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Comment Bought a ZX80, and a copy of Sync magazine (Score 1) 515

They had code listings for games. I wanted games really. Then I wanted to change the game, so a learnin' was in order. Initially Sinclair BASIC, but read up on the CPU and learn't Z80 pretty quickly. Carried around a Z80 cheat sheet and wrote as much as I could before upgrading to a ZX81, then a Spectrum 48K. Applied for a few jobs with the hope of getting into places like Ultimate. Ended up getting a sweet paid job working at a PCB manufacturer writing Z80 for test harnesses.

Picked up 68000 and C. Bought an Amiga and did a ton of stuff there. Joined the demo scene.

Switched jobs to one making general ledger and debtor/creditor systems for small companies doing more C with a smattering of x86 to fill the gaps. Then hit the 90's and an explosion of Windows work, C++ learning, mix of other languages popping up here and there. Learning other frameworks and libraries, moved around between Borland and Microsoft stuff.

Finally got on the Microsoft bandwagon, embraced MFC and ATL, then de-embraced MFC and ATL. Learn't a lot about X windows, made it into government defence contracts with stints doing medical imaging work. Lots of standards you have to learn. Started mixing lots of other languages into the mix. Right tools for the job.

Past 1998 I've kept up with the web stuff, loads of different stack types and tool chains. Went through a .NET phase for a while, more frameworks, diverse languages. It keeps getting better, I love this stuff, learning is a magnificent beast.

Comment Drivers are a massive issue for older computers (Score 2) 581

I've had a couple of family members bring me their laptops with Windows 10 issues. While I'm for people learning about their own computers and taking decisive actions, but the current Windows 10 upgrade push is irresponsible. From Microsoft's perspective things are looking great if this works. More people will be on the later versions of Windows. Great for them.

But this push is advertised to EVERYONE, regardless of hardware age. So that older Toshiba laptop gets an upgrade courtesy of grandma pushing yes to the Windows 10 prompt. Everything installs correctly until a week down the track when there's obviously something wrong with the NVidia drivers, or the bluetooth stack. Head off to the Toshiba support site to grab drivers and only 8.1 is supported with NO intention of providing anything later. And they aggressively version check in the setup, so a very manual installation is required. Same goes for HP.

While I think it's great getting everyone on a level playing field. I think they really should make sure that the hardware is supported by the vendors before recommending the upgrade.

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