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Comment Re:Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pu (Score 1) 537

Often pubs are full of sad, drunk bastards. I just want to chill with a drink and catch up with what my friends and family are doing around the world on facebook (or the 4 messaging apps you need to have installed because federated services are still some years in the future), read the news etc, and not get involved with someone who looks like they've not left the pub to do any exercise in the last 30 years. Irish pubs are especially bad for unstable idiots looking for a fight, even by UK standards of drunken idiocy.

Comment Re:Game of Thrones (Score 1) 111

> And this is why torrent sites will never disappear.

Kat has disappeared. There aren't any more major torrent sites; they're going to get squashed pretty quickly nowadays. Kat took stuff down pretty quickly, unlike piratebay, but that's always "down for database maintenance"; assuming it has what you're after anyway, which isn't a safe bet these days.

Comment Re:Due to rights restrictions... (Score 1) 247

I've not heard what you describe but the most likely explanation is some sort of territorial problem where other parts of the world got a programme but it wasn't licensed in your country. If so, it would be a crazy decision to not produce and broadcast a program anywhere because it's not allowed in one country. What if people in other countries wanted to hear about that story? Your anger is misplaced.

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