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Comment Maybe coal miners don't want new jobs? (Score 1) 284

Maybe they want their old jobs back? That's something nobody's really considered (except maybe Trump's team).

That's real conservatism. Resisting change. I can't necessarily blame them. You spend your life learning to mine coal learning something new is hard.

It doesn't help that nobody said anything about supporting them while they're in school for their new job. So we'd be asking them to work full time at whatever crap job they found while going to school full time (often in their 40s & 50s). It also doesn't help that most of the help on offer is just more high interest loans for schools either. But hey, is anyone here willing to let somebody in their 40s take a 4 year vacation to go back to school just because they picked the wrong career? I am, but then I'm a dirty commie pinko (or so I'm told).

Comment Re:Online ? Authors never shopped in real life (Score 1) 247

Go to a site. Log in. Put what you want in the cart. Close your browser. Wait 24 hours for the "you left something behind" email with a 10% off coupon. Log in as a new user, get the new user discount, Add it to the 10% discount.

Their problem is that with all the "tricks", if you find out how to game them, you'll get a lower price than anyone else. And they work, because every sap thinks they got a better deal than most.

They learned this trick from used car dealers. It's an ancient trick.

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 332

Not every cycle is a bubble. A boom followed by a crash is a bubble, but a boom followed by a slow reverse isn't. The housing crisis was a bubble because it was built on banker fraud. The increase in housing prices in the '80s was new plateau, with localized crash in Texas, from a "crisis" identical to the later global housing/lending crisis, just localized to Texas, centered around fraud related to land valuations. If the "crash" is a slowing of housing cost growth, then it was never a bubble.

housing *always* goes up. There are more people tomorrow than there were yesterday, so demand is going up, but there's no new land.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 1) 641

If you have a doctorate in Underwater Basketweaving, and stand up when the pilot on your flight asks for a doctor, should you be jailed or fined for that?

The professional organizations are stifling speech. They should only be able to limit speech on a subset of words. "I'm a physician" is different than "I'm a doctor". Just like "I'm a PE" is different than "I'm an engineer."

Comment Re:And the moral of the story is... (Score 1) 641

In the UK, "electrical engineer" means "electrician" in American English. In all English speaking countries outside the US, "engineer" means "someone that makes something". In many cases, "Engineer" outside the US means "metalworker" or "mechanic" in US speak. The engineering boards don't persecute people for using the term loosely. In the US, the term is abused by the boards. PE should have a meaning. "engineer" shouldn't. It literally means someone that builds, maintains, or operates an "engine". So every car driver is, by language definitions, an "engineer". Though the engineering societies in the US have managed to get laws passed that re-writes the language.

And yes, that's a US-only phenomenon. If you claim PE status outside the US, the punishment is the same or worse than in the US, but "engineer" holds a special meaning in the US and only the US.

You shouldn't talk about other countries, since it looks like you've never visited any.

Comment They already made money (Score 4, Interesting) 156

they got billions (with a 'b') in subsidies while _also_ being allowed to charge extra fees to bring fiber to those poor neighborhoods. They pocketed the money and told us to go fuck ourselves. Just nationalize broadband already. It costs them $9/mo (customer service included, though with AT&T I'm using the term loosely). Why the hell Americans are so obsessed with the "free" market that they let rich assholes profit off critical infrastructure is beyond me. Really, truly beyond me. I just don't understand why so many people can be so ignorant for so long in the face of so much evidence to the contrary...

Comment Most people build wealth in their homes (Score 1) 332

a retirement savings account & a college savings plan for their kids. It's trivial to exclude those things. In face we don't. We tax homes to pay for schools so the wealthy don't have to pay for poor kid's schools. Meanwhile we have "State Trust" lands where the state holds land "in trust" so that wealthy land owners don't have to pay property taxes while they're waiting for land to become valuable.

When people say "Tax Wealth" they mean rental properties. Nobody likes rent seekers. Other rent seekers don't like rent seekers. We're trying to figure out how to reign them in.

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