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Comment QWERTY Keyboard slide-out "mod"? (Score 2) 56

I feel like a battery + slide out keyboard (and maybe a headphone jack if they really aren't including one on the phone) would be a game changing "mod" accessory for this phone. I know I personally would drop my Google Fi subscription (which I love for many reasons) and switch back to Verizon solely because of a 5 row slide-out QWERTY keyboard that is backlit and easy to type with thumbs and feels solid. I don't care how much it would cost or how thick it makes the phone in my pocket.

Who ARE these people constantly asking for thinner and thinner phones??? Or is "Well... we can make it 0.001mm thinner?" the ONLY answer the engineers have when the marketing people are hounding them for the "next big thing"...

Comment Re:A sudden outbreak of Common Sense. (Score 3, Insightful) 127

I think you WAY overestimate the amount of awareness and understanding that the general public has about these issues and occurrences surrounding copyright abuse. This forum and ones like it are SO highly skewed to the tech aware crowd that it is very easy for us to forget that the opinions and conversations going on here are a single blip in the static of background noise outside the "cone of attention" of the general public and what they SHOULD be getting outraged / concerned about.

Until WAY more stories like this start cropping up and the 24 hour news cycle can find a common gripe that the general public can focus their anger at, this will continue to be a silent assassin of small and accidental content creators and artists. If you REALLY want to make a difference, don't assume that piracy and ill will towards the corporations are universal or even the result of all the underhanded IP and copyright bullying that goes on. Instead, encourage and facilitate the ability of the average Joe and Jane to "produce" instead of spending all their time "consuming" TV and news from the conglomerates that would like nothing more for us to all just shut up and pay them to occupy our attention.

Comment Apology / Counter Donation? (Score 1) 1746

The issue I think most people have but can't vocalize it is that he went above and beyond just having an opinion that gay marriage is wrong, he went above and beyond the same means that anyone would have and actively contributed to suppressing other people's rights. Granted, $1000 is not much, but not everyone has 1k lying around that they can donate to a cause, so the only things that I believe are beyond reproach would be voicing one's opinion, voting and protesting. All of those things anybody can do, and all that doing those things does - is take your time up - which regardless of income or status, everyone's time has equal worth to themselves.

Anyways, If he had made an apology and donated like $2000 to pro gay rights or something, then I could see him keeping his job. Anyone complaining after that would be the ones actually being prejudice to opposing viewpoints, as opposed to prejudice against injustice and the suppression of rights. In my opinion at least.

Comment Re:Just start torrenting. (Score 0) 345

I never really understood how usenet was better than torrents. All the usenet places you have to go to get good binaries access require monthly payments, and unless there's some way to pay cash (which would be very inconvenient in this day and age), they require some sort of transaction with an account linked to your name (credit card or paypal). So how does that not make it easier to get caught pirating via usenet than torrents where you actually release less personally identifiable info (just IP instead of IP and some sort of financial link)? Is it entirely more "secure" because it is "obscure"? Wasn't there some sort of saying deriding the combination of those two words? Yes I'm actually trying to "talk about usenet"...

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 4, Informative) 416

Then there is that time thing. It's not making the trip in 30 minutes if it stops 5 times between the two cities. Maybe they are thinking of express trips interspersed with trips that stop? The article doesn't say.

But, the article DOES say. Did you mistake the summary for the article? What you're reading now is a comment if you're still confused.

From said article:

With four tracks, the innermost two would be reserved for nonstop travel, going 116 miles in a half hour. The outer two tracks would allow a one-hour trip, with stops slated for Chandler, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Eloy, Red Rock and Marana.

Comment Logitech's Fancy BT Mouse (Score 2, Insightful) 519

Logitech DOES have a fancy modern Bluetooth Mouse, it's the MX Revolution. Unfortunately, the bluetooth version of the mouse seems to only be available by buying the keyboard and mouse set. Otherwise, you can only get the MX Revolution mouse on it's own in proprietary RF style.

I've been using it as a desktop mouse in both windows xp and linux and despite a few small quirks, I love it. I've very much gotten used to the auto shifting scroll wheel and am quickly approaching "how did I ever live without it". It does take a second to start up after idle but never more than 1 second. It has a lot of buttons and a very responsive laser sensor.

Personally I would use a Mighty Mouse Pro or whatever it is in your situation just because it goes with the mac, is a more compact design (for stowage) and has replaceable AA batteries (I think it will even run on only 1 battery). The MX Revolution has a charging cradle (which they finally improved and fixed from the old fiddle-with-it-for-an-hour pain in the ass cradle that would never make proper charging contact) and non-replaceable batteries.

One other advantage (I think it is an advantage) is that bluetooth is better about dealing with interference from other bluetooth devices and from other devices in the same bandwidth area as bluetooth. Thus, if you're working in a public place around other bluetoothers or RF mousers, I think it is naturally more likely that you can mouse in peace with a BT mouse than with an RF one, but this is a partially untested hypothesis. I've seen 2 RF mice fight with eachother at work whereas I've used two BT mice at home without problems. There aren't many good choices for BT mice out there for whatever reason, but keep asking about it and maybe manufacturers will pick up on the trend again and we'll see more and better designed bluetooth mice.

Comment What about 2 mice? (Score 4, Interesting) 78

I've seen a lot of multitouch demos and have always wanted to mess around with the applications side of it, has anyone seen any software that allows you to plug in 2 usb mice and use that as at least a 2 point "multitouch" system? Windows 7 beta seems like it might possibly have the capability to do so with some sort of "TouchVista" add on, but other than that I can't seem to find anything for Linux or XP.

Any multitouch software I have found uses complicated algorithms to process an image from a webcam to try and deduce points from a blurry low rez low fps infrared image of fingertips. It seems like the first step (to just test out apps without complex hardware) would have been to make a driver for multiple mice, but I can't find that seemingly trivial interstitial step anywhere.

Comment Re:And this differs... how .....? (Score 1) 55


Next time I want to make a sloppy kindergarden finger-paint drawing I'm so there!

That's just an example application, demonstrating the pressure sensitivity and multi-touch capability of the technology. The technology is not exclusively limited to that demonstration and I know you are a smart enough person to see through that straw man argument you are putting up there.

X-Y sensing pads have a long and dismal history-- They work fine for the first day but the slightest bit of moisture or grunge or wear and they go downhill in a hurry.

Care to cite some sources? I have been following multi-touch technology for a while and this is the first demonstration I've seen of a non-capacitance based (iphone is capacitance) non-camera based multi-touch interface that is thin and flat and claims to be flexible, mostly transparent, and cheap. If you have some examples that show multi-touch from this "long dismal history" you are talking about, I am genuinely interested in hearing about them.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 206

In addition to that point, they aren't TAKING any personal information from you against your will. You have to consciously provide it. As long as you don't provide them with anything you don't want getting out there and until they suddenly start hacking and stealing information from us, I don't see what the big problem is. Google is still optional, save the complaining for when it isn't.

Comment Re:Where's the basketball? (Score 2, Informative) 73

Basically it is saying that Dinosaurs held their hands in a palms inward fashion rather than a palms down fashion. Palms in can hold a basketball but you need to put your palm facing down to dribble it. Obscure, not in the original link, and citing basic sports knowledge - I know, not usual Slashdot fare, eh?

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