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Comment Re:Here's a start to regain trust (Score 2) 52

Sure, but you have to realize that institutional cultures do not change overnight.

They can change in one direction slowly -- that's the direction towards maximum decay and corruption. Any other change has to be "overnight" or the institutional forces pushing the other way will defeat it.

Comment Yah but (Score 0) 98

They turned all this crap on by default along with annoying auto-run apps. To say that I am unamused would be an understatement. However, I was able to fix the issue trivially by blowing away ALL of AMD's radeon junk, ripping out the radeon card, and buying a nice cheap little Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

Problem solved.


Comment Re:Okay, so they've been spying (Score 4, Interesting) 99

What the majority of people complaining about a spy agency that actually spies need to do is realize no one really gives a shit about them or their mundane lives.

That was before they started funneling information to law enforcement for the purposes of criminal investigations. So far it seems to be mostly drugs (but there's a lot of mundane people using illegal drugs), but in the future it could as easily be copyright violation, nanny tax evasion, underaged drinking (think your kids are smart enough to never mention it on the phone? If they are, what about their friends?), or zoning violations.

Comment Re:Operative Assumptions... (Score 1) 99

At this point (honestly well before it) its simpler to assume that any and all communications medium around the globe have been spied upon by the 5 Eyes coalition since at least the mid 80's when Bell and others began to coalesce and merge once more due to deregulation and a very friendly set of first-world government policies.

Not the '80s. The late 1960's.

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 176

How often do you have to run more than one wash load in a day?

Most people let laundry build up until they need to run a full load of a given type. They do this because wasting electrons is apparently only slightly less of a sin than wasting water, since we don't really do any useful large scale desalination.

Practically speaking, this is easy to do with 3-4 people in a house, particularly if one or more of them is a child.

In any case, this build up over time is how we get the event called "laundry day", as opposed to doing laundry daily.

Most of the time, one wash per night would serve. The occasional times you need to run more than one wash in a day, just run one during daytime.

I think you are perhaps single and male, with not a lot of clothing so that you can build up a laundry backlog without wasting water instead of electricity, and so instead, you waste both by doing daily laundry, and you put everything in together, without separating it by type, fragility, and temperature/cleaner requirements.

That's cool and all, but realize you aren't very representative of the majority of people who need to do laundry.

Comment They *are*. (Score 1) 77

Silicon Valley and San Francisco are a bike ride away (as shown in The Internship).

They *are*. I have an idiot friend who makes the commute from SF to Facebook via bicycle daily. Only if it's raining does he load his bike on the rack on the bus, in the hopes that it will stop raining later, and he will be able to use the bike to go the other direction, the next time he needs to move from one to the other.

Of course... he's Australian, and they are all crazy. ;^)

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 176

Probably the only reason no one's selling these already is because there aren't enough lazy people willing to spend the extra dosh to be marginally lazier than before, and the people who would want one haven't built one themselves because, again, they're lazy.

We aren't talking about "being lazy"; we are talking about having to get up a 3AM in the morning to change out loads in order to optimize energy usage.

At some point, we should just say "screw it", and build another nuclear plant. And then any time it drops below peak utilization, you divert the electricity into active desalination; other wise, you use the waste heat for passive desalination, all the time.

Power problem solve, carbon problem solved, drought problem solved.

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 176

I've also wondered if the whole smart device thing could end up being a net bonus -- for example, during the cheap hours, freezers/electric water heaters/dishwashers/etc. could do their thing.

Call me when your washing machine moves the load of colors to be washed in warm water to the dryer by itself, and reloads itself with whites and bleach and switches to hot water afterwards.

Until then, while it's not human intensive while running, washing clothes is pretty human intensive before and after a cycle runs, and in the middle, when the washer->dryer transfer needs to happen.

The "FoldiMate" and "Laundroid" just don't cut it yet (and take power themselves).

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