with their daily life - psychoses suck. But I'm not going to participate in their reality.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 218

Sure, but of all the movies you've watched, in any format, in the past 3 years, how many do your kids watch continuously like that? Streaming is fine for that vast majority that only need to be watched once. DVD (or ripped copy thereof) for the rest.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 218

Really? You'd file an insurance claim if some DVDs were stolen, and expect the claim would actually be paid? Sounds like an odd strategy. No sure bets in life, except death at the end.

What I worry about is the case where you can't replace what was lost, because no one has distribution rights. If the DVDs were ever made, then they'll still be there on the used market (though plenty of silly stuff is $100+ per DVD used, just because not many DVDs were ever made).

Comment Re:Extrapolation? (Score 1) 145

Your wiki link doesn't dispute anything I said. You're just using technical terms oddly, so we're not communicating well. Quant work is fundamentally statistical analysis of prices, quite separate from the guys who read annual reports. Both areas of work have of course been automated. Short term vs long term vs HFT is more about gaming and counter-gaming these quantitative models. And it was never respectable.

Comment Re:Uber drivers also earn a living wage. (Score 1) 73

Well there is an inherent guarantee about being on a payroll


*gasp* When are you from gramps?

I haven't been on a payroll in ten years now and am wholly better for it.

So, if you're not one of the drivers that hangs out with SuperKendall...

Then you are one of the many other drivers making a decent living with great job flexibility. I have personally come to value job flexibility vastly more than money.

Comment Good counter-argument, but I think it won't happen (Score 1) 73

There's a gaping hole in your logic: governments that can block your human driver efforts could (would) also block your autonomous vehicles.

I consider that a good counter-argument, but I have thought about it and don't think that will be much of a problem... I think there would be a lot more pushback around most cities blocking self driving car technology than there is to simply extend union rules to ride sharing cars.

After all, self-driving cars should reduce cars on the road and also reduce accident rates, so there are a lot more parties interested in protecting the ability of self-driving cars to operate than there are to protect Uber from unions.

A current test-bed of this is New York City, where the drivers unions want a 50-year ban(!) on driverless cars to protect driving jobs.. note that doesn't mean they don't want self driving cars, they just want someone to have to pay for a butt in seat in the front.

Comment Re:That doesn't change anything (Score 1) 73

If they don't have a viable one which doesn't try to run over cyclist and run red lights and requires 2(!) drivers to operate

You obviously have no idea how technology improves, nor how rapidly it improves. Yes the current ones were missing some lights and sometimes did not see bikes. But that tech is rapidly improving. Today it's two drivers (really a tech and a driver) monitoring, tomorrow it's one guy sitting monitoring, the day after that it's one guy monitoring fifteen Ubers from a chair and a handful of support vans for a city of Uber cars.

Comment Don't realize who the robber barons are, do you? (Score 1, Insightful) 73

All hail the new Robber Barons!

That would be the unions of today, who steal from their members to give to themselves. Why do you think so many unions make it MANDATORY for workers to become members?

If a union was useful to a worker, workers would be eager to join instead of being forced to. Being forced to pay for an organization that provides no goods or services to you is the LITERAL DEFINITION of robbery.

Comment Re:The truckers union is not that bad. (Score 1) 73

Uber drivers can already deduct all milage driving while they are listed as active even when not carrying a fare.

If uber wants an lot of drivers ready for fairs then they should be paid

Why if the drivers are willing to just wait for a fare? One Uber diver I talked to in Long Beach was a writer, and simply worked on writing while he was between fares. There are a lot of people like that, who may as well be killing time sitting in car as at home. If there were a shortage of such people then yes, Uber would have to also pay for people to wait. But they do not have to so why SHOULD they?

Comment Re:Extrapolation? (Score 1) 145

ike I said, to keep it sexy and keep the money flowing, AI researchers have changed the definition of AI to

The definition has been consistent since the 60s. Really, do you imagine universities and tech companies have been trying to create machine consciousness for all this time? What would be the point? They've been working on practical stuff all along.

As an aside, you do know that "quants" don't "predict" anything, right? There's a (or many) formula(e) that determine whether a stock is "undervalued".

No, that's the opposite of what a quant does, as those terms are normally used. Caring about whether a stock is "undervalued" is all about the stock's fundamentals. Value guys use words like "undervalued". But maybe that's just semantics. Quants look at movement of stock prices in the abstract, it's why there are names for every second derivative of the theoretical value of an option. Predictions of change in price or uncertainty of price or price volatility or what-have-you over time, over price, as volatility changes. Every sort of quantitative prediction you can name has been researched to death. James Simons turned his math skills into 14 billion dollars, and the whole industry followed.

Comment Uber drivers also earn a living wage. (Score 1) 73

Taxi drivers can actually earn a living wage.

So do all of the Uber drivers I have talked to. If they want to work mostly full time, they can easily make a living wage by taking advantage of surge pricing earnings (which is after all the reason surge pricing exists).

To help them out I usually tip them (even though you are not supposed to). Even with tip an Uber is less than the base fare of a "real" taxi and usually far nicer to ride around in. On a recent trip I took an uber one way, and a taxi back the other - Uber was totally clean and had a nice driver. In the taxi someone ad left discarded yogurt containers in the back, which I had the pleasure of riding with - the driver was OK though not as friendly. And of course, the fare was 2.5x that of the Uber ride for exactly the same endpoints...

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