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Comment Re:And, I might start buying more from them again. (Score 2) 160

Do you drive 20 miles to go pick up a $3 jug of milk? Probably not, but if you have a larger list, it may be worthwhile to drive to a more distant store. Most add-on items are similar. Under $10 (most under $5). It is just not feasible to ship that for free by it self. The handling costs and even the deeply discounted shipping costs Amazon recieves would eat mor than the profit on an item that small.

It is not that hard to add items like that to your cart or a wishlist, then buy them all at once or on a larger order. All it takes is a little planning. Otherwise, local stores are good for impulse buys.

Caveat - I run an amazon 3rd party seller business.

Comment Re:We are finally getting over (Score 1) 273

And this was the approach that the Obama administration was pushing for, with the very successful COTS program. There are many things I have to fault it for, but this is not one. I mean, seriously, how weird is it that Republicans are pushing for things to be run by a big government agency that does everything internal, and Democrats pushing for greater privatization and outsourcing? ;)

For those that do not know the answer to Rei's question, the answer is: Pork Barrel
You know, they thing the politicians of both sides have you bent over as they whisper sweet lies in your ear.

Comment Re:It will probably be successful (Score 1) 86

Fuck that. Find a good, reputable MSP. Hate to sound like an infomercial,but my small MSP firm serves small biz. For less than 70 USD per PC per month you get encrypted cloud backups with, if desired, local mirror, world class AB, web filtering, event monitoring, free virus removal, etc. All at a set fucking cost. It's a no brainier.

Comment Re:Methinks silly hack... (Score 1) 236

Uhhhh.... why would the sigs be equal? It is a cryptographic hash of the driver and can contain, or be used as a unique id to obtain all the info for that specific version. Also, this is between vendor versions vs MS versions, not vendor to vendor. Would not the signature be invalid if the vendor failed to update it for new versions? Shouldn't it contain a hash of the driver data to compare (which would change between versions)?

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