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Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score -1) 66

It's interesting to see that for all of the talk about money not being end all be all by the left (I am not saying that you are necessarily on the 'left', but I have seen many similar comments from people who clearly are) the moment a story like this comes out so many people bash the person who decided not to sell out on his ideas and dreams for admittedly an enormous amount of cash.

Why are people so enormously hypocritical?

Comment Re:ASLR was a dumb idea while it lasted (Score 4, Interesting) 70

Yes it is but people have been trying to do that for 40 years and have not gotten it right yet so...

Wrong. Plenty of code correctness has been deployed in service of this goal.

Unfortunately, there are endemic economic and political reasons why we constantly choose the protocols and implementations that are bigger, hairier, and less continent.

All you need is a culture of kicking non-conforming implementations to the curb, and then the rigorous implementations have a chance to emerge from the weeds. Do we have such a culture? No—most of the time—no, we do not. Such a culture would cramp Megacorp style, and interfere with timeless value-adds, such as embrace and extend, closed ecosystem, DRM jungle, NIST-sanctioned algorithmic weevils, definition by implementation, documentation by implementation, etc. etc.

Far, far away in dull and dusty places like the Erlang OTP or Bernstein's qmail or Knuth's TeX—or perhaps even the Google protocol buffers for at least one lucky and unusually blessed language binding from the somewhat recent past—you just might find a rigorously coded parser or two.

For the most part, however, I agree. We'll probably never have rigorous parsers in a dominant culture of "screw everyone else", Wild West dysenteroperability.

Comment Re:space agency cooperation? (Score 3) 244

Of course NASA passed on decades of hard-won experience. They're not psychopaths.

It went something like this:

Dear ESA:

Hire only the best and the brightest, keep the group challenged and engaged for decade upon decade, with frequent launch opportunities pushing the boundary of the possible at each and every iteration.

N.B.: Sorry, there's no silver bullet.

Comment one track mind (Score 2) 98

My favourite touch is the two giant call-outs in the linked article.

Few of the sites I read regularly have these any more (meaning since I got good at "inspect element" and custom User CSS overrides; appears I've accumulated 150 of these over the past three years, also used to defeat anything that hovers or slides annoyingly).

Comment Re:DNA testing is inherently racist (Score 1) 227

Basketball is inherently racist, as genetic traits are heritable and are correlated with your ethnic/genetic background.


What's racist about race is presupposing outcomes that were highly predictable on first impression, because it's lamentably a very short step for an advantaged social group—often one of relatively homogeneous racial composition, suffused with elaborate rituals of social etiquette—to conclude that a disadvantaged racial subgroup never given an opportunity to do x can't do x.

Race isn't just some magic third rail used to divide humans into two distinct groups, in much the same way that humans divide house pets into two distinct groups: potty trained and not potty trained. There are days, though, where that can be a good working assumption.

Comment Re:Intelligence Augmentation (Score -1, Funny) 98

Good for her I suppose, but you missed the point, what was your other (non-penis head, do you have one of those?) doing at the time? Were you thinking about something, maybe you were thinking about the reasons for your sad sad sexual encounter with a woman who is probably at least twice as old as you are. Were you able to concentrate or were you distracted by the fact that you can't get a girl who maybe is closer to your age?

Comment Intelligence Augmentation (Score -1) 98

There is an old proverb of two heads being better than one I wonder if we could do something about that missing head that so many of us need, this way one head could be doing one thing and another head something else entirely.... I guess the male portion of the population knows a thing or two about this topic already and the females don't really have a problem with doing 10 things at once.

User Journal

Journal Journal: UBI is the modern version of Communism 1

In the last year or so there have been numerous stories on /. on the subject of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Many so called 'libertarians' left a number of comments on how they are supporting UBI because they think it might be more efficient than other forms of welfare.

Comment learn from these guys (Score 0) 80

Ha ha, I just thought what would it look like if a local lemonade stand (when was the last time you've seen one) did this?


a glass of lemonade: 5 cents.
cost of doing business with all the rules, regulations, taxes, laws: 2.50
total: 2.55

I mean, that would be the cheapest glass of lemonade in decades for me but those regulation and tax costs are outrageous

Comment acid reflux hellban honeypot (Score 1) 49

Somehow this story showed up in my Slashdot feed, when it's really just supposed to trigger a mass outpouring of the reflex derision arc among those so inclined (said barf cookies falsely paraded by its practitioners as chuckle fodder).

"There, don't you feel better now? Now come sit with us at the adult table." Amazing what a quickie bile purge can accomplish in raising the level of discussion elsewhere.

This is all good. Yet somehow my dank, reeking bile seems to have been misclassified as grasshopper lipstick and I seem to be trapped in completely the wrong purgative honeypot. Where do I unclick "chuckle fodder"? Where do I unclick "news-item-of-the-week free-association paralympics"? Which direction do I kneel to moon Marvin, patron saint of universal laugh-at-anything good will?

No, I'm not new here. It must be shocking to some that I haven't figured out my account configuration yet. You'd think I'd know by now that no unexplored configuration sub-menu goes ultimately unpunished.

Well, now I know. True hell is becoming stuck in the wrong hellban honeypot.

Comment algorithmic morality long-term side effects (Score 1) 365

The side effect of your Mercedes choosing to impact the young mother with her baby stroller instead of the nearby telephone pole (ouch! that could hurt!) is that the customer's testicles fall off, and his dick never rises for the rest of his miserable, injury-free life (female customers sensibly snipped the wires on this pathetic contraction long ago).

The Mercedes survivor can always tell his disappointed women, "not MY fault, the Mercedes made me do it". Mercedes! Modestly dressed women cross themselves. Everyone spits.

All this spit makes the sidewalks dangerous to navigate for the common folk, but we can all rest safe knowing that the privileged remain comfy and cozy inside their steel cocoons.

Comment Re:OK but misses a larger problem (Score 1) 367

12 year old girl and accusing her of "wanting" an older man to rape her into a coma seems sketchy to me

Hillary: Your honour, I submit that the innocent-looking 12-year-old girl you see before you was slavering and panting to have my defendant, an older man, to rape her into a coma.

Yes, that's exactly how it plays out on Matlock.

Opposing council: [passing in the hallway, afterwards]: Good lord, Hillary, how did you become so damn good at this lawyering business? Your argument for the defense was a fucking masterstroke! Clearly you're headed for bigger and better things.

Comment the crawl (Score 2) 113

This might actually be more about the crawl than the index. The mobile index could be set to crawl content in mobile format only, and more often.

What makes freshness important, in the first place? Mostly celebrity gossip, and the retail deal of the hour. Neither of those are functions people do much on PCs anyway.

Still, if Google decides not to keep long-form content reasonably fresh (if not fresher) in their desktop index, it foreshadows a Yahooesque self-inflicted extinction event of their traditional core brand.

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