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Submission + - Iran destroys 100,000 satellite dishes in crackdown (

schwit1 writes: Iran destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers on Sunday as part of a widespread crackdown against the illegal devices that authorities say are morally damaging, a news website reported.

"The truth is that most satellite channels... deviate the society's morality and culture," he said at the event according to Basij News.

Under Iranian law, satellite equipment is banned and those who distribute, use, or repair them can be fined up to $2,800 (2,500 euros). Iranian police regularly raid neighbourhoods and confiscate dishes from rooftops.

Submission + - How Alex Jones Uses Fear of the Government to Sell Diet Supplements (

citadrianne writes: Alex Jones has a unique advantage when selling diet supplements: His fans don't trust any scientific or government institution that tells them that, say, colloidal silver has no medical use and can turn your skin blue. He pushes his version of B12 by explaining something called "The B12 Conspiracy." He hawks "nascent iodine" by saying it will protect you from the poison the government has been putting in the water supply for "eugenics." And all the while, he's making himself rich.

Submission + - 60 people killed and many more injured in terrorist attack in Nice, France (

An anonymous reader writes: A truck slowly drove towards a crowd, accelerated and then hit people on the famous Promenade des Anglais shortly after celebratory fireworks had ended. July 14th is a national holiday in remembrance of the attack on the Bastille which started the French Revolution. The truck reportedly drove more than a mile before the driver was shot and the truck stopped.

Submission + - Maxthon Web Browser Sends Sensitive Data to China

wiredmikey writes: Security experts have discovered that the Maxthon web browser collects sensitive information and sends it to a server in China. Researchers warn that the harvested data could be highly valuable for malicious actors.

Researchers at Fidelis Cybersecurity and Poland-based Exatel recently found that Maxthon regularly sends a file named to a server in Beijing, China, via HTTP. Further analysis (PDF) revealed that contains an encrypted file named dat.txt. This file stores information on the operating system, CPU, ad blocker status, homepage URL, websites visited by the user (including online searches), and installed applications and their version number.

Interestingly, In 2013, after the NSA surveillance scandal broke, the company boasted about its focus on privacy and security, and the use of strong encryption.

Comment Re:technicality (Score 1) 101

Todd Simmons, a spokesman for Oregon State University, said Mohamud graduated from high school in Portland and began attending the university as a non-degree student last fall. He has not been enrolled since Oct. 6.

Mohamud told the FBI that he became radicalized at age 15 and had been thinking about violent jihad ever since, documents said. According to the affidavit, he began taking action last year when he exchanged e-mails with a co-conspirator who had terrorist ties and was in Pakistan's northwest province, a haven for radical groups. An FBI undercover operative sent Mohamud an e-mail in June saying he was an associate of that co-conspirator.

An elaborate set of encounters ensued, in which Mohamud met with two FBI operatives. At the first meeting in Portland, in July, Mohamud said he wanted to carry out an "explosion" but needed help, court papers said.

At a second meeting, in August, he identified the square as a target, the documents said. Over the past three months, Mohamud worked closely with the operatives and gave them a thumb drive with detailed instructions for the attack, officials said.

On Nov. 4, Mohamud and his FBI collaborators detonated a bomb concealed in a backpack in a remote Oregon location as a trial run. That same day, he recorded a video, wearing a white robe and white and red headdress, in which he offered his rationale for the attack, court documents said. "Explode on these (infidels),'' he concluded, according to the documents. "Alleviate our pain.''

Submission + - More TSA Security Theater - Slamming the Face of a Disabled Cancer Patient ( 1

Kobun writes: From the Guardian: "A disabled teenage cancer patient was injured during a violent arrest by security agents at Memphis international airport, her family has alleged in a lawsuit filed against the Transport Security Administration." A disabled and confused brain cancer survivor doesn't immediately comply with TSA officers, earning her face a violent meeting with the ground and a night in jail. The TSA has yet to provide a non-answer or statement.

Comment Re:Example Not a Problem (Score 1) 205

If you search for "bed bands" on Amazon there are (at the moment) 333 results returned with the trademarked (?) "Bed Band" brand at the top of the list.

In general I find this a problem with Amazon searches -- even if I provide a specific model number for something they return a shitload of "similar" and not-so-similar stuff with nothing to indicate that one of them is the exact match. Sometimes there is no exact match and they just return a bunch of stuff that maybe I'll buy instead anyhow.

This is also the case with NewEgg; I was bitten by that after searching for an exact model number, getting a single product returned, and buying it without realizing that they just matched me with something similar but different. In that case it was too different for my application. The joke was on me.

Comment Re: tl;dr (Score 1) 209

Two I encountered last week after speaking with tech support folks:

Dell's phone eventually (2nd try) got me someone who understood the problem and escalated it. HP's guy explained to me that the problem I was having with the USB keyboard not functioning in the BIOS setup was due to my not having installed the Windows USB 3.0 drivers :-)

The companies that provide excellent technical support on the first contact have dwindled alarmingly. Supermicro, Mellanox, and Intel have provided consistently excellent support when I've contacted them. Others have by and large been hit or miss.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 3, Insightful) 209

I agree. But more and more company websites no longer have an option to email for support. They provide links for only chat and phone. And of course they try to push you onto their "user forums" where other folks who have hit similar problems bitch about the fact that the manufacturer doesn't fix the problems; at least it lets folks let off steam.

Submission + - Wikipedia Disappears True Identity of UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie Coakley 1

cpaglee writes: After nearly driving an editor to contemplate suicide the Wikipedia editorial community continues to practice extreme censorship by disappearing all references to UVA Rape Hoaxer Jackie's last name even though it shows up in the top 3 search results for every major search engine. On July 3 anonymous Wikipedia editor Permstrump removed 2,098 characters from the article, in addition to destroying all records of previous edits so

Comment Re:Of course the AutoPilot would see the truck (Score 1) 379

I think it would be safe to assume that the auto pilot did slow down once the truck was in front of the car, but that, of course, would be too late.

From TFA:

"Neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied," Tesla wrote.

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