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Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 1) 120

This case will be a touchstone for future generations of EEs, the way the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is for civil engineers and Therac-25 is for software engineers.

And thalidomide for pharma.

We expect miracles from our scientists and then sue them into oblivion when they aren't perfect.

There are currently ads seeking class action participants for a lawsuit about talcum powder. It seems, after decades of use, women can get ovarian cancer if they used it. Who knew? Could anyone predict that?

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 302

Tone policing is an interesting form of thought control in that regard. People aren't rational. They make emotional decisions, and then they rationalize them. If you want to change someone's mind, you need to do so via emotion, not reason. Shock them out of the complacency of their current mode of thought. Humor is effective. So are pictures of dead Syrian kids or whatever. Stopping "hate speech" is basically outlawing rhetoric emotionally powerful enough to change a mind. So sure they'll go after someone mocking "pedo-worshipper" muslims, but probably never anyone mocking Christians for worshiping a zombie or whatever.

If one side gets emotional pleading, and the other side is stuck with boring facts and reason, the emotional side will win every time. In the large scale and long term that is.

Comment Dateline 2025 (Score 3, Funny) 101

Dateline 2025: Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Mitsubishi and Ford over alleged violations of Apple intellectual property. The claim is that both Mitsubishi and Ford are infringing on Apple's patents on autonomous vehicles in that the Mitsubishi Allgonica and Ford Frobnulator have rounded corners and four wheels. Spokesmen for Mitsubishi and Ford were unavailable for comment.

Comment Re:No possible problem with this at all. (Score 1) 63

Counter-example: Walk along a school road, and look for the SCHOOL marking in the street. From the side, it's so distorted that it's very hard to make out what it says.

That's not a counter-example. The school marking is distorted so that it appears to be normal text TO THE DRIVER. It's text, we're used to seeing it as text.

But a zebra crossing has a fixed GROUND image, and drivers are most used to seeing it from that perspective. Just what is the "normal" perspective for that marking which is only ever seen from the side as it is painted on the ground? There is no other "normal" perspective. It needs to be seen as it would be were it on the ground, because that is the only way it is ever seen.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 306

I'll ask this question, which has come up before: If nobody has a job, then where the [bad language redacted] will they find CUSTOMERS?

That is not the job of individual companies. Their job is to compete with other companies to provide goods and services. This study makes a good argument that corporate leaders should put more value on their human resources, but not for some lofty goals like improving society. It is because doing so will improve their company.

It is the job of society, aka government, to improve how corporate well being affects societal well being. Corporations simply live within the regulatory world created by society and will act accordingly.

Comment Re:Lovely but. (Score 1) 107

Good questions and I'll add to them..

How do they apply coupons?

By not taking coupons.

How does the store manage returns?
What happens when a customer puts an item back on the shelf in the wrong place?

Have guys working there to stock shelves and handle weird exception conditions.

What digital security measures are they taking? (not just on the database side, but criminals with RFID scanners would surely target a place like this)

Dealing with elaborate theft schemes isn't the main thing that stores worry about. Maybe the answer is: "buy theft insurance".

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