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Journal Scott Lockwood's Journal: Fiscal Conservative 7


Mega Thanks to Reza for the image. :-) This should answer the question once and for all: Who's responsible for our current financial woe's as a country? It's not the Democrats. No amount of hand waving will make this the fault of the Democrats. As the Republicanswho owns the blame, they'll tell you anything but the truth - that it rests squarely on their shoulders.

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Fiscal Conservative

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  • Even Bill Clinton admitted it was the Democrats fault.

    Take the blinders off, man.
    • You don't actually think he wants Obama to win, do you? He doesn't. He's already planning Hillary in '12.

      Any other Dem's saying that? No?

      I'd love to keep responding to you in your diary, but since Pudge is abusing his administrative priv's to downmod me, I can't. Hopefully, he doesn't bring that shit in here. If he does, I will stop responding except by diary post.

      • Any other Dem's saying that? No?

        Chris Dodd, though not intentionally. Dodd (correctly) blamed the sub-prime mortgages... which were put into policy by Carter and made worse by Clinton.
        • You mean, these things skipped 20 years of combined Republican administrations - only to break open now?

          How does that much Kool-Aid fit in you cup?

        • Yes, but the evil precedent of federal involvement with individuals was codified with the 16th Amendment.
          The social engineering really got moving with FDR.
          Have you read Jonah Goldberg?
  • I borrowed it from Adrienne Curry's MySpace.

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