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Comment Re:eh (Score 1) 311

I don't think it is; the article doesn't say kernel, and ends with "Do you use any Linux-based operating system? Share your experience with it. What changes would you want to see in it in the next five years?" I mean inviting criticism of the kernel wouldn't really be productive I think, unless you are a kernel hacker yourself or a developer or sysadmin who has an issue with some technical aspect of the kernel that affects your work.

Comment Re:And the other end of the deal? (Score 2, Insightful) 213

What I find somewhat hilarious are the legions of resentful male developers who will complain for years that they are not hired or underpaid or overworked or not promoted or criticized or whatever, inconsistent with their true worth, because: (a) workplace politics, (b) human resources are idiots; (c) their boss doesn't like that they're smarter than them; (d) nepotism; (e) they don't have the right degree even though they're smarter than the PhDs they work with; (f) their coworkers undermine them; (g) etc..

But, the second a woman complains that she is unfairly paid less than them, these developers suddenly develop massive cases of amnesia and insist that their companies are true meritocracies where talent is universally recognized and rewarded, so obviously the accusations of discrimination against women are unwarranted.

Comment Re:Ok (Score 1) 213

"I'm in this exact same situation and no, the female developer is not more qualified or better at her job." Are you the most objective person to evaluate whether you or someone else is a better developer? "My reward is getting told that I'm somehow responsible for the entire world's ills" Dude, not getting a specific job is not being punished for the entire world's ills.

Comment Re:40 hour week is a myth (Score -1) 170

Its funny that people today think 80 hours of work is a lot ... perhaps you should consider what humans did before modern society, even just a few hundred years ago, before you make stupid claims like that.

You're lying to yourself by pretending you'd get the same thing done in 25-30 if you ignored the 'unproductive' time ... because what you're deeming 'unproductive' is almost certainly a requirement of functioning in society as a whole ... which is the only reason you aren't out acting as a hunter/gatherer working pretty much every waking minute of your life just to survive.

It blows me away how people can be so oblivious to the fact that a 40 hour work week is a ridiculously short amount of actual week, especially for most of slashdot who sits behind a desk and doesn't actually 'work' more than pressing some keys and sitting through meetings.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 442

I think scientists can make some larger statements on the impacts. No one can tell you what exactly it would be like at any particular location, But what you're doing is exaggerating the amount of uncertainty, and then trying to defend warming trends by invoking even less certain predictions. It's hard not to see how you aren't just being a contrarian simply because you don't like the answers science can provide.

When rain belts shift northward in North America, arid conditions will begin to become the norm in large parts of the American Midwest, and that will mean American food security will become, at some point over the next century so, one of the most serious issues the US has ever had to face. And this isn't a matter if whether it will happen or not, the debate is over WHEN it will happen.

Pumping vast amounts of formerly sequestered CO2 into the atmosphere is just plain bad. We should be moving at all speed to alternative energy sources, and either leaving the oil and coal in the ground, or finding some other use for it that doesn't involve releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Comment Re: Followed by: (Score 1) 442

You do understand, I trust, that different countries have different birth rates, right, so while one country may have a very high birth rate, another country may have a very low one. You know, how Japan's population is shrinking, and India's is growing?

It often makes me wonder if being a political partisan either causes stupidity, or political partisans are just inherently stupid people.

Comment Car stereo (Score 1) 354

My car stereo only takes CD's, so yeah... still using optical media. I rarely ever use DVD's any more; only for archival grade DVD backups (and even those are becoming increasingly rare) and have never even bothered with BD. I own a BD player as an amplifier for my TV because the audio quality was better than a similarly priced home theater system or *spit* "soundbar", but have never tried an actual BD disc.

Comment Re: Lots of cores doesn't mean shit (Score -1) 108

. . . and that only works in extremely specialized instances.

You do realize 99.9999999999% of the applications out there CAN'T USE THE SLI version right?

And you realize thats a very specialized instance, and they'll be the first to tell you its close to its limits for that specialized instance ... right?

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