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Comment Re:this is a cultural issue, not a technology issu (Score 4, Insightful) 194

Abu Sin knew what he was doing. Sometimes incarceration is a risk you take to try and make a cultural change or statement.

Abu Sin was a young boy talking to a woman. To say he fully understood the ramifications of his actions is absurd. He almost certainly knew it was a social taboo, but to say he was trying to make cultural change is really stretching. We do not know his intentions, but Occam says hormonal teenager trumps activist any day.

That said, this probably happens quite a bit with teenagers, just not out in the open. Then, afterwards, after the physical and mental scarring endured, these young men learn hate. And that hate is not towards his oppressors, the regime and religion that beat him down. Instead it is twisted at women or those who do as they did, that they should suffer the same punishments. This is how these types of systems stay in place and prosper.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 2) 135

Hate to play devils advocate here as I hate the current state of IP. However in your analogy, CloudFlare is not providing electricity or clearing snow. They are the company providing you with more cows and the equipment to milk them. They are, for better or worse, more materially related to your illegal business.

Now, should unpasteurized milk (copied media) be legal or less restricted? Probably so.

Comment Re:I do this... (Score 1) 110

If you are selling items that are fulfilled from amazon you CANNOT add S&H. That is determined by Amazon and no one else. Also on amazon you have to request permission to have more than one merchant account. They check IPs and other data to try to stop people who do it against the TOS. It does happen though.

Comment I do this... (Score 5, Informative) 110

I sell on amazon on the side. About 60-70k a year so small potatoes to amazon but a cool side biz. However, competing for the buy box is crucial to sales. One reason that amazon favors themselves and those that pay for services is that the items are in an amazon fulfillment center. This means amazon has control over inventory and shipping. If a 3rd party seller is fulfilling their own items, amazon has no view into inventory levels or shipping times other than past performance metrics (which do play a smaller role).

Amazon closely guards the exact algorithm that chooses who has the buy box. It is known that they strongly favor themselves (of course.. they want the sales). So much so that I often avoid items that Amazon fulfills themselves unless the ROI and/or rank are very good, or my research indicates that amazon regularly runs out of an item and I can exploit the inevitable price jump during those restocking gaps.

If you want more info on how the buy box works, there is a company called feedvisor that does repricing and other services for amazon vendors. I do not use their services (I use others), but they give away a yearly buy box bible. This uses information culled from their clients amazon seller accounts to see how competition and pricing and other changes affect buy box percentage and sales. - warning it does require email registration, but it is an interesting read.

Comment Re:Will automated cars lift or stiffle the poor (Score 1) 239

Fully automated cars will potentially reduce or remove the need for individual vehicle ownership. Many more people could share a car, or send it out to 'uber' for them and make them money. These vehicles could then be used by those who cannot afford a car or are otherwise disadvantage to transit to employment, appointments, etc.

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