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Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 449

Back in the 1980s, there was a PSA-type show, where the Sunday morning interviewer was a fairly intelligent woman, interviewing a young lady who was explaining women's programs in the construction industry. She explained her parents paid for her liberal arts college degree, but she thought she was technically inclined, so she enrolled in a special government-paid-for electronics tech course --- which she flunked out of. Next she enrolled in a special government-paid-for appliance tech course --- which she flunked out of, and she was currently in a special government-paid-for construction course - - - which she either hadn't yet completed or flunked out of. The lady interviewer started becoming irritated with her and kept inquiring how many other courses she was planning on taking?

Comment I keep seeing this bullcrap . . . (Score 1) 449

Like every four to six months in the Seattle area, either the Sleaze-attle Times, or the Sleaze-attle Weekly, runs some such story about Only white males being in local IT, but there's a major problem: one looks at those companies they reference, and you see mostly brown-skinned doods from India. (Perhaps they consider themselves white, but they certainly aren't Americans yet, still foreign visa workers from abroad!

When I was in IT, before they stopped hiring me, I worked around plenty of women and minorities, but they were by and large American, while I look around at those companies now, all I see are foreign visa workers, and since around 50% or more of all new IT hires are foreign visa workers, I believe the real data bears me out.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

Yeah, and that does suck for those people. They do it by the book and a bunch of people who don't are not punished. Its the same thing when there is intentional inflation and monetary devaluation. Plenty of people save their money and do it right, and then here comes inflation to wipe out their savings.

When too many people break the law, sometimes the best thing to do for the country as a whole is to declare amnesty. It isn't fair, but that's best for the country. We either give them amnesty, have them apply for citizenship, and maybe make them pay a tax penalty for a few years or spend billions of dollars deporting them. I don't like either option, but the status quo isn't acceptable either.

Comment Re:Why this site seems pro-Trump (Score 2) 329

[Scott Adams is a world class fucking idiot] As proof, please see your same link.

And this is why Slashdot seems to be pro-Trump.

Scott Adams is a trained hypnotist, and has had many insights into this election from that point of view. When he says people are brainwashed, he's speaking professionally with some background. And the posted article uses analogy and example to explain his point.

If you think he's wrong, just pasting a random insult ain't 'gonna do it.

Anyone can show pro-Clinton articles and posts on Slashdot, it only takes insight and background, which anyone could do.

Raw, unsupported insults simply aren't good enough.

In the linked post, Adams never argues why the illusion is an illusion. He simply asserts it is (in an exceptionally patronizing way, incidentally). The furthest he goes in explaining that Trump is not a racist/sexist clown with a dangerous temperament is simply to say that "a guy who uses provocative language (as New Yorkers do) while succeeding across several different fields. And he knows risk-management." So basically, we should not take Trump at his word on anything because he's from New York and just uses colourful language? Also, he knows risk management, presumably from his business career. Adams believes Trump has the capacity to bring real change to American politics. I doubt he came to that conclusion on the basis of Trump's business career alone, so he must be hearing something in Trump's words he actually believes to be true, despite all the "New York talk". So I get this straight, Adams alone because of his special magic hypnotist training can separate the wheat from the chaff, and thinks we are all deluded for not seeing the objectionable things Trump says as meaningless bluster. Yeah, I think we can safely ignore him from this point on.

Comment Jennifer Government (Score 1) 633

This reminds me a bit of the novel Jennifer Government.

In the future, I wonder if the way we will put pressure on our politicians is by using our money to pressure commercial entities to support the candidates we do or don't like. Pepsi might be who you buy if you're a Democrat. Dell is for Republicans, etc.

We know they're all bought and paid for, but we can switch brands if they end up backing the wrong politicians. That would have them get smarter about who they support, etc.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 42

Its only a problem inasmuch as filing for the trademark in a country more likely to grant it gives them a leg up in countries that would be less likely to grant it.

Its like if I wanted a CCW permit, but my state makes it onerous to get one, whereas a nearby state just requires a fee and short test on gun safety. I go to the other state to get one, and through reciprocity agreements, I can use it in my home state. My own state's regulations are basically a dead letter.

End of the day this is not too big of a deal, but could become one if the major players are really using it to their own advantage.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 200

Right up there with people driving off cliffs who pay attention to their GPS/Google maps, not to the road, and others getting run over while crossing the street staring at the i-Phones in their hands, while the driver is doing the same. What idiot uses something unnecessarily complicated to accomplish a simple task? A Brit, that's what idiot!

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