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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 67

If they were really taking things seriously, it would've recalled or patched these products a long time ago when the security problems were first identified.

They released a firmware update more than a year ago to fix the default credentials problem. Any devices manufactured after September 2015 require the user to set a password, instead of coming pre-configured with a default. The firmware update also addresses this, but good luck getting consumers to install a firmware update.

Comment Re:Who uses DYN for their DNS? (Score 2) 56

Dyn comes in on the other side of the equation. You use your ISP DNS server (or Google's, etc.) to look up addresses. But the people running the servers have to publish those addresses somewhere in the first place, and to do so, some of them use a service like Dyn.

To use a simplified phone analogy, Dyn publishes a phone book and your DNS server is 411. If you call 411 and the operator can't find the right phone book, they can't give you the number you want.

Comment Re:The single most popular in use is .xyz. (Score 3, Interesting) 146

Don't mention that they gave away hundreds of thousands of .xyz domains for free to people who didn't even ask for them to get there.

Which has, incidentally, given it a reputation of being 99.9% spam, just like .biz. I visited the day Google announced its reorg, and that remains the only legitimate domain I've ever seen in that TLD. I have postfix rejecting anything with a .xyz "From" header, and it looks like I'm about to add .shop to the list.

IMO the only thing these new TLDs are accomplishing is fracturing the namespace into ever more useless niches that will never be widely accepted or compatible. Oh well, it's their money, if they want to waste it.

Comment Re:Verizon is NOT "deploying" a drone (Score 1) 38

I bet they're itching to get some of these drones deployed next time. I've had The Weather Channel streaming as background noise for the past couple of days, and the reporters have been frequently mentioning that Verizon service is down, calling out Verizon specifically instead of just saying "cell service is down." Outages are to be completely expected during this type of event, but it's still not great advertising for vzw.

Comment Re: Misleading headline; incentivized reviews cont (Score 3, Interesting) 77

Amazon is in the business of selling products that don't leave a bad taste in the mouths of Amazon customers. They have a vested interest in removing shitty products from their site, as the shitty products reflect poorly upon the Amazon brand. Honest and objective reviews, insulated from retribution by the seller, are a good thing.

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