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Submission + - Multiple Linux Distributions Affected by Crippling Bug in systemd (agwa.name) 1

An anonymous reader writes: System administrator Andrew Ayer has discovered a potentially critical bug in systemd which can bring a vulnerable Linux server to its knees with one command. "After running this command, PID 1 is hung in the pause system call. You can no longer start and stop daemons. inetd-style services no longer accept connections. You cannot cleanly reboot the system." According to the bug report, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS are among the distros susceptible to various levels of resource exhaustion. The bug, which has existed for more than two years, does not require root access to exploit.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 2) 185

There are a few graves I would like to piss on but I cannot find out where these people are buried.

While doing some genealogy research, I discovered the Billion Graves Project where I found a crystal clear 1600x1200 JPG of my grandparents' headstone. They have volunteers who go around taking pictures of all the headstones in a cemetery, then they're indexed online. In many cases, the exact location of the gravesite within the cemetery will be displayed on a map. Worth a look.

Comment Re:yahoo made me change my password (Score 1) 124

Yahoo locked down their system so that you couldn't log into accounts from new IPs. You had to change your password from an IP you've used before before you could log in again.

That sounds like a great way to permanently lock the majority of your users out of their accounts. Many ISPs have short DHCP leases; millions of people get a new IP every week or every day. And heaven help you if you're stuck on a phone with CGNAT, you might appear to come from a different IP every few minutes. I've had enough annoyances out of Gmail thinking my logins were suspicious that I finally set up a datapipe to a server with a static IP, and I route my Gmail connections through there.

Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 1) 308

Well, when I was 16-24yrs, I was into and enjoyed high fidelity stereo....my friends all did as well.

Er, not unless your parents and friends' parents were very well off, or all of them were in the military and bought their equipment duty-free in Asia you didn't. Before digital, in America a high fidelity stereo (let alone quadraphonic system) would cost your a couple grand.

I used to have an audiophile-quality system I bought stationed in Thailand, but it was stolen in a burglary. I have a pair of JBLs now, three way with twelve inch woofers. I miss my old stereo.

But I rip from YouTube occasionally, and rip from KSHE every Sunday night when they play six full albums. With Windows all it takes is Audacity and a setting in mmsys.cpl to capture a signal sent to your sound card, you don't need those goofs' web site.

I make CDs from KSHE's albums for the car, and they sound as good as factory CDs -- in the car. Their difference in quality in the house with the JBLs is marginal. It's a LOT better sound than a cassette recorded at home.

If you're in St. Louis (I'm not) you can plug your digital FM radio's "out" jacks into your computer's input jacks and you actually will have CD quality music.

The labels are fighting a losing cause.

Comment Re:Lefties? (Score 1) 11

If "not being a sociopath" is left, than I guess you're right, I'm a leftist. It comes from too much Sunday school, I suppose.

Comment Lefties? (Score 1) 11

If not being heartless is being a leftist, then I'm leftist. Letting children die so you can become even more filthy rich is just pure evil.

This is a drug that costs less than ten bucks to manufacture that stops children from dying a horrible death from a severe allergy. Charging six hundred bucks for it is beyond criminal and wel into Evil with a capital E. Satanically evil.

Comment Taxes are punishment? (Score 1) 4

If taxes are punishment then the rich need their taxes tripled after all the unpunished evil they've done so far this century. The poor are being punished enough - by the rich. If having to pay for roads and bridges is punishment, then having to pay for food and water is, too.

As a Christian, I have no problem with taxes (Mark 12:17). Of course, if you worship mammon rather than God, taxes would indeed be punishment.

Comment Is it really spam? Or viruses? (Score 1) 47

The graph of subject lines caught my eye while looking at the Talos report. In my own experience, the recent floods of mail with subjects like "Budget report," "Tax invoice," "Scanned document," etc. all arrive with some Windows ransomware variant attached. Not sure I'd really call these spam in the traditional sense. They're unsolicited, of course, but they aren't commercial in nature.

That aside, I do see an upward trend in UCE. The biggest offenders for me lately are of the boner pill variety, PurpleRhino and Vydox specifically. I'm seeing dozens of these a day to one particular address.

Comment And they discovered that Slashdot has gone to Hell (Score 5, Insightful) 235

This thread is a perfect example of what's becoming of Slashdot. Instead of comments and insights on the awesome science and tech it took to read an up-to-now unreadable ancient document, almost every comment here is a comment about whether religion is fact or fiction and is *completely* off topic. The science behind this is pretty amazing, and could lead to being able to read other ancient burned documents like those found at Herculaneum from the time of its destruction by Vesuvius. But you people are apparently more interested in bashing religion than celebrating actual science and technical advances.

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