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Comment Re:This will work like youtube content flagging (Score 1) 39

You bring up some good points. However, being able to track a batch is not one of them. If a manufacturer were truly interested in tracking a batch then you can implement serial or lot numbers. Even when the manufacturer or distributor sells a large lot to Marshalls, there is no guarantee that A. Marshalls stored the product correctly, or B. Identified the shipment correctly.

Case in point if Marshalls gets a large number of returns for Widget X because of a defect, how can you be sure it came from the most recent shipment of widget x or a shipment that sate in a warehoue or store for 2 years? You cannot with any certainty - without your own manufacturing identification system.

Storage conditions are also important, but again once it has left the factory or distributor that is out of your control, no matter who purchases it. Granted, 3rd party items are more likely to have been stored incorrectly, but that is not exclusive.

As to returns, Amazon deals with returns all the time. If as a seller you fulfill from thier centers (IE any Prime sale), they will take the return. If a customer returns to the manufacturer instead of the store (marshalls, amazon, wherever), it is because they are making a warranty claim, and well you need to be equipped to handle that regardless of the source of the sale.

Comment Re:How about they remove counterfeits from their b (Score 1) 39

Part of the problem is comingled inventory. As a seller when shipping to an AZ Fulfillment center, you have two option. Co-mingled or not. If you chose co-mingled all of the inventor for that item is mixed with other sellers of the same item. There is no uniqe sku identifying the seller. This is a great way to sneak in counterfeit items. Personally I do not sell co-mingled. This means I have to label all my items with a unique sku (or pay AZ to do so). However, this keeps other counterfeit items from slipping in when a customer orders from me on AZ.

Comment This will work like youtube content flagging (Score 4, Interesting) 39

I sell on AZ oas a 3rd party seller. I engage in something known as retail arbitrage. I find deals in stores that are better than the current price on amazon and exploit the difference for a profit. I frequent discount stores and clearances at major stores. Often I find clearance items, or at stores like Big Lots, items that are discontinued but still good, and often have an increasing profit margin online as the supply is dwindling.

I work hard to ensure that my sources are not counterfeit, but since I primarily purchase retail, I have no wholesale distributor invoice to prove authenticity. While not abused yet, there are situations where a manufacturer or other seller will claim a seller has counterfeit items to remove that competition. With the brand registry, I see this as happening more, and small sellers will get hammered by what are essentialy NOT good faith take down notices. This can result in complete removal of a seller account, shutting down small and legitimate businesses. There are many sellers that DO abuse the system and sell counterfeit goods, but this system will not discriminate, and many of those will find other ways to skirt the rules.

Comment Re:w00t - the K6 bug all over again! (Score 1) 105

I have been running 3-5 AMD FX series (various revisions, bulldozer, and up) at slight overclocks (100 to 200mhz), on stock AMD coolers for years. The only stability problems I have had were related to buggy drivers and bad RAM, not the CPU/overclock. Have not had a single one die either. Not sure what you are doing but in my experience that is pretty abnormal.

Comment Re:Impossible (Score 1) 68

Google is currently using Deepmind's AI to control its server rooms, where it manages windows, fan speeds, air conditioning, and more than a hundred other factors to save Google hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity costs.

So they are able to save money where they control all parameters. Fine.

How are they going to manage windows, fan speeds, air conditioning, and more than a hundred other factors in normal houses?

With a nest thermostat?

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