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Comment Re:I haven't read it (Score 1) 1054

I would highly recommend it... the first four books (Enders Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind) are much better than the later concurrent-sequel / whatever you would call them books.

As for the original question... no, I cannot think of anything which could be remotely construed as pornographic; and I would rate myself as quite conservative when it comes to that sort of thing. Violence, mature situations, absolutely. I would say that it is appropriate for kids somewhere around 10 - 12+ years, depending on the child in question.

Comment Re:according to tfa slashdot (Score 2) 554

White bread is tasteless, textureless goo; I am all for food to taste good, but whole wheat bread (with extra grains such as flax and whatnot added for texture and taste, as well as nutritional value) is far ahead of white bread. Whenever given the chance, I pick whole wheat over white bread, and am very happy with that choice.

Comment Re:Not a Mac dumb down, please (Score 1) 803

You can enable some hidden setting somewhere to show hidden files, but then it shows it shows EVERYTHING, including dot files. There's now way to get it to show /bin, etc but not .bashrc and stuff.

Sure you can:
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a v <File> #make a file / folder visible
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V <File> #make a file / folder invisible

Comment Re:YES (Score 1) 559

The problem with this (from a manufacturer's POV) is that they cannot differentiate their laptops from others based on form factor. The Macbook Air, for instance, has its sole selling feature that it can fit in an envelope. If it was fit into a standard case, this would either not work, or would work for everyone.

As much as I would love a standard laptop case, I don't see this happening anytime soon... :-(


Comment Re:Lasik (Score 3, Insightful) 203

LASIK doesn't have better outcomes; the success rates for PRK and LASIK are just about identical. However LASIK does give you faster healing. I opted to do PRK for my surgery. Even though it was about a month before I was back to perfect vision, IMHO it was worth it. Since there was no flap cut into my cornea, my eyes are now 100% healed (in fact the eye doctor couldn't even tell that I had had surgery). With LASIK, even though the flap does heal well, it is never 100% as strong as before. As another poster pointed out, though, even the USAF has authorized LASIK surgeries for their pilots for some years, so the differences are minimal. Cheers

Comment Re:Discworld odds? (Score 1) 168

I have read all that are at the local library (which I am pretty sure is almost all of them). Highly recommended: he is one of the funniest fantasy writers I have read in a long time, definitely up there with Douglas Adams (and possibly even a bit better; blasphemy, I know!).

Comment Re:happens even to uncommon names (Score 1) 619

I don't know what kind of trouble you can get into by receiving legal papers intended for someone else—it would be easy to run afoul of the insider trading rules in the case of a public company, or HIPPA rules for medical information.

I think you just found the missing link!

  1. 1. Send legal documents to wrong people
  2. 2. Sue them for opening said documents
  3. 3. Profit!


Comment Re:gmail issues (Score 1) 619

You can also use + after the name E.g. goes to john.smith's account. I use this (among other things like personal domain name, throwaway emails, etc) for reducing spam and telling where someone got my address from. If I get a spam to john.smith+amazon, I know it is Amazon who leaked my details. Cheers

Comment Re:Respecting freedom (Score 1) 510

The problem is that people will doubtless charge way more than is needed for this library. I can get a city library card for $12 / year, which lets me check out unlimited books, movies, CDs, magazines, use WiFi, etc. There are very few (if any) books that are not in the city library system. $12 gets you the ability to talk to a knowledgeable librarian (who is being paid a salary, remember), go to a number of nice buildings across the city, etc.

Given that the operating costs of a digital library are going to be far less than the cost of maintaining 17 branches across the city (building maintenance, salaries, book / media purchases, etc), you should be able to subscribe to an ebook library for a fraction of that. (Even if they wanted to charge the whole $12 / year and make a killing, even that would be fine). Fat chance of that happening, though... all these subscription services are far more than that.

Oh well, I guess I will just stay with my current B&M library for $12 / year (which, BTW, also has a huge number of ebooks available, plus even lends ebook readers out IIRC).


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