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Comment Re:OLED Display? Microsoft make $$$ on this? (Score 1) 22

Now, based on Microsoft's history with personal devices, I would think that the likelihood of this becoming a successful product is between slim and dick.

I don't know. I doubt I'd give up my Android for one of these phones if they ever to hit the streets but as for personal devices, I'm very happy with my Surface 3.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1, Insightful) 118

And here its made my life much easier and I've had zero issues with it. I hate Pottering as much as anyone but if something he's done has made my life easier, the way systemd has, then kudo's to him.

Your post however contributes nothing.

Comment Re:Correction... all AMERICAN millennials (Score 1) 475

Worldwide, millennials are doing great. The World Bank Forecasts Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time.

The problem for Americans is that we can't exactly ask the Chinese to go back to having 45 million people starve to death in a new "Great Leap Forward", no matter how much taking their labor skills off the capitalist market might improve the labor demand for unskilled white Trump voting high-school dropouts. Globalism is a bitch if you were used to getting a free ride.

Just had to bitch about "white" people didn't you? Your inner douche bag is showing you racist pile of shit.

Comment Re:Welcome to globalization (Score 1, Offtopic) 475

Funny thing about workers in other countries - they kinda don't want to bust their ass for meager wagers so that Americans can enjoy a standard of living higher than they deserve. The inevitable outcome is an equalization of income, where wages in established nations stagnates while wages in developing countries rises.

Who are you to tell Americans what standard of living they deserve? I work for a living, hard. I have a high standard of living compared to many. Fuck you if you think I don't deserve what I earned with my own blood sweat and tears.

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Improper Government is bad. Just that most modern governements are involved in way more than they should be (arresting people for serving food to the homeless??? WTF??)

My solution is much more simple. Government manages not just the Conduit, but the actual Fiber in it. Bring it all back to a COLO facility where the competition happens. The "cable" companies no longer control the cable, only the content. And since each customer can get the services they want, from the provider(s) they want, it is all open to anyone who want access to those customers. All they need is a feed from the COLO to whatever they are offering.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 73

It's a crowded market.

Give me a WebOS phone with a real keyboard, and I'll be happy to wait in line all night for it.

(I don't even care about the lack of third party apps. Well, except for the crap HP pulled when they hobbled the Google Maps app, and replaced it with Bing Maps.)

Sure, but allow me to get off your lawn first

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