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Journal Journal: A question for all mah friendz0rs 7

(08:08:40 PM) DJVladn8r: Ok, so, these are several of the acts from P-Con, but not necessarily the stuff they played. I have all of it, but we all just heard it at Penguicon, so this is kind of "Vlad's favorite stuff by the artists who were at Penguicon."
(08:09:08 PM) DJVladn8r: Plus some Schaffer. :-D
(08:10:11 PM) WildCard9: that works, Vlad
(08:10:22 PM) WildCard9: you dont need to recreate the concerts
(08:10:39 PM) DJVladn8r: So, I have this cool idea for the Camarilla Vampire game.
(08:10:44 PM) DJVladn8r: I'm going to make a "Player"
(08:10:58 PM) DJVladn8r: Player's aren't big stars, they just like to pretend they are one.
(08:11:09 PM) WildCard9: so a wannabe
(08:11:24 PM) DJVladn8r: A blood line of the Mekhet, they are involved in showbiz in so much as a Vampire can be.
(08:11:28 PM) DJVladn8r: Exactly, WildCard9
(08:11:46 PM) DJVladn8r: So, mine is going to be a wannabe Nerd Core rapper.
(08:11:52 PM) WildCard9: heh!!
(08:12:03 PM) DJVladn8r: This will give me a way to actually 'play test' the stuff I'm writing.
(08:12:08 PM) WildCard9: that definately goes against the gothic image of vampires.
(08:12:11 PM) DJVladn8r: In front of a real crowd.
(08:12:13 PM) BB`12 is now known as BB`13
(08:12:22 PM) DJVladn8r: Oh, it could TOTALLY be Goth, too.
(08:12:34 PM) DJVladn8r: Those most vampires in the Requiem game very much aren't goth at all.
(08:12:40 PM) DJVladn8r: That's mostly a Daeva thing...
(08:12:47 PM) DJVladn8r: Ask VoK, she plays one of those. :-)
(08:12:50 PM) WildCard9: ah, got it
(08:13:06 PM) haikupoet [] entered the room.
(08:13:18 PM) DJVladn8r: So - I'm looking for ideas. If you were a Vampire, and you were a nerd core wannabe, what would you write about?

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Journal Journal: If you live in the Great Lakes area, pls help 2

Do you need a dog: Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack, Kenosha, WI closing on Dec. 31, 2009. 900 Greyhounds need adopting, or will be euthanized. Great family dogs. They have been crated most of their lives and sleep ~18 hours a day. Dogs are tested for cat, small dog friendly and multiple dog homes. Please CROSS POST, we only have 6 weeks. P: 312.559.0887 Or Dairyland Race Track Adoption Center at (262) 612-8256


Journal Journal: Things Conservatives Want Me to Believe 11

Things Conservatives Want Me to Believe
by Christi Smith

Parents who don't want their children to pray in school are Anti-American zealots -- parents who don't want their children to listen to a speech by the President of the United States telling them to work hard and get good grades are noble patriots.

Peacefully demonstrating against the country starting an international war is treason -- showing up with automatic weapons to protest healthcare reform is democracy at its finest.

Any government official with a desk job should have every action scrutinized -- any government official with a badge and a gun should never be questioned or disrespected. At all. Ever.

Questioning the legitimacy of an election because the "winner" was selected by the Supreme Court is sour grapes -- questioning the legitimacy of an election because the winner (by the largest number of votes in American history) is really a Kenyan born Muslim despite all evidence to the contrary is being a vigilant American.

Lying about a blowjob is an impeachable offense -- lying about a war is no big deal, really.

Investigating a shady land deal involving the First Lady is a matter of National Identity -- investigating the use of torture at the direction of the Executive Branch is a partisan witch hunt.

Executing Japanese officers for waterboarding prisoners during WWII shows that we have the moral high-ground on human rights -- waterboarding prisoners of our shows that we have the moral high-ground on human rights.

Sitting two rows in front of Jane Fonda in a 1970 anti-war rally is an OUTRAGE! Shaking Saddam's hand in 1983...meh, not so much.

Anyone who questions the president during a time of war is giving aide and comfort to the enemy and should be deported...unless the president in question has a (D) next to their name in which case you should undermine them at every turn even if you have to routinely make shit up to do it.

Socialism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism are all interchangeable words that mean pretty much the same thing.

Anyone who abuses drugs should be locked up indefinitely...unless they are a popular Republican radio host in which case they need your prayers as they recover from the illness of addiction.

Health Insurance companies have your best interests in mind and anyone who thinks otherwise is trying to turn America into the Godless heathen nation of Sweden where EVERYONE in the country dies (eventually).

Obama is an atheist communist Muslim who attended a radical Christian church.

Believing that human activity could impact the global environment is crazy talk -- believing that an invisible man in the sky personally told George Bush to invade Iraq to fulfill Biblical prophecy is logically sound.

The verdict is still out on evolution -- but Jesus Christ returning in our lifetimes is a pretty much a given.

The media are unquestionably biased against Republicans -- Talk Radio, The Washington Times, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, Rightwing Blogs, Fox News and NewsCorp are not part of the media.

The government should have no part in regulating multi-national corporations as they make decisions that impact the lives of millions of people -- government should regulate individuals by determining who they can marry, what kind of intercourse they can have, what they can smoke, how to manage their pregnancy and how to proceed with end of life decisions.

Communicating with hostile nations is a stab in the back to our great nation -- Reagan communicating with the USSR during the Cold War was Political Genius.

Iran is a mortal threat to our nation and anyone who attempts to talk to them is traitorous scum -- selling weapons to Iran and then funneling the money to start wars in South America is clearly in our National interest.

George Bush kept the nation safe after 9-11 (NOTE: the Anthrax attacks, the DC Sniper and Hurricane Katrina don't count. Also, the fact that 9-11 happened on his watch despite receiving a security briefing specifically warning of the attack doesn't count either.)

Social Security, Medicare, public schooling, public libraries, fire departments, police departments and the US Military are as American as Apple Pie -- universal healthcare is ZOMGDEATHPANELSOCIALISM!!

George W Bush is a regular 'ole Texas rancher just like you and me despite the fact that he was born in Connecticut, attended two Ivy League schools, bought the Crawford ranch just before running for president, sold it immediate after leaving office and is terrified of horses.

The two guys at the center of the Watergate and Iran-Contra scandals are trustworthy voices in discussions of current national policy and should be taken at face-value.


Journal Journal: Cash for Clunkers law discriminates against divorced women 4

From: "Scott Lockwood"

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 20:02:18
To: "President Obama"
Subject: Why does the Cash for Clunkers law discriminate against divorced women?

Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect Sir, I would like to know why my girlfriend was told she doesn't qualify for the cash for clunkers rebate. She has owned her Ford Explorer since 1998, is the original owner, but was divorced in 2006, which changed her name. The state of IL issued a corrected title in 2007 at her request, but neglected to put her maiden name on the title, despite being provided with the divorce decree. Why would the agent we spoke with say that this was a mismatch? Why does she suddenly feel like she's being made to feel like an unperson?

Both names are hers, but because she exercised her right to return to her maiden name the NHTSA is saying she doesn't qualify. So, because she exercised her rights, no car trade in for her. Is this an example of change we can believe in?

The agent we spoke to, who spoke to her supervisor as well, was Carlene. We explained to her that we could get the state of IL to issue a corrected title that would still reflect the original purchase date, though it would say the title was issued as a correction now. She still said no. I would like to understand why.

1/2 of all marriages in this country end in divorce. 1/2 of those people (currently) are women. Are you ok with discrimination against a quarter of all the women who have been married and are now divorced in America?

If someone changes their name, they can't get a better car?

The specific section that seems to indicate this in the law is Category 4, Section D, sub section 2.

I would very much like for someone to email, write, or call me to explain how this discrimination is a good thing, is change we can believe in.

Respectfully yours,
William Scott Lockwood III

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Journal Journal: Oh Noes!!!

Come and see the butthurt inherent in the system!!!

Relationship Change
sent by Slashdot Message System on Friday April 17, @00:05

TurdTapper (608491) has made you their foe.
If you'd like to, view or edit your friends and foes.


Journal Journal: Artist Jon Engle shaken down for his own images

Jon Engle, a designer who has worked on shows like Smallville, Birds of Prey, Lost, CSI, and Alias, is being asked to pay for $18,000 for artwork he is using. The catch? It's his own art!

From Jon's own web posting on the subject:

I was first contacted by a stock art site in July of last year. They hit me with a bill for a whopping $18,000! I had an account with the site. Years ago I purchased an illustration of a chef's hat for a client's project. So, I thought this was some accounting mistake. Nope. This was a bill for new images. Very familiar images. They were images from several of my logos; 65 of them in fact. That breaks down to about $275 per image. They actually wanted me to pay them $275 for each one of MY images!


Journal Journal: Governer Rod Blagojevic removed from office 3

the IL Senate has voted unanimously, 59-0 to remove Governer Rod Blagojevi from office. A seperate vote will be held shortly to determine if he ever may hold elected office in the state of Illinois again.


Journal Journal: I posted this as a comment, but it needs wider dissemination 5

To all the Republican Neo-Conservatives:

I wish that those on the right could stop beating the war drum, and live up to their own rhetoric. Namely, how they say that all real Americans will support their elected president. Ok. You have an elected president, now. Republican Neo-Cons, show us that you mean what you say. Republican Neo-Cons, show us that you support the President of the United States. Or, just shut the fuck up and admit that you don't give a shit about America, but only about your neo-conservatism. Your idea of building an American empire.

My opinion? Fuck that shit. Guess what - it's the opinion of the majority of your fellow AMERICANS, too. The difference is, we're willing to work with you, even thought we just about don't have to at this point. Can you say the same?

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Journal Journal: Thank you, you guys rock 2

While I'm sure I have not seen the end of the abuse, thanks to all your kind positive mods, even as the negative mods continue to come in, I'm finally Karma Positive again. Thank you!!!

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Journal Journal: Un-Fucking-Beleavable 8

I just got hit by Pudge's girlfriends - again. This time, I think they waited on purpose to mod me down just as the comments would pass out of the system for moderation, so no one could correct the abuse.

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Journal Journal: The result of moderation abuse 6

Slashdot only allows a user with your karma to post 2 times per day (more or less, depending on moderation). You've already shared your thoughts with us that many times. Take a breather, and come back and see us in 24 hours or so. If you think this is unfair, please email with your username "Scott Lockwood". Let us know how many comments you think you've posted in the last 24 hours.

Anyone still believe the bullshit "Moderation doesn't matter" argument?

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