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Comment Re:"I've done enough testing" (Score 1) 501

This bit me hard years back. I had made a "minor change" and pushed it live on a Friday afternoon. (Do you hear the sirens blazing yet?) That weekend, my parents were visiting so I was looking forward to some family time. Instead, I had to go into work on Sunday and debug the application because my "minor change" brought the whole system down.

I learned two important lessons that day:

1) Always test everything no matter how minor it seems.

2) NEVER push something live on Friday - even if you've done all your testing. Wait until Monday to push it live so that your weekend isn't interrupted by support calls.

Comment Re:Sabotaging old versions (Score 1) 184

I swear Microsoft always seems to not only not support old versions but actively creates issues to force you to upgrade. On windows 7 just on March 15th they pushed a "security update" to 2010 Microsoft office that basically makes any file with macros in it crash unexpectedly many times a day. I had to roll back the updates on every computer in our office and disable windows updates because we rely heavily on macros. It's so frustrating that things can work fine and they break it. Now we have to think about upgrading to the lastest operating system and Microsoft office which both already changed the way VBA works so transitioning and keeping our existing macros running is going to take many months of work.

Right I mean most Linux distros are supported for a full 9 months (Fedora) and others for a full 18! How dare Microsoft not support their 7 year old products!

Comment Re:All this Glitz but it's still posessed... (Score 1) 184

The average Windows user will have no idea how to disable updates. What's the point in taking away that possibility from above (should I say "below", given that they know better yet bend over for the clusterfuck windows is?) average windows users?

Sure they can and will. And if they don't the malware they install will do it for them.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 4, Interesting) 489

Lets start with Government, unless you're a "frothing at the mouth" Libertarian like me (and from your Post history here, you're not "frothing), you're misunderstanding the use of Hyperbole. Which seems to be all the rage. Hence the over the top REAL LIFE examples or late.

Seems like every day I hear another liberal talking about how RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and another Conservative talking about how TERRORISTS KILLED EVERYONE.

What nobody seems to be talking about is how Americans are being spied upon by the dark shadow government and being outed when politically expedient. We all should be terrified by that knowledge.

And once you realize the Government is spying on you, ATT/Verizon spying makes even more sense. Who do you think BigTelCo is spying for?

Again we've already lost the war, this is just mop up stuff to tie any loose ends that might have slipped through. Nothing to see here ... move along.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 0, Troll) 489

You're okay with powerful government already busted several times for spying on Americans, but should BigTelCo do it, you're OUTRAGED!!!! Or are you outraged that big government that is spying on you wants to use the proxies to spy on you even more? Oh wait, you don't care about Big Government spying on you, because RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS and TRUMP IS EVIL got your goat?

We've already lost the war, this is just a mop up battle for the remaining bits of resistance out there.

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 4, Insightful) 489

Bush put in Patriot, Obama campaigned on repealing it, and made it actually worse. Spying on Americans is now okay, because even though we've caught them red handed a number of different times, nobody is trying to stop them because "TERRORISTS!!!!!" .

If you vote for either of the two major parties, I hope you like your tyranny, for there is almost no functional difference on the major issues.

Comment Re:Who will care? (Score 4, Insightful) 489

Yes, Facebook already sees your other Webtraffic, because it has the ad networks bugged to track you. Google does. All of them do.

You aren't anonymous unless you're on Tor and using Incognito Mode all the time. The internet works by sharing who you are with everyone interested. Or did you think that the price on Amazon is what everyone sees?

If you don't want the government tracking you, go offgrid. Though I hear that is illegal in some places.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 2) 251

Yep. I moved to Idaho and can relate. I grew up in Silly Con Valley and will never go back. I won't even visit I hate that place so much. I earn more here, I have a cost of living thats 60% less than it was there and the people are chill. My commute is about 26 minutes though but thats by choice as I chose to move further out of town than most.

Comment Re:Blockbuster (Score 1) 309

I actively laughed when Blockbuster tried to launch the DIVX discs - "DVD-like" discs that you'd rent but would never have to return because they'd time out. This was, at least in part, a response from an upcoming service called Netflix which let you rent/return discs by mail and thus didn't have to drive to the store. Of course, you needed special DIVX players to play Blockbuster's DIVX discs and nobody owned those (but you could buy them from partner Circuit City). It flopped hard since people didn't want to pay more just to make more waste on a format even more proprietary than DVD.

Then Blockbuster had a chance to buy out Netflix in 2000 for $50 million. Blockbuster declined the offer. Two years later, Netflix IPOed, selling 5.5 million shares for $15 a share.

The only tears I shed for Blockbuster came from laughing so hard at them.

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