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Submission + - 10 years of pkgsrc!

The Finn writes: "10 years ago — on October 3rd 1997 — the pkgsrc software management system was created by Alistair Crooks and Hubert Feyrer. pkgsrc, the NetBSD Packages Collection, was intended primarily as a packaging system for NetBSD. Derived from the FreeBSD Ports system, pkgsrc became a success story. Today, pkgsrc is a cross-platform framework, running on the BSDs, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, many Unix derivatives, and even on QNX and Windows. [...] We continue the anniversary celebrations with a series of interviews: developers and users of pkgsrc and of related systems give insights into the history, the concepts, the problems and the future directions of packaging systems."
Data Storage

Submission + - DLT == Dead Long Term?

The Finn writes: "'Techworld's Bryan Betts interviewed Quantum CEO Rick Belluzzo at CeBIT. It appears DLT now stands for 'Dead in the Long-Term'. "We're not committing to DLT-S5 yet," Belluzzo said. "There has been massive consolidation onto LTO, with a broad range of products available." He added that even if S5 does appear, it won't be for another two years or so.' Through various employers, I've been through 9-track, QIC, DAT, 8mm, and DLT. looks like we'll end up getting LTO drives at some point in the future, too. Amusing that we've come full-circle from 1/2" tape back to 1/2" tape..."

Submission + - 68k is embedded engineer's new best friend?

The Finn writes: "Innovasic Semiconductor has introduced the FIDO (Flexible Input, Deterministic Output) family of microcontrollers based around a reimplementation of Motorola/Freescale's CPU32 instruction set. According to the site, "The fido family is the first microcontroller designed specifically to meet the demands of industrial applications — real-time and safety-critical performance, inventory management, reduced development time and life-cycle support. The fido1100 is the first chip in the fido family of microcontrollers." Lack of MMU and limited cache are touted as jitter-reducing benefits for real-time use. The CPU32 family is now pushing 16 years, and it still refuses to die. now about the 8051..."

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