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Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 3, Insightful) 615

One might say that the web of treaties that made up a united Europe of the early 1900s, The European Union 1.0, was exactly what instigated and fueled WW I & II. We had the exact same situation then, just with a different name. A group of powerful unelected globalists controlled Europe together, and lead us into the two most deadly wars in human history while they divided the world between each other like you would a cake. The history of a Europe tied together by laws and treaties and centrally controlled is one of bloodshed and chaos.

This is flat out incorrect. Europe of the 1910s had nothing in common with the EU. The web of alliances in those days were based on economic protectionism and military rivalry, not peace and cooperation. The EU, and to a large extent the WTO, are attempts to prevent a repeat of the same economic conditions that led to two world wars. The right wing anti-immigration sentiment that's infesting the continent now is what could put us right back there again. The EU is a firewall against it.

Incidentally, Winston Churchill called for the creation of a "United States of Europe" after WWII. He had seen enough of conflict and was smart enough to see that the best way to prevent it was through economic cooperation and development, not militaristic posturing and trying to shut out international trade.

United Kingdom

'No Turning Back' on Brexit as Article 50 Triggered ( 615

An anonymous reader shares a BBC report: Britain's departure from the European Union is "an historic moment from which there can be no turning back," Theresa May has told MPs. The prime minister said it was a "unique opportunity" to "shape a brighter future" for the UK. She was speaking after Britain's EU ambassador formally triggered the two year countdown to the UK's exit by handing over a letter in Brussels. It follows June's referendum which resulted in a vote to leave the EU. In a statement in the Commons, the prime minister said: "Today the government acts on the democratic will of the British people and it acts too on the clear and convincing position of this House." She added: "The Article 50 process is now under way and in accordance with the wishes of the British people the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union."

Comment Re:Ouch... (Score 5, Informative) 525

Was there lube? I didn't feel any lube.

This idea that all senators and reps are terrible - except mine has got to go. We are all continually being bent over. Vote all of them out.

Ugh. Vote the Republicans out, dum dum! Can you not see that the Democrats voted against this abomination? This "one side is as bad as the other" bullshit is what got Trump elected in the first place.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 646

I have seen an argument from a Goremerian Sex Slave that her consent to slavery was tied specifically to her interpretation of Christianity (in that her service to her husband and master, was service to Christ himself), so it's white Christian females as well.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 197

Thank you for both correcting my point with more accurate data while making my point.

I meant really the Christian Israel under the Byzantine Church, but the point is well made- Christendom was slow to anger by 4 centuries of insult, and it was the Islamics who attacked first.

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