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Journal Scott Lockwood's Journal: Cash for Clunkers law discriminates against divorced women 4

From: "Scott Lockwood"

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 20:02:18
To: "President Obama"
Subject: Why does the Cash for Clunkers law discriminate against divorced women?

Dear Mr. President,

With all due respect Sir, I would like to know why my girlfriend was told she doesn't qualify for the cash for clunkers rebate. She has owned her Ford Explorer since 1998, is the original owner, but was divorced in 2006, which changed her name. The state of IL issued a corrected title in 2007 at her request, but neglected to put her maiden name on the title, despite being provided with the divorce decree. Why would the agent we spoke with say that this was a mismatch? Why does she suddenly feel like she's being made to feel like an unperson?

Both names are hers, but because she exercised her right to return to her maiden name the NHTSA is saying she doesn't qualify. So, because she exercised her rights, no car trade in for her. Is this an example of change we can believe in?

The agent we spoke to, who spoke to her supervisor as well, was Carlene. We explained to her that we could get the state of IL to issue a corrected title that would still reflect the original purchase date, though it would say the title was issued as a correction now. She still said no. I would like to understand why.

1/2 of all marriages in this country end in divorce. 1/2 of those people (currently) are women. Are you ok with discrimination against a quarter of all the women who have been married and are now divorced in America?

If someone changes their name, they can't get a better car?

The specific section that seems to indicate this in the law is Category 4, Section D, sub section 2.

I would very much like for someone to email, write, or call me to explain how this discrimination is a good thing, is change we can believe in.

Respectfully yours,
William Scott Lockwood III

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Cash for Clunkers law discriminates against divorced women

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  • Not sure if the prez is a good contact, your House rep might be better. Hope you get it straightened out! What does she want to get brand new with the rebate check?

    Here's another example of bureaucracy with marriage in the US gone bad [].

    When my girlfriend got divorced, she went to change her name back. You wouldn't believe the hoop jumping needed to get a new SS card she had to go through, compared to the illegal aliens in the line who needed not much of anything at all to get a new card. Fed bureaucracy is j

    • I thought the only thing you could get with a Cash for Clunkers rebate check is a 10% down payment on a newer vehicle.

      • It's not % based. It's either 3500 or 4500 on a new vehicle (as long as the new vehicle meets certain standards) - as long as you're not a woman who has been divorced.

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