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Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 179

Before you go for my throat, I was simply proposing a way to put the kabash on low-latency stock trading. I don't actually have a strong aversion to it, and though I'm pretty ignorant about the whole thing tend to agree with you. But if stopping the low-latency guys is your goal, it's pretty straightforward.

Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 179

How will you decide on order priority within the one-second batches?

I wouldn't do it - people who do this sort of thing for a living would. If I'm just spitballing and you won't make fun of my naivety I could try to come up with some solutions. I'm not sure why FIFO wouldn't work just fine - simply fill the buffer until the next transaction window fires. It's the same system that is in place now, with larger quantum steps.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

I think medical usage is supported by a much broader portion of the populace than recreational usage. I'm genuinely happy that you found something to improve your unfortunate situation.

The point of my post was only to point out that, whether it is "good" or "not good" (too binary for the real world IMHO), the policy of marijuana prohibition probably doesn't make much sense... the science doesn't scare me from my stance that it should be legal, because my expectation was not that science would prove it was "good".

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

IMHO, the flaw in your logic is the assumption that because pot is illegal, it is the responsibility of the people advocating for legalization to make a case. I contend that it is the opposite - the people using the power of government to change people's behavior need to be the ones making a case. If the argument they are using singles out one drug over another for no obvious reason, then I fail to see why I should be persuaded by their argument. It's basic "low hanging fruit" stuff.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 2) 560

I think it would be very hard to believe that marijuana was good for you. You generally burn it and inhale it - that usually isn't a part of healthy living.

With that said, alcohol is your gold standard. It causes cancer, liver disease, thousands of deaths in the form of auto accidents. It's implicated in mental health disorders and causes plenty of other social ills.

And yet, legal. My state sells it and makes a hefty profit. Pot would need to be a hell of a beast to justify restricting it more highly than alcohol.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

I agree that they spent too much money and time on the space shuttle, but I think they are now recovering in the best way possible: focus on their wildly successful robotic missions while letting the private sector and Russia get them to LEO, and toss a bare minimum into developing deep space manned capability to keep the inspirational bit alive. Maybe SLS is not the most efficient use of funds, but in part that's what happens when your goals get changed on you every 8 years.

Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

You seem like you have a bone to pick. Don't you think stopping the shuttle was a rational decision given the fiscal constraints they had? They could have kept flying it, but that would have left a lot less money to develop anything new or fly interesting robotic missions. They knew they had a reliable partner to space in Russia, so I'm not sure why you object to the decision so strongly. NASA will (eventually) have several modern and relatively inexpensive methods to get astronauts into orbit - currently the private companies are scheduled for sometime in 2018 and the much more ambitious Orion capsule should fly (sans humans) shortly thereafter.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 146

Thanks for the clarification. This was not always the case, and so I haven't bothered with their automotive recommendations for a long time. Maybe I'll give it a fresh look. I'd still like to see a repair cost metric figured into the ratings - that $1000 extended warranty is usually a rip-off, but if you are a BMW owner and need a $7500 transmission, you'll wish you had it.

Comment Re: Change the law (Score 1) 1429

California must be doing something right if the population has grown so much.

Yeah, it has habitable land right on the coast with good weather and lots of arable land. See also: Eastern US. California just happens to be huge - it's only the 11th most dense state - 9 of the top 10 are on the eastern seaboard with Ohio being the only inland state.

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