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Comment Re: Why do people keep using Windows? (Score 1) 98

For one thing, even without administrative access to a computer, ransomware with full access to an employee's user account can do a lot of damage. For another, administrative access might be the result of a cost-benefit analysis that concluded that avoiding the cost of paying employees to sit and produce no value for the company while waiting for the IT department to complete a review of each application or device driver that each employee requires to do his or her job outweighs the risk of being the next ransomware victim.

Comment Re:Is home Internet a necessity? (Score 1) 68

No body is going to drive to their local library to pay bills for too long.

These purist capitalists would call owning an automobile also a luxury.

Maybe for a few years in college or pre-family style of living, but once life gets super real- you'll need this 'luxury'.

These purist capitalists would recommend that people remain in the "pre-family style of living" by abstaining from sex. There's a reason the "taxed enough already" crowd and the religiously motivated social conservative crowd have found an alliance in legislatures.

Comment E-sports needs free software (Score 1) 274

Games are different because their only utility is as entertainment, and few businesses can derive any benefit from that.

A professional or collegiate e-sports league is a business. Just as a league needs free video editing software to avoid having to pay to license proprietary video editing software, a league needs a free game to avoid having to pay the game's publisher for a license for each machine on which the game is played and for a license to perform the game publicly when streaming the matches.

Comment Re:Skype replacement not needed because ... (Score 1) 93

So, for people who don't want a smartphone, they should get a computer, internet, have both running 24/7 and make the right choice of IM or software phone platform.

Land line users have to get a phone, POTS service, and have both plugged in (and thus implicitly turned on) 24/7. One then sees the value of long distance and international tolls: they represent the cost of avoiding having to "make the right choice".

Everyone is on MSN right? Oh wait, this one died, it belonged to a multi-hundred-billion dollar company but they just closed it down.

MSN Messenger still operates under the name Skype.

Comment Re:Ummm, No (Score 1) 274

The open-source world obviously won't get you any of "the games you see advertised in stores." They have plenty of others though.

Does free software have any of the games that e-sports leagues have chosen to play? I would think that all other things being equal, e-sports would flock to free software, as use of a game composed of free software and free assets avoids having to negotiate public performance rights for streaming matches. But there must be something else stopping notable e-sports leagues from choosing free software.

Comment Re:GigEconomyScam (Score 1) 533

The $.54/mi is for tax purposes. It has ZERO to do with vehicle maintenance. Tires, brakes, and oil will amount to ~1800 PER YEAR. The 100k miles per year put on the car is going to mean you need a new car in a few years. (I've seen what a Prius security guard car looked like after 360k miles.)

Also, where the hell do you live that you'll use $70 worth a gas in a 300mi day? At current prices, that's 3 full tanks for me -- @550-600mi per tank.

Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 533

(a) There never has been a very high rate of gun crime in the UK, ever. (b) Banning them doesn't magically make them no longer exist. (hint: there are plenty of handguns across the UK. Some of them are in the hands of criminals.) (c) It's a well established fact, criminals don't give a shit about your laws.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 533

It's a "side gig" and you f'ing know it from the get-go. If you choose to make it your full time job and sole source of income, then that's your choice. Don't come bitching to me or anyone else about your dumb ass poor decisions. It's these sort of idiots thats transformed "RIDE SHARING" ("I'm going across town, who needs a ride?") to an unlicensed taxi service (idiots circling the block waiting for someone to need a ride.)

Comment Re:Symptom of a larger problem (Score 1) 49

This is exactly the "sky is falling" bullshit around hashes. ALL HASHES HAVE COLLISIONS. (eg. one cannot uniquely represent more than 128bits with a 128bit value.) I have yet to see anyone offer proof of CREATING a collision, much less a method to modify a message without altering the hash -- at all, a meaningful modification is so remote as to be "impossible".

(I've only seen one "lab" example for MD5, where a file contains two documents and a block of padding such that altering a pointer controls which document is live and the padding allows correcting the hash. Such bullshit does not exist in the real world. And it too the researchers months to build that example.)

Comment Re:two things I use Google's assistant for (Score 1) 69

You're not using "Google Voice VoIP" because that doesn't exist. You're using Google Talk/Hangouts/whatever it's called today. The relationship between the two is that GV can route calls to Google Talk, and Google Talk will use your GV number when making outgoing calls.

So, as this is a story about Google Voice, not Google Talk (or Hangouts etc) you can safely assume your setup is not affected by this at all. That doesn't mean it'll continue to work, just that this doesn't impact it.

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