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Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 4, Informative) 127

Trump has turned a $150M inheritance into $10M and a "brand". He's a loser who won't release his tax records because it will expose his life is one huge lie. His negotiation is "lie until they agree, then break the agreement" and "It's cheaper to lose in court than to lose at the negotiation table" Tactics that are short on ethics, and often short on results.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 402

Um no. Why do people with genes from West Africa (but who live all over the world in different cultures) make up the top 95% of the top sprint times? It isn't because they grew up sprinting. Same thing applies to basketball (or any other sport that requires athleticism). There are guys in the NBA that didn't start playing basketball until they were 18!

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