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Comment Re:Make America Great (Score 1) 619

>> overall happiness and equality of a nation's citizenry

Um, these two concepts will never co-exist. You're advocating for a non-meritocratic society, where there is no incentive to succeed. If there is no incentive to succeed, there will be no advancements in peace, technology, or any of the other stuff you named. Reality doesn't mesh well with your Marxist ideas.

Comment Re:$70k? (Score 1) 268

Ah, the old unoriginal and oft-debunked "Republicans are racist" argument. Good job. Too bad there is no "like" capability here, because this would surely get you lots. Seriously, though-- I challenge you to examine the racist-ness of your own post and then imagine how much racism would diminish if people like you would stop calling everyone a racist!

Comment Re: This is better than what Obama did (Score 0) 268

It's a shame that you have been hypnotized into caring *so much* about the tax returns. It is not at all related to his election nor performance as president; and is completely related to socialist shills who are trying every vector to "resist" Trump's presidency. Sorry, but his tax returns are only significant to butt-hurt loser socialists.

Do you remember Trump's President-Elect press conference where a spokesperson for his law firm gave contact information for anyone with questions about Trump's legal ties? If you willfully ignored this, that is your own foolish partisan ignorance. Nevertheless, if there are any *real* journalists left in the mainstream media, it seems that they have a distinct vector for researching any conflicts of interest involving Trump or his companies.

Trump will always look bad to willfully ignorant butt-hurt Socialists. Get with the program. People don't want a giant centralized government that steals from successful people and gives to losers, using authoritarian enforcement and political correctness. The don't want it in the U.S., and they don't want it anywhere in the world.

Comment Re:The Brietbart take, whee. (Score 1) 547

This. All of the brainwashed sheeple buying into the MSM's narrative (Trump bad, Republicans bad, capitalism bad) don't realize that this is getting rid of a duplicate regulation that represents FCC overreach. It is the FTC that is supposed to, and does, regulate this activity. So, if we want more privacy, we need to press the FTC. HEY SHEEPLE: Big government sucks.

Comment Re:Bet on the RUSSIANS!!!!` (Score 0) 89

Of course, the irony that Leftists don't understand is that the mainstream media are being called out for the Leftist shills that they are. First, there is a wiretap documented in their own reporting in the New York Times. Then Trump tweets it and it's suddenly false. Then, all of a sudden, people are starting to say that there's no proof of the Trump-Russia connection. Where's the true story? And, did Obama break the law by-- directly or indirectly-- using intelligence gathered on an American citizen?

If Progressives had the mental capacity, their heads would be exploding. But, they don't. Convenient short-term memory, and blind obedience and adherence to propaganda, has created a bunch of robots who will never engage in intelligent discourse, let alone understand nuance.

Comment Re: Indeed! (Score 0) 333

Political correctness is fascism. Ironic that you would equate facism to Trump, when the liberals-- who control the mainstream media-- are decrying free speech. In fact, it's beyond political correctness. The mainstream narrative (which, for some reason, is self-titled "news" rather than "opinions originating from lazy and unbalanced journalism") is empowering people to thumb their noses at those who might dig a little more deeply and not fall for the hyperbole that characterizes them as racist anti-semite xenophobes.

What scares me is the revelation that the mainstream media has been blatantly compromised by the Democrats; and, further, that the source of that information became the issue, rather than the horrifying reality that this compromised media is currently ushering in.

Look in the mirror before pulling out the old "Hitler fascist" argument.

Comment Re:Have they added DRM yet? (Score 1) 303

they put better mixes on records for pure marketing reasons.

Not quite, although overall I agree with your assessment of the situation. Among other things, vinyl actually requires what I would call a "dumbed down" mix/master-- that is, it can't be too loud; and, in the low end, there can't be too much stereo information. All of these are related to the physical limitation of the needle and the grooves necessary to reproduce sound on vinyl.

That said, depending on the genre you like, you might like vinyl *mixes* (which *are* in many cases different mixes than ones you might hear today that are "remastered for iTunes"). This is because songs on vinyl are mixed and mastered more dynamically (or, "quietly"). Modern digital music tends to be really really loud, so the difference between loud and soft parts is kind of negligible. Certain genres, of course, lend themselves to loud-- EDM, heavy metal...

I really don't care about vinyl either way, except that I think people who think it is a better medium for music are complete suckers. The science behind "vinyl is better" is one to be understood in terms of packaging and tactile experience, and has zero to do with audio in terms of the vinyl medium's ability to reproduce sound vs. digital.

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 1) 218

Questions: How is the publishing of a fact in any way, shape, or form "discriminatory?" I could understand an argument that such a fact could be *used to discriminate* by one so inclined to use it as such. But I simply do not understand how this law is not a complete, literal, unquestionable violation of free speech? Or, have we gotten to a point of political correctness that we must protect the alternate realities that facts discriminate against?

Comment Re:LOTR (Score 1) 60

Please elaborate on his hostility to "free speech?" It was the democrats and biased media, along with the blindly faithful Hillary suppporters, who complained about his speech and wondered how to stop it.

Make no mistake about it, the democrats would absolutely love to start implementing speech laws to shut down non-politically-correct speech. The irony is that the word "fascist" is used to describe Trump and Trump supporters by the most fascist regime in the US: Liberals. In fact, how much more fascist can you get than trying to nullify a cleanly won Democratic election?

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