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Comment Re:Standard Operating Practice (Score 1) 634

There was over 70% represented in the vote. That's a huge turnout. What % was required for them to get into the EU, btw?

If people treated their vote as a joke, then they don't deserve a re-vote. Simple as that.

In the end, this petition is just more petulant crying. "Waahhhhhh, I don't like the result and want another another vote!! And another. And another.. Until I get MY way!" If it had turned out the other way, the remain side would be saying the same thing to the Brexit side: Too fucking bad.

Comment Re:A preview of President Trump's upcoming win. (Score 1) 693

Probably because the "experts" have been so completely clueless over and over again that it's time to give your head a shake and stop listening to them.

Look at all the so-called experts that advise on the economy, such as Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen. How's that going? Not so fucking well, that's how.
Experts said there was no housing bubble.
Experts said that the (non-existant) housing bubble was contained and wouldn't spread into the rest of the economy.
Experts said Greece wasn't a problem.
Experts said that just another IMF loan and some austerity and the problem would be fixed.
Experts said that "when it becomes serious, you have to lie."

The MP that said it was time to stop listening to these kinds of experts is the kind that actually has a chance at running things properly.

Comment Re:This seems dangerous (Score 1) 482

It's quite possible to have a phone in a venue and *not* be a douche. There's plenty of people who do it every day, you just don't notice because they're doing it right!

This applies to almost every law out there. I know people who can drive just fine while operating a cell phone, and others who can't due to the distraction. The laws are always aimed at the lowest common denominator, and the masses are punished for the actions of the few.

If you can get away with it while not bothering anyone, good on ya.

Comment Re: So no more crappy cell phone videos (Score 1) 482

As you get older, you'll start seeing the aspects of society that have actually regressed while being called "progress". Usually it involves your rights being stripped away or trampled on by government, big business, and people who would call themselves your fellow citizens if it weren't so obvious they were trying to be your master.

Yes, you too will pine for the Good Old Days.

Comment Re:An easier sollution (Score 1) 1144

You might want to rethink civilians ability with firearms with respect to police.

"In fact, gun owners mistakenly kill about 30 innocent persons a year, one-eleventh of the number killed by police"

There also have been numerous cases where officers have had their weapon taken from them and sometimes killed with it. Yet I don't see the usual screaming from the anti-gun crowd that cops should be subject to the same restrictions they demand upon the public, despite making the same blunders that the anti-gun crowd vilifies the gun owners for.

Comment Re:Stupid people punishing smart people (Score 2) 512

Nothing clouds logic quite like emotion.

It's one of the reasons the establishment is so successful at steering the public's attention. Use some hot words like "racist" or "terrorist" and you can get people angry at whatever you want. They won't even stop to think if the label you've applied is even accurate.

Comment Re:Well there's two things with that (Score 0) 51

This is what I was thinking. A driver is supposed to be an interface to the hardware. It shouldn't be overly complicated. Why is there so much processing going on there? Shouldn't that kind of processing be either in the graphics subsystem (D3D, OpenGL, Vulkan) or in the card's firmware?

Reminds me of the old WinModems and WinPrinters.

Comment Re:Cheers (Score 5, Insightful) 284

Trade barriers and walls never made anyone more productive and wealthy

I'm not entirely sure about that. Every time we reduce trade barriers, things seem to get worse. We lose jobs, products get shittier, wages go down, and prices still go up. The only thing that's gotten better overall is electronics/tech, and that's probably in spite of what's happening.

"Free" trade made sense when shipping costs meant that it was still profitable to produce goods locally and you only bought from other nations what you couldn't produce yourselves. When shipping is almost free, and labor in another country is almost free, when that other country doesn't make you properly dispose of environmental waste or treat workers like human beings, how can you possibly compete?? You can't. This outsourcing will continue until America is nothing but a shadow of its former self. Do you really want the majority of the people living in huts and on the streets like in India?

Some love to say that people just need to get into "more creative" jobs, but ignore that fact that it's statistically impossible for any significant portion of the people to do that. Not just due to ability, but if you do get that situation, creative jobs will no longer pay a living wage. Even if you can get 30% of the workforce into these positions, are you just going to throw the other 70% overboard?

Why is it that in the 50's, you could have a single family member working a blue collar job, while still having enough to buy a modest house, a car, and the ability to feed and raise 6 kids, yet 60 years of "progress" later, there's no way in hell that is possible. The excuse these days is that people buy way too much house and spend money on junk. To a degree, that's true, but even if you didn't have cell phone, cable, and 2 brand new cars, you still couldn't live like they could in the 50's.

I think free trade is a great idea, IF all countries are playing on the same level. That's not the case, so what's the solution?

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