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Comment Algol 60 (Score 1) 630

... while still at school (i.e. aged ~15). Algol 60 was clearly elegant and 'well-designed'. We learned it in an after-school club run my one of the maths teachers (thanks "Jake"). It was followed by Fortran IV for the comparison with a language that while very useful was about as horrible to use as a language could be. We wrote on coding sheets which the teacher posted to a nearby university, and we received the corresponding punched card deck and lineprinter output showing our syntax errors "in as little as a week".

NB: I freely acknowledge that there are worse-looking languages than Fortran these days: Perl, APL, Mumps, IBM mainframe JCL for starters :)

Our first teaching language at university was BASIC, which I'm not ashamed about .... soooo easy to write in (at terminals which were teletypes with scrolling paper and paper-tape readers) ... it's kind of limiting, but we had a lot of fun that first year. Then came the second year, in which we were introduced to The One True Language - Algol68. If it were still commonly used I'd look for jobs requiring it even now.

To paraphrase a well-worn metaphor: C ... meh ... shoot yourself in the foot ......... C++ .. meh ... blow the whole of your damn leg off.

FWIW: comparison of Algol68 with C++

PS: non type-safe languages ..... what ????!??! (Javascript ... ugh, puke)
Languages in which white-space is significant ..... what ?!???!!!!!? (I'm looking at *you*, Python)

Comment Re: Not Bricked (Score 1) 128

My Nokia 2323 is still working just fine for my simple needs, thanks - it is superb at making phone calls, fits easily in my pocket, lasts 2 weeks between recharges, and new batteries are readily available when needed. I live in the UK so of course now that we've left Europe our culture only has Third World sophistication and I know nothing of your life-enhancing appy ride-sharing hangout-checkin-powered nearby-fastfood-outlet-synchronised brain-obsoleting glamorous lifestyle.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 88

I wonder why so many inarticulate angry /.ers seem to have such a thing for this word "butthurt" ... If they want to convey that someone might be feeling displeased about something, but can't be bothered to articulate properly, the word they instinctively reach for seems designed to refer to unwanted anal attention, as if that's the most likely cause of disgruntlement .... and since the immediately preceding event is that the sneerer believes they made a good point and that the sneered-at-one was devastated by it, the inference is that the sneerer is the one inserting their dick into an ass .... "homosexual panic", perchance ? I *do* get it ... it's like saying "faggot", only without having to sound familiar with the idea.

Comment Re:There is a sizable market left out there (Score 1) 128

Does this herald the return of the dumb phone?

Please oh please yes please please please ..... specifically, a phone that lasts 30 days between battery charges, and which isn't a fear-inducing mess of security holes needing constant updates (i.e. small attack surface please). Also, just a phone please. Don't need a camera built in - already have better cameras, that are just cameras.

You can give it a flashlight function if you must - I might have very occasional use for that. But I will never want to surf the web on a goddam phone, okay ?

Submission + - Indictments Likely In Clinton Scandals, 99% Certain Server Breached By Spies ( 13

cold fjord writes: Journalist Bret Baier has been digging into the FBI investigations of the Clinton email server and Clinton foundations that involves at least four FBI field offices. His FBI sources are telling him that baring obstruction it is almost certain that there will be indictments coming. It is now thought to be 99% certain that Clinton's email server was breached by five foreign intelligence agencies. The cache of 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop is reported to be yielding emails previously unseen by investigators and is resulting in diverging interests between Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, and Hillary Clinton. There seems to be evidence of lying by Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton which might be part of what is behind the reports that at least some of the previously granted immunity to much of Clintons inner circle is now void. All of this is taking place against the backdrop of a four month old IRS investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Submission + - China Launches New Heavy Lifting Rocket (

hackingbear writes: China launched its second new rocket in the year. The Long March 5 rocket, lifted off from the Wenchang launch center on Hainan Island, off China's southern coast, at 8:43 a.m. EDT (1000 GMT; 8:43 p.m. Beijing time), carring to orbit an experimental satellite called Shijian-17, which is designed to test electric-propulsion technology. Capable of 25 metric ton payload to LEO, LM 5 is among the most powerful rockets in service. Besides scheduled launch of China's upcoming space station, the Long March 5 will also loft Chang'e-5, a robotic sample-return mission to the moon. Chang'e-5 is currently scheduled to lift off sometime next year, Chinese space officials have said.

Comment Pleased the harassment ends (Score 2) 503

Free Upgrade To Windows 10 Ends Today: What's Your Thought On This?

I'm very pleased for my friends and relatives that the continual harassment from Microsoft to do "something that sounds scary and sinister" will now end.

As for me, I couldn't care less .... I use only Linux for my day-to-day needs (the only gaming I do these days is Tetris and Mahjongg), though I keep a copy of XP in a VM for those rare occasions I need to run a Win32 app. I have Doom 3 installed on a real metal WinXP somewhere here .... never finished it ..... got bored by all the dim lighting ..... maybe I'll finish that one day. At least it didn't "require a Steam connection", and therefore Internet connectivity.

I thought about buying a copy of Win7 Pro while you still could (well it is quite a nice product if you can get it at a reasonable price), but in the end just couldn't face the continual struggle with Microsoft's dirty tricks department over whose PC it is. They made it perfectly clear they would bolt on telemetry to Win7 & 8.x, and would try ever tricksier ways to force download the Win10 files over my link onto my hard drive, and fool me into starting the upgrade, which were only circumventable by switching off all security updates and maintaining constant hyper-vigilence. I have enough stress in my life, without that nonsense. F*ck that. Out here, we are free, and the air smells good.

So I say hooray for the end of free Win10 upgrades :)
"And tap into America !" .... (sorry - wrong link, I know, but it'll do)

Submission + - Windows 10 on air-gapped networks?

roger_that writes: We have been looking at the Windows 10 upgrade for our networks, and have not found any information about what happens to Windows 10's attempts to "phone home", when the computer is not attached to the Internet. Do files build up on the hard drive, like the WER (Windows Error Reporting) files of Windows Server 2003/2008? Does the error reporting continuously grab CPU cycles, attempting to send reports that can never go anywhere? Is there anything I need to be aware of/change before I move to Win10? We will be turning off as much of the "phoning home" software as we can (think Cortana), but what happens with the stuff we can't turn off?

Comment Re:Oh My God, Really? (Score 1) 41

get it right

Pfh! .... The kids these days ... everything's gotta happen so fast for them ... they speak before they've finished thinking, and before they've finished speaking they've moved on to the next thing because apps.

Back when we were on dialup everything was so slow we really made sure that 120 byte file was right before starting the zmodem upload cos it all took so long and phone bills were so high^G5S2%^^^&%NO CARRIER

Submission + - SPAM: Bastille Day Terrorist Attacks in Nice, France. 84 Dead 1

MrKaos writes: Videos are emerging of another terrorist attack in Nice France. Police failed to stop the driver of a fixed axle lorry who sebsequently used the vehicle to plough through crowds of people celebrating Bastille day.
Claims are emerging that the driver was also using an automatic weapon and had a stock of grenades. France was still in a state of emergency from the previous terrorist attacks.

Eighty four are dead and eighteen are in a critical condition.

The cowardly Daesh (ISIS) have claimed responsibility for the attack against the citizens of France.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Ubuntu developer suggests dropping i386 support (

Ilgaz writes: Ubuntu developer Dimitri suggests dropping i386 support from Ubuntu and naturally,derivatives such as Kubuntu citing 3rd parties (Google and couple of "cool" developers named) dropping 32bit support&maintenance. On the other hand, Windows 10 which switched to rolling update model and will be the last ever Windows major version does support i386 and will continue to do so in foreseeable future.

Submission + - Repurposing Old Smartphones

ChromoSapien writes: I love technology, but I hate e-waste, so this ( title grabbed my attention: "Repurposing Old Smartphones for Home Automation". An excerpt ---
"At the recent Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIoT Summit ... Dietrich Ayala proposed a simple and affordable solution to home automation: a discarded smartphone can handle some of the most useful home automation tasks without requiring expensive hubs and sensors ... 'Many phones have proximity or ambient light sensors, orientation, and battery,' said Ayala. 'Consumer devices have almost none of these. My phone knows if it's being moved around, but my Nest doesn't.'"
I've found little in home automation about which to be inspired, but this concept jumpstarts my dying interest. How might you use your old smartphone(s)?
Summary article here:
Conference video here:

Submission + - Xiaomi pre-installing Microsoft Office and Skype on its Android smartphones and (

An anonymous reader writes: Both Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile are inconsequential in the mobile market. In other words, Microsoft has largely failed with its mobile platforms.

With that said, Microsoft is not a failure in mobile overall. Its applications and services work brilliantly on the mobile platforms that matter — Android and iOS. Today, the Windows-maker announces that Xiaomi will be pre-installing both Office and Skype on its Android devices.

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