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Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 554

Dear Friend,

I am a Prince in the House of Saud. My uncle oversaw numerous companies that awarded to my family contracts for services never rendered at overly high rates of income. We need to transfer this money into Swiss bank accounts but cannot pay it to ourselves for obvious reasons. Our first money transfer will be in the amount of USD 32,000,000 and for your help in transferring the funds we will pay you twenty percent of the total.

Please reply immediately.


Submission + - Wrong chemical dumped into Olympic pools made them green (arstechnica.com)

Z00L00K writes:

After a week of trying to part with green tides in two outdoor swimming pools, Olympic officials over the weekend wrung out a fresh mea culpa and yet another explanation—neither of which were comforting. According to officials, a local pool-maintenance worker mistakenly added 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide to the waters on August 5, which partially neutralized the chlorine used for disinfection. With chlorine disarmed, the officials said that “organic compounds”—i.e. algae and other microbes—were able to grow and turn the water a murky green in the subsequent days. The revelation appears to contradict officials’ previous assurances that despite the emerald hue, which first appeared Tuesday, the waters were safe.

I would personally have avoided using the green pools, but that's just me.

Submission + - Canadian Tire staff 'falsely imprisoned' but didn't threaten Steve Mann (metronews.ca)

FilmedInNoir writes: Steve Mann, a pioneer in wearable computer technology, has been on SlashDot before with stories of being attacked in a Paris McDonald's and nearly being killed by airport security. Today a judge ruled against his latest lawsuit concerning an incident at a Canadian Tire store where he dealt with store security in a Jason Bourne fantasy world of his own creating.

Submission + - SPAM: Easy access to online porn is damaging men's health 1

AmiMoJo writes: A top psychosexual therapist is warning about a surge in the number of young men suffering sexual health problems because of online pornography. More and more men in their late teens and early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction, and the rise is being blamed on people becoming addicted to watching online porn. "Our experience is that historically men that were referred to our clinic with problems with erectile dysfunction were older men whose issues were related to diabetes, MS, cardio vascular disease. These younger men do not have organic disease, they've already been tested by their [doctor] and everything is fine." One patient went 100 days without watching porn and was relieved when things got back to normal.

Comment Re:call an ambulance (Score 1) 153

The city has no power or authority to levy taxes on county residents. The county could do this, but elected not to.

and I wrote:

In rural Tennessee ... it was the pea-brained politicians and -- probably by the power of suggestion -- their constituents, who decided that. "No more taxes", yeah!

So I think we agree that rural Tennessee's moronic politicians and their brainwashed constituents have elected not to provide for a fire department. Because, taxes.

Submission + - SPAM: Oily operatives stalk global warming activist McKibben

mdsolar writes: THERE are shameful photos of me on the internet.

In one series, my groceries are being packed into plastic bags, as I’d forgotten to bring cloth ones. In other shots, I am getting in and out of cars. There are video snippets of me giving talks, or standing on the street. Sometimes I see the cameraman, sometimes I don’t. The images are often posted to Twitter, reminders that I’m being watched.

In April, Politico and The Hill reported that America Rising Squared, an arm of the Republican opposition research group America Rising, had decided to go after me and Tom Steyer, another prominent environmentalist, with a campaign on a scale previously reserved for presidential candidates. Using what The Hill called “an unprecedented amount of effort and money,” the group, its executive director said, was seeking to demonstrate our “epic hypocrisy and extreme positions.”

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Comment Re:call an ambulance (Score 4, Insightful) 153

You may have missed the point.

This is not about expectations of firefighters working for free, nor about cops.

In most civilized locales, firefighters (and cops) are paid through public funds obtained via taxes.

In rural Tennessee, it appears that the fire department is paid via individual homeowner "subscriptions", literally. If you don't subscribe then they will let your home and your pets (maybe your kids too, I don't know) burn. In fact it's not the firefighters who decided that, it was the pea-brained politicians and --, probably by the power of suggestion -- their constituents, who decided that. "No more taxes", yeah!

Comment Re:call an ambulance (Score 2) 153

For those here who missed the news a few years ago, here's how things work in some parts of the US:


Hard to believe, I know.

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