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Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 500

That ignores a HUGE 'industry' in web/mail order fraud. It takes the form of either the case I mentioned of sending it to someone who isn't home during the day to massive operations shipping to repackagers (who generally don't know they're working for a crime ring) who bounce the package around a few times to confuse matters.

That's the problem. We're just chasing the fraud from one form to another when we could wipe it out.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 127

The nightmare scenario is a massive brush/forest fire. All those nice medium life, non water soluble radioisotopes back in the wind.

Funds for clearcutting and burying of the current forest, starting with massive fire breaks need to be found. At least assays for the most contaminated locations vs those where the wood was safe to use.

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 500

It's pretty much useless in any event. A handwriting expert sufficiently qualified to decide who wrote the signature is going to cost at least $10,000 per analysis. That is, more then 10 times the amount of the transaction. Through no fault of their own, they aren't 100% accurate. They are going to be far less accurate when all they have is a digital capture of a signature to work with.

In other words, the signature thing is mostly theater.

Comment Re:Citisucks (Score 1) 500

I want a ATM [only] card. Can't get that anymore. So I take debit/credit cards and lock them away and NEVER EVER use them other than as a ATM card and ONLY at their locations.

SunTrust tried to "upgrade" my ATM card to an ATM/Debit card once. I first complained to my branch manager and received her sympathies but no success. I then wrote a (real) letter to the President of SunTrust complaining and explaining the concerns I have with debit cards and, since I had a credit card (with them, that I pay off each month), had *absolutely* no want/need/use for a debit card. If forced to accept an ATM/Debit card, I said I would either (a) open a zero-dollar account (or what ever the minimum) and tie my debit card to that (since I can access any account via the ATM) and/or (b) switch to another bank.

I actually got a phone call from his office about a week later. They said I was one of many to complain and that I would get an ATM-only card. Still have it today.

The underlying initial issue, if I remember correctly, was that they were switching from MasterCard to VISA for their cards and initially decided to only opt-in to credit cards and atm/debit cards. Only later, after many complaints, did they decide to also opt-in for atm-only cards.

Submission + - Has Debian updates server DDOS'ed itself? 1

Hemlock Stones writes: I am seeing a 35 program security update for 64 bit Wheezy bring my Update Manager to a total halt while it waits for data/responses from the official North American update server mirror. I have let Update Manager run for over an hour on two different computers for three consecutive days, including today, to no avail. I prefer to stick with the official mirror because I believe (hope) that it is the least likely to be compromised.

I have been having problems with large security updates over the last year or so like completely cutting off downloads in progress sometimes with only seconds remaining to complete and never restart them (OK I only waited 10 minutes a couple of time mainly because I found the best strategy was to cancel the current update attempt and start a new one whereupon the transfer would start back up in fairly quickly and always complete). Or taking minutes to get to start downloading updates and then minutes more to start to install them while sometimes only taking a few 10's of seconds to download and install them. I used the display in terminal option to determine that the delays were always at points where Update Manager was waiting for server data/responses.

The fact that nothing has appeared yet on /. is making me wonder if anybody else is seeing this ?

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 500

I refuse to have a card with contactless / tap / NFC / PayWave for this reason, especially for business accounts.

I was sent a VISA card with the little wave symbol on it once. Found a little bump in the card near-by and "fixed" it with a hole punch and hammer. My current chip card has a no wave symbol (don't know if it actually lacks the RFID chip).

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 500

No one reads the signatures. I would guess they're stored for possible use in court in fraud cases.

It's pointless anyway. My signature looks completely different (and worse) when I try to sign on those stupid little pads then when on paper. Granted, my handwriting is terrible, but I can imagine the same for others.

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