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Submission + - Practice Does Not Make Perfect (

Scroatzilla writes: What makes someone rise to the top in music, games, sports, business, or science? This question is the subject of one of psychology’s oldest debates. Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 hours" rule probably isn't the answer. Recent research has demonstrated that deliberate practice, while undeniably important, is only one piece of the expertise puzzle—and not necessarily the biggest piece.

Submission + - Supporting Web Apps

Scroatzilla writes: My company develops web-based corporate training. One of my roles is customer support. One problem with the support hot seat that I'm in is that, in supporting something web-based, I am subject to the many tortures of seemingly infinite, non-locked-down desktop configurations, along with spyware and adware, that tend to wreak havoc with the functionality of our thoroughly QA-tested and otherwise functional courses. What sorts of provisions and whatnot do other web-app companies have in place that help alleviate some of the ambiguity of supporting what is an application bug vs. routing a desktop configuration issue that mandates the client's IT department? How realistic is it to require documentation of a client's corporate desktop config as part of the support agreement?

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