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Comment Re: Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 1) 524

You left out a couple of his strongest points:

4. Only Germans may be citizens of the Germany. Only those of the German races may be members of the nation, their religion does not matter. No Jew may be a citizen.[3]

24. We want to allow all religions in the State, unless they offend the moral feelings of the German race. The NSDAP is Christian, but does not belong to any denomination. The NSDAP will fight the Jewish self-interest spirit, and believes that our nation will be strongest only if everyone puts the common interest before self-interest.

Which political candidates and white supremacist groups does that sound like? Oops! I gave away the answer in the question! Dumkopff!

Comment Re:Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 1) 524

That was part of a staged joke involving Bill de Blasio (Mayor of NYC), Hillary Clinton (Democratic Candidate for President of US), and Leslie Odom Jr. (Actor who played Arron Burr in "Hamilton") -- and it was de Blasio, not Clinton, who said the line you misquoted. Later the same month, Barack Obama (President of US) referenced the joke, making an even better joke of his own.'s_Time

In April 2016, in a staged joke skit done for charity, Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio said he was on "C.P. time" for not previously endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Leslie Odom Jr. then said he did not like the joke. After that Clinton delivered the punch line that it was supposed to mean "cautious politician time". This was criticized as racist and tasteless.[16] In response to this, President Barack Obama, during the 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 30, jokingly apologized for being late because of "running on C.P.T.", adding that this stands for "jokes white people should not make". [17]

[16] Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio criticized for race-based joke
[17] President Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner 2016 FULL SPEECH

Comment Re:Single payer system would avoid this problem (Score 1) 326

Added to that, more and more physicians don't tell their patients when they select a "covered" procedure instead of one that isn't covered, even if the latter would be preferable to the patient (e.g., a skin autograft bearing potential complications to the donor site versus engineered tissue). They don't say "I'd like to do X but your insurance will not pay for it so I'll do Y", they just say "I'll do Y".

Comment The articles leave too much unanswered (Score 3, Interesting) 294

So which is it? Does she have mitochondrial_disease or does she have somatic symptom disorder?

And how did she end up at Boston Children's Hospital instead of at Tufts where they originally diagnosed mitochondrial disease?

And did the medical team at Tufts consult with the team at BCH at any point? Or did they just wash their hands of the situation?

Comment Re:It wasn't even the right phone (Score 1) 49

Given that people sometimes make mistakes handling their secrets no matter how careful they intend to be, it seems reasonable that they wanted to check any data storage device that could possibly have held some information relevant to the crime.

Then again, I was a big fan of "Columbo".

Submission + - Image enhancement specialists or software?

pem writes: Here's a video of a package thief. The license plate is visible in a gazillion frames, so I was surprised to see a plea to call the police "if you've seen the man in the video."

Surely someone around here is expert enough on superresolution photo stacking to enhance the license plate from continuous video frames, no?

Comment Re:Ignored Messages (Score 1) 209

At $12/minute, if you spent two hours per day on the phone with your GF in DR, that would have been $1,440 per day, or $5,760 for four days (you don't say how long you were house sitting but at one line per night, four lines, you must have been there at least four days).

So I don't understand. If he was billed $2,800 total, that's less than half of what it would have been had you talked for the agreed on two hours per day for four days. In fact it appears that the bill was for one hour per day, which is what you say is the time you were talking each time before the line went dead.

Submission + - Android-x86 6.0 Released to Let You Run Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Your PC

prisoninmate writes: Android-x86 6.0 has been in the works since early this year, and it received a total of two RC (Release Candidate) builds during its entire development cycle, one in June and another in August. After joining the Remix OS team, Chih-Wei Huang now has all the reasons to update and improve its Android-x86 system for the latest Android releases. Therefore, as you might have guessed already, Android-x86 6.0 is the first stable version of the project to be based on Google's Linux kernel-based Android 6.0 Marshmallow mobile operating system, and includes the most recent AOSP (Android Open Source Project) security updates too. Under the hood, Android-x86 6.0 is using the long-term supported Linux 4.4.20 kernel with an updated graphics stack based on Mesa 12.0.2 3D Graphics Library, and offers support for Samsung's F2FS file system for SSD drives, better Wi-Fi support after resume and suspend, and initial HDMI audio support.

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