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Comment Re:YouTube video showing BGA damage under microsco (Score 2) 200

The price of these phones is 550 to 650 US. I love the video and this kind of work, but how economically feasible is it for an owner? A shop equipped like that probably charges 75 to 150 per hour. Full disassembly, reassembly and microsoldering I would assume is at least 3 hours. That is 1/4 to 1/2 the device price for a repair that may not last.

I love performing electronic repairs, although I do not have practice (and wonder how good I would be) on devices this small. However I do not see the economic feasibility... someone enlighten me.

Comment Figures.... (Score 2) 142

I only use FB for communication with some hard headed family members that can't be bothered to understand email and a bit of business related stuff. The 3rd time an update set auto-play videos back to on on my mobile devices (wasting my data for their shit), I uninstalled. I check once every week or so from a desktop. FB can go fuck itself.

Comment Re:Obligatory Fuck the DEA (Score 1) 144

Why? I've seen the lives it has destroyed, plus I now live across the street from a store in Seattle where it is legally sold, but the local cops have been ordered to not enforce the law and arrest the drug addicts.

Plus, it's unfair that it doesn't help women as much with pain, so it needs to be banned for that reason alone.

Birth Control pills are not nearly as effective for men as women. We should ban those too.

Comment Re:Freedom of speech (Score 1) 132

The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not abridge your freedom of speech. (Certain limitations, among them threatening public officials, still apply.)

It says nothing about private entities, such as corporations, being prohibited from abridging your speech.

Look at it like this. Freedom of speech does not guarantee you a venue. It guarantees you a voice. No one has to listen, and no one is obligated to provide you a microphone.

You can say what you want, but Twitter still has the option under their Terms of Service to ban you. You can still say the same things; you just can't say them on their service.

I would add it also does not protect you from the consequences of speech. Yell fire in a theater is the mos quoted example, but walking into a biker bar and telling the biggest guy there his girl looks like a methhead skank and her crotch smells like the rotting cum from the last gangbang is well within your rights. No piece of paer is going to protect you from what happens next.

Comment Re: DSL shouldn't be considered broadband any more (Score 2) 104

This. Plus the fact that in many areas, especially urban ones. The infrastructure for telcos is shit. In my downtown, the cables running from the CO have at least 30% that are not good enough for DSL. The cost to gig up downtown to replace 1930s and 40s wiring is too great and left alone. Many more outlying areas have newer and better infrastructure, but long line lengths to the CO to deal with. DSL is lose lose all around, and the LECs will die from it.

Comment basic science anyone? (Score 1) 102

utilizing high-speed coherent lasers to connect with base stations on two different continents

-from TFS

A laser differs from other sources of light in that it emits light coherently.

- From Wikipedia

Lasers also operate at the speed of light (albeit the encoding is slower than that). Me wonders what a llow speed incoherent laser looks like? Maybe signal mirrors? What type of technology is China using? /sarcasm

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