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I heart Heart

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  • Those girls have nothing to contribute. They're pure venom and hate mongering. Surely, you're not so far gone that you think this is reasonable discourse?

    Seriously - you can't win on the issues, so you stoop to slander and lies? Is that really how you want to be seen?

    Sound familiar? []

    How is this any different from the Hillary Supporter?
    • You're wrong on all counts. The Republicans are STEALING from them, they have every right to voice their outrage.

      Plus, they're right - McCan't is a douche.

      • Wait - The McCain campaign has paid the licensing fees. How is that stealing?

        Plus, they're right - McCan't is a douche.
        I agree. I do not like McCain.

        Problem is... Obama would be far, far worse. He's already in the pocket of Fannie / Freddie.
        • So, I must retract at least part of this - as it turns out, the letter is not genuine. Taking the claims in the article at face value, it would appear that the McCan't campaign was using the song without permission. As it turns out, you are correct, about that much. Very disappointing.

        • You're thinking of McCain's guy who took $30,000 a month for years, and $15,000 LAST MONTH from Fannie.

          Or maybe you're thinking back to the old Keating 5 days when McCain himself was openly corrupt.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.