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Comment Re:My experiences in other companies and opinions. (Score 1) 112

In a manager I would find this particularly disturbing, because you should really be promoting managers based on leadership qualities, and shouting at your subordinates doesn't display leadership, it displays bullying.

Shouty managers were common for Baby Boomers and earlier. There's still a bit of that culture around, and I've had a few shouty managers over the years (mostly guys born before 1960, one born in the 60s). It's an effective way to deliver the emotional message that someone is underperforming and needs to change, when sometimes trying to connect rationally doesn't work. I'm glad it's now mostly faded from current management, but it's a valid approach for leadership (there's a reason drill sergeants and marine DIs shout a lot - it works).

The better criticism is that it's unprofessional. We should all be fighting to increase the perceived professionalism of software development. I've seen so much dignity stripped from developers over the past 25 years, and it's bullshit and needs to reverse. We're professionals like doctors and lawyers (and in some countries, better paid than doctors or lawyers). Can you imagine a doctor or lawyer, past the early career years, who doesn't have an office? Who doesn't have assistants to do the shit work?

Comment Re:Pretty common (Score 1) 112

It's what happens when you let sociopaths into senior management.

Corporate management selects for only 2 things: sociopathy and ability to deliver results. The higher up the ladder you climb, the more that it becomes entirely about sociopathy. This is true of almost any large organization, but especially corporations. It's not clear how to fix this, given humans are what they are, but at least recognize the world you live in.

Comment And went to... (Score 1) 112

I documented all of this, got supporting statements from my colleagues, and went to HR

Aha, I see your mistake.

When your "I went to..." statement does not end with "the troublesome's persons direct supervisor", then you have done nothing except cause grief for yourself.

Companies don't change in response to HR reported threats. They clam up and protect the status quo. Hint: you reporting a problem is not the status quo...

If instead you report to a manager above the troubled employee, well now you are giving the company a chance to quietly sweep a problem under the rug... there is nothing large companies and high level executives like more than some good rug sweeping. Heck, they might even lay off her whole division just to be sure!

Comment Re: s/drug trials/climate change/g (Score 3, Insightful) 156

he infrared absorption of carbon dioxide is experimentally measured in the laboratory

No one rational doubts this. That has never been what the climate change debate was about. But the atmosphere is not a bottle of air, or even a bottle of air and water (any modern meteorological model treats modeling he ocean at least as importantly as modeling the air). The atmosphere+hydrosphere is a complex, evolving system with many feedback mechanisms, both positive and negative.

I mean, really, do you think a climate model is simply modeling a static stack of air with some CO2 in it? Really?

The question is: quantitatively, what rate of human CO2 emission with create what effects, in detail. This is not the sort of science that lends itself to reproducible experiments, but that's fine, neither does astronomy or cosmology. It is, like any science, required to make falsifiable quantitative predictions.

And, frankly, the best models aren't doing so well, giving about 2 sigmas of accuracy. If you generated hundreds of models at random, you'd expect a couple dozen to have 2 sigmas of accuracy. That doesn't mean the models are flawed in any fundamental way, but there's a big gap between "not fundamentally flawed" and "great, proven science".

Comment W2 Spearphishing (Score 1) 73

I'm seeing a lot of W2 spearphishing.

From: $CEO_PERSON <$>

To: $HR_PERSON <$>


Hope your day is going well. I need to get a copy of the W2s, addresses, etc. for all employees. Please attach it as a PDF file.



Note the return domain not

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 121

Real journalists care about their reputation.

Nice one! Of course, actual journalists threw all that overboard in a desperate attempt to get the Right Person elected. Lost both credibility and the election.

Journalism has been "fiction inspired by true events" for decades, maybe forever. Journalists believe their job is telling the peasants what to think. The truth is one of many tools for that job.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 121

Terrible management if that happens. No doubt that's the case here.

Any big network has a dedicated monitoring system with all sorts of plug-ins. Certificate monitoring is just another plug-in. You (if competent) write the plug-in once, and the notification is just the normal for the whole system. You (if good) write a system to auto-renew all your certs based on these scans and notifications, and alarm if the auto-renew fails for long enough..

We had a team that did that where I work. It was particularly amusing when that team's certs all expired - they had chosen to leave themselves out of their own system, for some reason.

Comment Interesting to mull over effect of shapes. (Score 2) 96

I was also mulling this over in relation to the movie World War Z where (spoiler) zombies piled up against a wall until they got over the top...

Even against an angled wall that would work after a while I imagine, as you packed in enough tipped over zombies. But against curved and angled wall it seems like it would take much longer to work as most of the mindlessly piling on zombies would slide to the sides, or possibly even the force of new incoming zombies pushing the zombies up against the surface of the curve to either side. It would be really interesting to simulate.

I think you are right hat against Walking Dead zombies, it would tip them over and they wouldn't be able to exert any significant force on the wall. Indeed a pack of them would be helping to hold up a wall canted outward!

A new innovation for Zombie movies could be some kind of "stiction" zombie, that could attach to a surface, chemically bond, then pull instead of mindlessly ramming...

Comment All you Apple Haters can bite my shiny metal SD (Score 1) 48

Sony has also introduced a new memory card reader, the MRW-S1, due for release in April. It features an in-built SuperSpeed USB port for cable-free PC connection, so that your files can be copied faster than by using the slower SD slot on a PC

I seem to recall an awful lot of Apple Haters whining about a certain new MacBook Pro that had dropped the built in SD reader...

You just keep on using your slow vestigial reader while us MacBook Pro owners stay at the forefront of technological advance.

Comment Apple once again late with a product (Score 3, Insightful) 96

I have said it before: the ring is a massive Reality Distortion Field Generator.

As per usual Apple is late to market with an inferior product.

Apple Haters have been carrying around a small portable reality distortion generators with them for years that allows them to see Apple's growth as retraction. They appear to have a boundless power source and are so strong no reality is able to break through no matter how discordant the internal view becomes!

Comment Think on your actions and what they lead to (Score 3, Informative) 128

I haven't even spent a dime on Pokemon Go and I play it daily.

So since you are so fond of it, would you like to see MORE of it, or LESS?

Would you like to see it improved at all?

By not spending any money, you are in effect saying "This game I really love, I sure hope they never improve it or keep up with system updates! Maybe someday it will be so behind I'll have to stop playing!".

I also really liked PokemonGo. I was fine not paying for anything myself, I never felt the need to - but I still spent $5 or so on Pokecoins just to support the company, to say "Thanks for the enjoyment I've had playing this game".

My Philosophy is simple, if I see something I really like I try to support the creators by any means possible.

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