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Comment Fairly easy to defeat (Score 2) 45

Face dazzle paint in team colors, reversible pattern hoodie and scarf, fake nose and or eyebrows (team colors).

Hit ratio drops from 50 percent false positive to below threshold.

Basically, if it worked during WW II, it still works. That's how inaccurate facial recognition actually is. It's even worse for women than for men.

Comment Re:work till death (Score 1) 301

However, a mortgage on a $50k tiny house means you can get a mortgage deduction, and use the tax refund to invest in an IRA or 401(k) with a full or partial match. Which is way better than paying rent, other than land rent. The options range from house and land held free, house and land held mortgaged, house held free and land leased or rented, house mortgaged and land leased or rented, to the worst version house and land rented.

Comment Re:Troglodytes (Score 2) 105

All of them, and make no mistake Hillary would have been just as bad.

No, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been. I think it's reasonable to assume she would have continued the same kind of policies as Obama. And it was Obama's FCC that started to take Network Neutrality seriously to begin with.

There is no justification for claiming a "Both sides" position here, just as there isn't with 90% of what Trump is doing.

Comment Bull (Score 1) 301

Oh please. This is just more insurance and investing firm Fear and Uncertainty.

Look, just save and invest - in stocks, forget bonds - 10 percent of your salary before taxes in the lowest cost retirement ETF or mutual fund. Low expense ratio like 0.07 percent S&P 500. Do that before any matches.

You'll be golden.

If you "can't save", just start with the amount for a full match or half match then increase by 1 percent total salary whenever you get a pay increase.

It's not hard.

They just want you to think you have to pay 1 percent in fees when you can spend 1/10th of that, for no better returns.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 2) 301

And the lack of bankruptcy means the banks would loan unreasonable amounts of money to 18 year olds who had no clue how much pain they were signing up for.

If the bankruptcy was removed, loans would drop, and so would tuition.

Grants are a factor but they were tiny amounts of money compared to student loans.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 301

That's supposed to say "millennial are running about a decade behind".

I was a late boomer- almost genx. I was similarly behind leading edge boomers. They were always in the job I wanted to be promoted too and they were going to be there until i was in my mid to late 50's.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 301

Granted those happen- but buying too much house, eating out too much, buying too much car, traveling too much, buying clothing that's too nice, drinking after work, starbucks, and many other activities enjoyed by the young do not help.

I lived on half I made and saved the rest from 1987 onwards. I retired 16 years early.

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