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Comment Re:they still harmed more by promoting patents (Score 4, Insightful) 477

You forget to add in the R&D used to create said drug, the FDA Fees and costs to get the drug tested and approved. Now add in the Liability costs when shit happens to %.001 of the people taking the drug and are sued into oblivion by the likes of John Edwards and so on.

The real cost of a vaccine is probably closer to $200 per dose than the actual $1 cost to manufacture it.

Now, if you're suggesting we stop R&D, FDA approval process and torts against the vaccine manufacturer then we might be closer to getting your fictional $1/dose vaccine.

It just isn't as simple as you suggest.

Comment Re:they still harmed more by promoting patents (Score 1) 477

Really? You're going to pick on his desire to have his patent's enforced because people in a different industry abused the system to the neglect of human lives. I guess the Wright Brothers and Einstein should have an * next to their name too since their work lead to so much death as well.

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