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Journal Journal: A Day Without Slashdot... 3

was like...

A day without a root canal.
A day without stepping on a rake.
A day without getting poked in the eyes with a fork by an angry dwarf.

So.. I'm out of here. Probably for good this time. There's nobody worth my time or talents here anymore, and between Dice making the site even uglier than it was before and even less stable then it was before, there's just no point to it.

Comment Re:Question (Score 0) 7

Yeah, ole RG used to come over here and slap d_r around when he'd pull this crap. He's getting soft in his old age. Or maybe suicidal. I hope for the latter, myself.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 105

And what would you be defending with a .50 cal machine gun?

Yourself and your property from a Grizzly Bear, for one. Even the mighty .308 may not be enough to do more than piss off a bear.

They're rare here in Wisconsin, but head west and they get more common.

Comment Re:Cut from the same cloth as the Teflon Candidate (Score 1) 51

darn_registrars was mine, but damn_registrars is not.
How do you know I'm not lying? Well, I guess you don't, but I have, in the past, always claimed my sockpuppet / throwaway accounts.

d_r is his own special OCD masochistic little snowflake who uses AC accounts to call himself a girl.

Freud would have had a field day with this guy.

Comment Re:Ah, the gun fetish (Score 1) 24

Learn about guns, dumbass.
Learn what a Model 1911 is. Learn about how it has to be cocked and locked. Read gun threads and see how many people don't use the safeties...

Here's an analogous exercise you won't understand because you're an idiot:

Person A is killed in a car crash because they weren't wearing seatbelts. Had they been wearing seat belts, they would have been unscathed. Please explain how this is Chevrolet's fault.

(Never mind the person was driving a Ford.)

And by the way, damn_registrars, I know it's you. Log in, skidmark.

Comment Re:Ah, the gun fetish (Score 1) 24

Yet no manufacturer ever attempts to incorporate them.

This statement is also provably false as Glock, Springfield, Beretta, Sig Sauer, and others have included trigger safeties, grip safeties, drop safeties, and other features.


... oh, wait. I almost forgot. You want smitty (or me, or someone else) to smack you around and make you look like an idiot. You get off on it.

Never mind, my little OCD Masochist. Carry on.

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