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Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 2, Interesting) 165

Yes, we read the same post.

The EU is not going to endanger nearly 20 percent of their economy to make a point. It would be far more dangerous to damage the EU economy than the optics of a successful Brexit.

There is not any leverage on either side. Both must get along and negotiate a mutually beneficial deal, or slit their own throats with a childish tantrum.

Yes, I agree they will cut a deal. This will probably happen after months of threats and bluster from both sides. It definitely won't be a pure "screw the Brits" deal. It will contain a few concessions, probably minor restrictions on free movement, which May can point to as victories. These will be the exception rather than the rule. By and large the post-Brexit economic reality will probably resemble the pre-Brexit reality, except that Britain will exercise less influence in EU affairs. The market access will come at a price. The notion being touted that the UK is sufficiently important by itself to set the terms of the deal it wants is simply wrong.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

Thanks for demonstrating the point.

The EU needs the UK. They are not going to cripple their own economy to make some mafia-esq mutilation to show that "nobody leaves, or else."

Both sides will negotiate a fair trade agreement. Life will go on.

Demonstrating the point? Did we read the same post (by Rei)? The UK does not have the leverage it thinks it has. This is a game of brinksmanship on both sides and there is no incentive for the EU to back down and be generous. Admittedly there is also no incentive for May or the Tories to back down at this stage. The difference is that it's their fault we all made it to this point.

Comment Price and Standards (Score 1) 207

If you'll recall, good HDTVs were over $10,000 while 4K sets can be obtained for under $2,000. Also, many of the cheaper original HDTVs offered HD only over VGA or Component cabling, and then only in 4:3 aspect on CRTs without an anamorphic setting so everything was taller and thinner than it should be.

Comment Re:Ooh boy (Score 1) 610

Fucking pathetic. To anyone who still doesn't realize that Trump and Hillary have the exact same MO down to the micron, explain this.

I think in terms of their lying there's a difference in degree. Clinton has said what she said. Trump would claim that he had never used email. Or that email doesn't actually exist. And no one would actually call him on it.

Comment Re:Probably a combination of factors (Score 1) 195

Namely, thermal noise needs to be overcome with higher voltages,

I'm not sure this make sense.
- Do iPhones have a higher voltage than other phones?
- Are they somehow able to vary the voltage?
- Are they meant to run hotter than others?

Your initial assertions seems contrary to common sense. Could you explain it?

Comment Re:fucken neocommuncists (Score 1) 428

The moralizing aside, the people are pissed because the free market made them pay more than they wanted. The free market is great when it makes folks winners, but when it makes them a loser, they start talking about how unfair it is.

Either capitalism is fair or it isn't. You don't get to pick and choose when it is based on if it helps or hinders you.

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