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Comment Re:Not just HP and also in Japan (Score 1) 181

Sounds like your company may have made the transition that I think my former employer is secretly working on, and if so, I understand why you didn't mention the name... I'll call it the Price Waterhouse model because of a friend who joined that company just after getting his MBA.

PW overhires fresh meat with the deliberate intention of eliminating almost all of them within the first two years. The cream of the cream are the only ones they want to keep, or at least that was how he described it those many years ago. As it would be adapted to the modern day, the new hires would essentially be one- or two-year interns whose contracts would mostly expire, with a few thousand retained each year for actual long-term careers.

The symptom at my former employer was a focus on optimizing the onboarding and offboarding processes so that most of the actual work can be done on a staffing-as-needed basis. Managerial guidance from the careerists, but that's another focus of cost containment.


Comment Calling all criminals (Score 2) 113

Well, not all of them, but I'm sadly sure that some criminals will be willing to take advantage of the situation. Of course the most serious threat is that the extremely black-hat hackers will exploit the unlocked WiFi networks to pwn routers and linked computers for later abuse. In accord with Dan Ariely's research, the criminals will think they are being relatively nice guys by saving their major depredations until after the immediate emergency has been addressed. is a quasi-review of one of his books about dishonesty, even including an honest email exchange...

However, I think it would be much better if we did it the other way around. Rather than maximizing the profits of the big Internet companies, we should always be configured to run as much of the infrastructure as possible on our own systems. In other words, WiFi routers would normally be configured for safe sharing, and handling emergencies would just be a natural extension of wireless communications that the big Internet companies are not controlling and profiting from.

Punchline is that profit is not the primary driver of the bad design. It's all about controlling our communications. I think the primary driver for centralized control of the Internet is the governments. They WANT the rules and laws to work that way. If things got out of control, if the peasants were actually in charge of the Internet, how would they control the peasants? Real democracy scares them more than anything.

Comment Re:I hope.... (Score 1) 88

Sorry I missed your Query. Yes the NSA, the poorly named "National Security Agency".

Where to even begin. First of all, they spy on us, and when unable to do so legally, farm it out to external resources who can. This is a clear violation of privacy rights, but more than that, has a chilling effect on free speech.

They know about software flaws that put us at risk to abuse by third parties, yet keep those hidden so that people like them can abuse those flaws to gain unauthorized access to private information and infrastructure.

They are the enemies of any person who cares about liberty and the abuse of power by individuals with deep pockets.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 415

As appealing as a Senate hearing is, I'd prefer an actual citation from literature, and not a well known skeptic. In other words, let's see the actual data your claim is based off of. Do you possess this data, or did you just rush out and find the only link you could that you thought could justify your initial claim?

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 415

Quantum mechanics is astonishingly complex, and yet we can still predict radioactive decay rates. Just handwaving away observations with "it's too complex" isn't really a critique at all. The fact is that increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will inevitably trap more energy in the atmosphere. Complexity doesn't overrule thermodynamics.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 1) 415

Except the developing world really isn't where a large amount of the greenhouse gasses are produced. Yes, China and India are offenders, but the Industrialized world still is responsible for a huge amount of emissions. While population is a factor, it's not a simple straight line like you suggest.

Comment Re:Discrimination (Score 3, Interesting) 415

You want to buy underwater front, well, you just have to expect it to go underwater :/.

It can be turned around, it is just a choice. Forget trillions of dollars in sea walls (the biggest being the one to keep sea levels down in the Mediterranean, serious dollars). Just use nuclear power stations to desalinate sea water and then irrigate the worlds deserts to produce food and this is the important part, turn the worlds current farm lands into dense, rich bio-diverse forest, problem solved and at far less cost that all those sea walls (you get mass water retention in those forests and new farmlands, improved reflectivity and heat absorption, mass carbon sinks and cities would be surrounded by air cleaning forests). Depending upon where the irrigated desert farmlands are, altered precipitation patterns as a result of transpiration should also flood below sea level, especially the newer higher one, current deserts (think places like

So just a choice, now what one do you think they will make, the care and share one, or trillions of dollars in sea wall profits or losses, depending upon who spends the money and who gets the money and losses, which regions get no protection and of course how many die when those walls fail and they will, one after another with tens of thousands drowning.

In the interim, absolutely do not invest in underwater front property, seriously bad choice. Now the worse prediction still does not allow for a mass methane release from once perma frost regions where decades become mere years.

Comment Re:With such good Wi-fi... (Score 2) 82

Want to run cable with minimum disruption to the building than eg . Skirting and architrave ducts. Simply pull off the empty solid ones and replace with hollow ones that can accommodate cables and outlets. Always, always go with wire where you can, everything will run much smoother. So you work in ceiling space, bring cable down at doorways to the floor and around the room you go. To get from floor to floor, drill a hole, use fixed floor to ceiling cupboards, with removable backs and bases, either new or existing ones. Prep in one weekend, cupboards, ducts et al and wire in the next.

Comment Re: The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 0) 181

Nah, executives routinely betray each other, the just conspire together to exploit others but if they can knock the other out of completion, they will, their greed and lust for power is limitless. Don't forget of course the lead issue. Older generations lead in fuel, down a bunch of IQ points, difficult to retrain, don't forget lead water pipes and lead bullets. I mean look at the mess you have allowed your government to become and that is down to lead poisoning, suck it up because the over forties did exactly that and simply do not perform as well on average.

Comment Re:Bountiful Bashing, Batman! (Score 0) 201

The inability of M$ to disable tracking is one great big lie. Their intent by that statement proves the current system is to use and abuse home users as crash test dummies prior to those updates being made available to enterprise and education clients (where the probe is missing but M$ said the probe can not be taken out, well, apparently it can't until it can). Basically the rule with windows anal probe 10 is don't get it, force your supplier to provide you with the enterprise version or the education version, do not take no for an answer, that is your answer, either they supply those versions or tell your supplier to fuck off until they can, don't care how they do it, don't buy until they do, end of story.

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