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Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 1) 97

IoT is still in its infancy. Forget dodgy equipment from random Chinese companies, even so called reputable vendors still do not get security right. I do a lot of home automation stuff, but I prefer Z-wave / Zigbee devices over all this WiFi crap that the likes of Google and Apple seem to prefer. Often those devices are easier to set up and troubleshoot as well... in terms of reliability, WiFi sucks.

Where I do use IP devices (cameras, Philips Hue, etc), they go on a separate subnet that can talk to the home automation hub only. And I never use devices that require outside access.

Comment Re:Check your internet usage (Score 1) 97

As was pointed out in aother article recently, modern botnet software is designed to fly under the radar and generate reasonable amounts of traffic instead of crapflooding the connection for all it's worth. Given the size of a typical botnet and the bandwidth of residential internet these days, you can still bring down sites easily without each individual bot breaking a sweat.

Checking traffic volume won't cut it anymore, you need to look for unusual traffic patterns. But a good start is to enable the firewall in your router (many of them have decent ones these days), and allow your IoT devices access only to the server they need to connect to.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 373

Have you seen any sign that the Roman Catholics don't believe in birth control? They may consider it a sin to practice it, but they believe in it as a fact.

You need to distinguish between what someone believes to be a fact and what they consider to be a moral or ethical good (or evil). The two can be nearly orthogonal. If the church didn't believe in birth control, they would probably be less active in arguing against it.

Thus, the Roman Catholic church not having the attitude towards the practice of birth control that you believe proper is not a sign that they have an unscientific disbelief in it. Until Ethics, Psychology, and Sociology become real sciences the church's current attitude is not unscientific. If they do, perhaps it will be able to adapt to them, also.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 373

IIUC, there was a group in Egypt that used that as an act of worship, so this is a decree against that group. Is this the reason? That's hard to determine. Certainly the early Exodusees were reported to be willing to follow Apis, the golden calf god. Most of the other gods were less strictly suppressed, and in fact the rule against having an image of the god is probably to allow various sects that worshiped different gods to merge their beliefs.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 373

Speaking as a statistician, that's not logic and certainly not statistics. It also doesn't fit elementary probability theory. You might be able to craft a plausible argument that had that as an element, but it would need to be encircled by rules of deduction that aren't validiateable. There's no valid rule of deduction that says "a lot of people believe this, therefore it's probably true". It's easy to come up with historical counter examples.

Submission + - F-35A Catches Fire at Mountain Home Air Force Base (

theweatherelectric writes: Writing for Defense News, Valerie Insinna reports that another F-35 has caught fire during an exercise. She writes, "The incident took place at around noon and involved an F-35A aircraft from the 61st Fighter Squadron located at Luke Air Force Base, the service said in a statement. No serious injuries seem to have been sustained by the pilot or nearby crew.

'The pilot had to egress the aircraft during engine start due to a fire from the aft section of the aircraft,' Air Force spokesman Capt. Mark Graff said in an email. 'The fire was extinguished quickly. As a precautionary measure, four 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit Airmen, three Airmen from the 366th Maintenance Group and the 61st Fighter Squadron pilot were transported to the base medical center for standard evaluation.'"

Comment Re:Php tied to platform? [Re:PHP] (Score 1) 192

JavaScript is mostly client-side programming because there are not many viable alternatives for the client of web stacks. Despite the node.js talk, JS is still not popular on the server side.

If something came along to replace or reduce programming on the client side, JS usage could shrink quickly.

Server-side languages are probably safer from UI fads and trends.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 373

Having reread much of the series recently, I don't think it is truer than the Bible. You need to read them both as a certain metaphysical argument on which truth isn't even present. The problem with the Bible is that even as a metaphysical argument it's incoherent, much more so than the Dune series, even though in the Dune series the nature of the argument changes with each book.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 373

You overstate your case. They may have been "ignorant, desert-dwelling sheep herders 20 centuries ago", but they knew a lot of practical biology, some botany, some meteorology and climatology, a bit of hydrodynamics, and a small amount of hygenics. O, and some geology. They may not have been academics, but their life required a lot of applied science knowledge. They theories may have been a combination of unintelligible and ludicrous, but they had a lot of practical matters down cold.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score -1, Troll) 373

"Tuesday" is a religious issue for people like that. It doesn't help make your case. The fact remains that the Climate Change Alarmism has morphed into something with all the trappings of a zealous religious cult filled with people who would otherwise never ever let themselves be found inside a church, and it is hysterical to watch.

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