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Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 69

If you don't want to be homeless, build a house.

Homeless generally means both "not a landowner" and "has no money" which prevents the former even if they wanted to go there.

If you don't want to be hungry, go fishing.

Buy a license, buy a pole, collect bait somehow, weather considerations, legal locations, seasons, specific game fish, prepping, finding wood to cook with...

If you want to survive, get your ass moving instead of wasting the day pseudo-intellectualizing or lamenting about the unfairness of nature that has always existed since the beginning of time when it blew the first human village up with a volcano and the laws of the universe didn't even blink, let alone give a shit.

No, the universe doesn't, for sure. But people who are worth a shit, do give a shit.

WRT "get moving", to quote a fine summary of just one aspect of the problem, "I'm pretty sure McDonald's has an underwear inside the pants policy" (Source here at 3:31 but by all means, check out the whole performance, it's pretty much spot on from beginning to end.)

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 141

At worst Clinton represents much the same course in international affairs as has been going on for eight years. It's hardly dangerous, and Clinton would hardly be the first president to have a policy of containing Russia. In fact, that's been general US policy, save for about fifteen years after the collapse of the USSR, since the end of the Second World War.

Comment Re:"Tacit approval"? My nose! (Score 0) 136

Cherry picked and quote mined parts of vast document dumps are not reliable. We've been down this road with Climategate. You can literally make any text say anything providing you 1. freely mine it for quotes and 2. rely on those who share your prejudices won't fact check your quote mines.

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