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Comment Re:I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 6

If only that spin was close to the actual truth, you might have a case.

Regardless of that, Trump has announced he wants to put someone in charge of the EPA who has largely made a name for himself by suing the EPA. So whatever it is you imagine the EPA needs to stop doing, they would likely stop doing it under him. They certainly won't have to worry about congress trying to get them to fulfill their mandate.

Comment I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 6

... but gold seems like a good investment at this point. That army is probably beating off pretty hard right now with the impending collapse of civilization coming ever closer.

If you have the physical space, it might be a good time to start stock piling drinkable water; while I hate to suggest the conspiracy propagators have a point I do expect water prices will go through the roof once Trump brings the roof crashing down on our heads.

If you're not already living in a relatively safe place you may want to consider moving. I hear the Congo is beautiful this time of year.

Comment I use the stock market (Score 1) 6

Over time, broad indexes tend to outperform gaming of systems.

Now, I have done options, but they're risky.

Hmm. Buy Scottish individual stocks when the UK market dives. Sell any London assets.

Non-stock .... hmmm

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