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Comment Hey dinguses... (Score 5, Informative) 70

All the previous posters joke about mutant moths and such. In reality no one wants to release these critters. They want to find out what the chemical process is and see if it can be replicated industrially and effeciently. If it works without massive energy input then it is a viable alternative to putting plastic in landfills.

Comment Re: Well...duh (Score 1) 109

Randome Joe Website trying to be useful and show you the native language for your IP is one thing. The snippit of obfuscated ad-tracker code that picks up your Facebook or google or crappy-ad-services-llc cookies has a much better chance of finger printing you.

TL;DR - ad trcking code is almost always de-coupled from the actual web page code, and give the plethora of options for IDing you (cookies, browser fingerprinting, etc

Comment Re:Well...duh (Score 2) 109

VPN's suck for several reasons.

Don't get me wrong, I use them for very specific purposes, but...

Many sites do not work correctly, even on paid vpns. From languages changing to broken javascript, to slowness it makes for an aggravating user experience for an average user.

If you use your regular browser and log into sites, or even once launch your regular browser and surf, all the ad-trackers from google, facebook et all will just learn that you are on such and such VPN IP instead of such and such ISP IP. It really only blocks your ISP to see what you are doing unless you practice op-sec. And guess what, op-sec is hard as fuck to do well, even for IT experts, much less an average user.

So, you are right, always assume your data is being sold. However, mitigating that is still not easy, and it never will be as long as there is potential monetary gain from collecting it.

Submission + - Google Rumored to be Making Its Own Adblocker

wbr1 writes: As reported by tech revival, Google is reportedly making its own adblocker. According to that source and Business Insider it will allow ads approved by the Coalition for Better Ads.

As we here are all aware, Alphabet/Google is at its heart an advertising company. I am certain they will have a large say in any coalitoin approving ads. I know personally I would not trust it, but should it not fall afoul of some sort of anti-trust law? It is certainlly anti-competitive — to other ad vendors — even if you think they should all die in a fire.

Comment Re:Too many... (Score 1) 1222

Not joking. I enjoyed it. I never read the novel. Personally, what I did read of Crichton I did not enjoy. The pacing alwyas felt off, but many of his books seemed to translate well into movies for me.

With other titles I swing wildly the other way... Dune is good, but nothing near as good as the novel. LoTR, please don't get me started!

Comment Re:You couldn't pay me (Score 1) 206

You couldn't pay me to use a spybook like this or Chromebooks.

That is rather tinfoil hatish. Do you use a smartphone? The internet? Then you are being tracked. You can minimize it but not eliminate it. As a 'boycott' your refusal is ineffectual at best as the spying device horse left the barn long ago. The choices now, are ignore it, or do your best to enter the discussion and try to point public policy in the right direction. That task feels a bit sisyphean, but it looks like you just gave up, instead of having something tangible to offer.

Comment Re:Mistakes (Score 1) 237

This. To expand on some personal experience. I use Waze. Sometime last year they added a speed limit feature. You can show your speed and the posted speed limit on the road. You can even have it alert when you are a set amount over the posted speed limit.

At first, the data was sparse. Some roads did not have speed limit data, some were incorrect, normally in the placement of a change in speed limit. However it quite quickly became usable, just from crowdsourced data.

Google maps includes turn lane indications so you know which lanes are left, right or straight through an unfamiliar intersection. This is very useful fir picking the correct lane when needing to make two turns in quick succession.

A fleet of cars with AI can also 'croudsource' and report changes to a data network. As long as a data connection or a local copy of the data is accessible, there is far more data that can be stored in the map than visual sensors allow.

I see no reason why this cannot be expanded to self driving cars to give them an up-to-date model in addition to it's own sensor data.

This article feels like FUD.

Comment Re: Is anyone asking the real question here? (Score 1) 575

UA entered into a contract to fly a paying customer to a destination. He had leagally paid, boarded and been seated. Just as a landlord cannot instantly evict a tenant because the need an apartment for thier cousin, UA should not be allowed to do this.

If you want to be an apologist for corporate fuckery, I have a katana shaped dildo for you. If you want to be an apologist for stupidity, go look in a mirror.

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