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Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 219

Paper bags don't generally decompose in landfills (it doesn't decompose anaerobically).

We have very different ideas about what's important to the future of the planet. Heck, I care about people, the planet is only important by inference.

All laws are enforced by men with guns, or they're meaningless. Do what makes you happy, but if you should want to impose your will on others, you're talking about force (or the threat thereof).

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 151

Of course, you're the typical white college educated male. The system, designed for you, will not be particularly changed for you regardless of the next president. For everyone else, it's a different story.

So it's easy for you to be smug and treat your vote like the bauble you think it is, because to you it is insignificant. You're set no matter what.

Comment Re:As a C programmer (Score 1) 185

There is no standard-required way to compare arbitrary pointers.

There is no standard-required integer type into which you can cast an arbitrary pointer. (intptr_t etc are technically optional).

It's architecture-specific whether comparing pointers as signed or unsigned is the correct thing to do.

There is no such thing as portable C because of crap like this, only "mostly portable C, eh, good enough".

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 151

Still better than pissing my pants in terror.

Seriously though, under Hillary, the stock market's not gonna collapse, and ISIS aren't going to overrun the country. She's not going to be able to pass any meaningful gun control and I highly doubt any 'upgrades' to Obamacare are in play 'til at least 2020. Hell, she probably won't even have the Senate either, which means the SC isn't in play til 2020 either.

Similarly, most of Trumps foreign policy BS will be steamrolled by DoD inertia, he's not going to institute a theocracy and he ain't going to be Putin's BFF.

Comment Re:Yes, he says to choose the narrow gate (Score 1) 10

Seems like it at my parish. Of course, with the way the folk group bounces between Latin, Spanish, Tagalog, English, and all the others in Malo, Malo; you'd never miss Whoopi.

We've had some seriously tense discussions at my parish over a couple of Archbishop Sample's recent radio shows on the subject of Sacred Music in the Liturgy- especially seeing how often Dan Schutte features in the 8:30 Mass (yes, complete with the hymn he ripped off from My Little Pony).

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