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Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 1) 152

To understand what has gone "wrong" with the economy, please read the following:

The Rich and the Super-Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg
The Rockefeller Syndrome, by Ferdinand Lundberg
Treasure Islands, by Nicholas Shaxson
The Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown
Killing the Host, by Michael Hudson
The Bubble and Beyond, by Michael Hudson
Open Secret, by Erin Arvidlund
Sold Out, by Michelle Malkin
Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira
Disrupted, by Dan Lyons

Comment Re:Yet we can't build houses... (Score 1) 152

These aren't new technology breakthroughs, flying cars have been around for awhile, and there's nothing particularly radical about Uber, AirBnB, nor TaskRabbit, LawTrades or HouseCall, they are simply using apps to get around regulated industries and taxes --- a scam, which was why France jailed some top Uber executives, etc.

Virtually all the real progress extends from the NASA Moon project, instituted by the Kennedy Administration, as was the Internet, which allows for the Web to exist today. No administration since then, en thrall to the banksters, has been about progress --- more anti-progress, but pro-kleptoPlutocarcy!

Comment Re:this does not need discussing here (Score 1, Insightful) 561

Every single time there's a blog posting like this, we see this same exact response, different signon, same bullcrap! Only a complete idiot would accept this drivel. Of course they only hire younger and younger as they increasingly offshore jobs, replace American workers with foreign visa replacement workers (whether tech, science R&D, engineering or when Thai farm workers were flow in to replace the newly laid off American and undocumented farm workers in the states of Washington, California and Hawaii, or Chinese construction workers were flown into Idaho for bridge construction work there) - - - this is their endgame, end of discussion. Recommended reading: Sold Out, by Michelle Malkin and John Miano ||||| Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira

Comment Be sure to state the entire truth, please!!!! (Score 5, Interesting) 78

That Kaczynski, while at Harvard, found himself to be the unwitting test subject of the CIA's MK ULTRA type, Prof. Murray. How this may have affected the child prodigy has never been examined --- but then NO so-called American reporter in the US of A has yet to identify the CIA stooge who overrode French airport security and ushered the underwear bomber aboard the Detroit inbound airliner that day?

Comment Web sites heavily censored (Score 1) 82

This guy is soooo right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have now been permanently banned from the following sites for mentioning well-sourced facts (unlike, say, a Noam Chomsky douchetard): --- --- --- --- --- --- every Canadian site out there, etc., etc. etc.

Comment Re:Make IT a real profession (Score 1) 420

Actually, they did start a few years back in offshoring certain medical profession jobs like pharmacist and radiologist, etc., and also various legal profession jobs, and most definitely engineering jobs have been large-scaled offshored since the early 1980s, with Jack Welch of GE leading the way! Your point is not well spoken.

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