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Comment Re:Taxes, regulations etc ... (Score 1) 471

1. Regulations are not created by some evil Liberul cabal in Berkeley that sits around smoking weed and drinking espressos saying, "How can we make business more difficult. Regulations arise because there is at least a few assholes who think, "If it's not illegal, then it's OK!" - even if it causes the deaths of people. So these regulations didn't come out of thin air - somewhere, they are (or were) protecting someone.

You are missing some things. There are regulations that are meant to protect as you mentioned. they protect people, the environment etc. However there is a second class of regulation. This class is lobbied for by business interests. these regulations create artificial market barriers to other businesses. A case in point is all the local, state, and federal wrangling companies like Comcast engage in to create regulations that stop or greatly increase costs for municipal broadband or other carriers to have access to existing infrastructure. Another example is the push to extend the reach and duration of various IP laws. This class of regulation is great for incumbent business as they have already passed the barriers or have the scale (or laws on their side) to easily circumvent them. These are detrimental to society and a free market in general and also typically stifle innovation.

Unfortunately, at least so far it seems, that Trump is more interested in removing the former type of regulation, things like environmental and labor regulations. Time will tell what really happens though.

Comment Re:This is the Dubai model... (Score 3, Insightful) 50

You are in a foreign country with no passport and no proof of your right to be there. You do not speak the language. Many of your co-slaves and you have similar language barriers. Raise a ruckus, go to 3rd world hellhole jail. No money for bribes, illegal worker, etc. Now, if you manage to get out, you have more obligations and fines. That is if the armed security force at the factory does not break a few of your ribs first.

Comment This is the Dubai model... (Score 5, Informative) 50

Have a third party 'recruit' in poor areas with the promise of a highly skilled job. Transport to another country where you are at a disadvantage everywhere, take the passport, and give a menial, low-paying job with no means to easily contact family or repay your 'transport' debt.

Welcome to 21st century slavery.

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