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Comment Re:Never heard of it... (Score 1) 65

I followed it for a year or so, but it got old. Don't know what it's like in recent decades. Schlock is an alien with a number of useful talents, but beauty isn't one of them. There is (or was) also a handsome captain, a (slightly) mad scientist, a "beautiful" nurse, etc. And they get in a lot of fights. (I may have misremembered some of that.)

So it's pretty much a standard formula, but not too bad. https://www.schlockmercenary.c... thanks to Google.

Comment Re:Process already in place for fake Trump tweets (Score 1) 477

Point. I thought that was probably true, but couldn't find a reference, so I went with the more inclusive term. (You can't get a 2/3 vote without also getting a majority vote.)

As I said, the chances are extremely remote, and it could only happen if a large number of Republican legislators get extremely upset.

Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 477 I learned to distrust the media by observing an event that I later saw covered on the media. This has happened three times (not a large sample) and in each case the media grossly distorted the event. A bad fire got turned into a city destroying nightmare, e.g. You'd be surprised at what can be done by careful selection of camera angles and framing.

Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 112

SAP cant scale worth shit, we recently added 4000 people in the call center and it took SAP 8 months to "scale" the stupid garbage pile they call software to handle it.

Then when we wanted to put in a system in the RMA database to track repair RMA data, the SAP experts said it was impossible, so one of the IT guys wrote the system we needed in PHP with a Open source SQL backend. he has a MITM box that will grab info from SAP and then spit it to the RMA server. when you do a query on the RMA page you get the full history of the device from manufacture date, to ship date, to who, to all repairs and even Tech support calls on the device.

SAP was unable to deliver this. Because SAP is really shitty.

Comment Let's be clear (Score 1) 420

The Constitution applies to the U.S. government and to the citizens of the united states. It does not include geographic limitations of any kind. All of this making borders a Constitution free zone is completely unConstitutional. I don't care if the ground I am standing on is legally considered to be the Greater 2nd Empire of Mars, I am still a U.S. Citizen and the border guard is still a representative of the U.S. government. The Constitution applies. Obviously it isn't being respected, but it certainly applies.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 133

It's a bit harsh to call the conclusion of a study "absolute bullshit" solely on the strength of your personal experience. Maybe you're god and you only need 1 minute to recover from an interruption, but most people need more time. 10-15 Minutes sounds about right for me.

Your remark about team productivity is spot on. However I strongly disagree that most interruptions during the day are team members getting stuck and needing help. In my experience it's often pointless crap, or stuff that can easily wait until the end of the day. If a team member does need help on something, does that really drop their productivity to 0? Perhaps they have other stuff to work on (though I do understand that such a context switch is a thief of productivity as well).

I've actually heard managers use that argument of team productivity to justify pointless interruptions.

Comment Re:Are local managers more destructive ? (Score 2) 133

Not the manager, but perhaps the environment or the office culture. I've had times where I wasn't getting much done working from home, and I have had great runs of banging out code at the office (sometimes in a cube farm no less). Some people can't stand distracting noises but I have no problem with them. I do have a problem with interruptions. As the articles states: a programmer needs 15 minutes to resume work after an interruption, which is true in my case. On top of that, after a day full of interruptions I am exhausted, both physically and mentally. But: getting up for a coffee is not an interruption. "Are you coming to Lisa's barbeque later?" is not an interruption. An interruption is when you have to engage your brain on another task: a phone call, someone asking a technical question, your manager asking for some document, etc.

A good manager understands this, and is able to create a work environment for differing work styles, or work out reasonable compromises (keeping in mind the consequences). Such a manager will also make sure to create a culture where these work styles can thrive. It's ok to ignore your email for most of the day, as long as you make that clear in an out of office reply. Don't disturb coworkers with headsets on, or those working in isolation pods. Do disturb others in case of emergencies, as long as you understand what those are. Seat the more chatty people together. It works, but it isn't always easy to create such an environment, and it does cost money.

I've had a rare few managers who understood this, and who created a work environment suitable both for solitary coding as well as collaboration. And in my experience, in such an environment the coders are just as productive as they are at home, but the collaborative parts like design meetings, brainstorming sessions or daily standups were vastly more productive compared to conference calls. In contrast I've worked in toxic environments where productivity was low. But it wasn't a case of toxic management, just poor management. And they might do as poorly when managing their teams remotely.

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