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Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 287

Really ? I will decide what bothers me, not you. I have little problem with America having nukes. I simply extend the same favour to the North Koreans, as should you. As for your list of blustering assertions about the what the future may or may not hold...whatever. I hope my spluttering meet your approval.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 1) 287

I will decide what I'm all about, not you. I love America, I disapprove of its government, almost 50% of all Americans at any one time have that in common with me. As for the rest of your strawmen... whatever. Most people understand and appreciate that the "vicious mad dog quality of North Korea" is nothing more that the yapping of a angry little scared dog.

Comment Re:They also believe (Score 2, Interesting) 129

I guess he believes that the same way some believe the Red Sea was splitted in two by Moses and Jesus actually existed, died, resurrected and flew back to his Dad. In fact, the idea we will actually colonize America has its root from the same religious beliefs we inherited the world and must conquer it. At least from the protestant's view of the world. The man is created to engineer the world. It is just an extension of religion.

Comment Exploiters need chumps (Score 3, Insightful) 129

Value needs to be extracted somewhere and if you're not the extractor then chances are you're the chump. The responsibility of not being exploited is mine, and if I drank the koolaid I know who the chump who did the drinking was. Maybe next time I'll learn that my l33t risk analysis skills needs a bit of tweaking, or even better, give up on the self-gaslighting.

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